IMG_1039.JPGWe’re into that season of baby showers. I have several friends due in the next few months and I’ve got some shopping to do!  

A few interesting ideas have come through my “inbox” lately and after having a few little ones myself, I’m wishing some of this stuff was around when I first started! 
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377434_339639656048208_122282414450601_1395631_1467417878_n.jpgWe’re all trying to be more environmentally smart AND good for baby too. The Charlie Banana Designer Diapering System is a great stylish choice! Cloth diapers remain a popular choice for many but  disposable diapers still come in handy with special occasions and visits to the grandparents.  Charlie Banana gives you that option. With a smart front panel to tuck in a disposable when needed, you get the best of both worlds! And you don’t have to worry about sizing! The cool diaper covers are adjustable! I love the black and white version called “Blackberry” Find out more information at

Tuggable Towels: So smart! Little ones tend to wash and dry their hands so quickly….and then the towel falls on the floor. Know what I mean? ’nuff said. Why didn’t I think of this? The towels will stay put and they come in an assortment of kid friendly designs! Great for older siblings too!  From
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T-Fal has a new line of small appliances made just for baby! The 2-in-1 blender and steamer combo can steam, heat, defrost and puree to make the freshest most nutritious homemade food in mere minutes! A SUPER idea for making homemade baby food that you can control in one easy to use machine! The line is BPA-free line that also has a bottle and jar warmer, a steam sterilizer and a 2-in-1 bottle warmer and sterilizer. Check out  for details.


Luxe Cleansing Flannel: My babies both had cradle cap and very sensitive skin. Regular hand towels were too rough for their delicate skin. This super soft cleansing flannel cleans  without wetting or scratching, without stripping moisture and ideal for eczema and cradle cap. The flannel is naturally treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Great for post operative and cosmetic treatment care for adults too! Madii & Dyl is a line from Australia. Check out their website at and their products are found at at


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For the mom-to-be that has everything she needs? Why not start her on a Pandora charm bracelet or add to her existing one?. I love this idea since the price points range for each charm so that it’s affordable for everyone….and it’s a wonderful keepsake! This  silver duckling is waaaay cute! Check out for other sweet little charms! 

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I had to sneak in this pic of my nephew at his one month celebration party. 
In the Chinese culture, we don’t usually have baby showers prior to the baby’s birth. Instead, we celebrate one month after baby is born (or sometimes 100 days later). And it’s a feast sometimes as big as weddings! Lucky Red Envelopes are common gifts (filled with $). But growing up in the western hemisphere, we enjoy baby showers as well…and yes, we play along with all those silly shower games. 
Best of both worlds!
Do you have any other suggestions for great baby shower gifts?

Does your culture have traditions to celebrate the arrival of babies? I’d love to know!

  • Sara

    Get me that TUG TOWEL NOW! Love it – what a fab idea! I still love what I had at my shower …. everyone brought a quilt square to make a quilt for Will with things about me….I loved it!

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