As I’ve mentioned  I drove a used 1995 VW Passat wagon for many years before leaving on our around the world trip.
I loved that car.
But I had no idea how different a 1995 car is from a 2013.
The Lincoln MKS showed me that.
While the MKS ultimately doesn’t meet the needs for my family, I was the hit of the neighbourhood driving around in what can only be described as a seriously smart luxury ride.
From the moment you sit down in the driver’s seat the Lincoln treats you like you’re an old friend.
What I liked:
·      It knew me: As soon as I pushed the keyless start button my seat adjusted and the steering column came out to greet me. It felt like a custom tailored seat every time.
·      Everything about it feels smooth: Turning corners, driving on the highway, city driving…it always feels like your gliding along.
·      The THX II speaker sound system makes your music (via USB ports or auxiliary cables) better and if the heated leather seats wouldn’t be comfortable enough on their own, they also massage you!! Seriously who doesn’t love a car that knows your butt needs to be rubbed?

·     Navigation System means a personal GPS  that reacts to your voice and will call for assistance if an airbag deploys
·      It makes me look like I know how to parallel park my car and rear-view cameras and sensors mean backing into those underground parking lots won’t result in bumper damage.
·       Sensors also help me avoid accidents, keep in my lane, know when I’m too close to the car ahead, keep tabs on anything that may be crossing into my  lane  and more. Seriously, if you crash this car it won’t be because it didn’t warn you.
·      Kids loved Sirius XM radio and the roomy backseat

Thumbnail image for mks13_main_int_15.jpg 
What would take getting used to:  
·      I found I was relying heavily on the mirrors when reversing as I found it hard to see my blind spot. Rear cameras are meant to help with that but it would require some practice and for me to let go of trust issues.
·      The Touch Screen Technology – I know, I know. It’s the way of the future and I bet many of you will love it but I found it distracting. Again I think it’s something you’ll either like or you won’t.

Auto headlights and bright lights are on a sensor and recognize when you need them. I didn’t mind the headlights but found the bright lights came on at moments I would’ve preferred they didn’t. Overall impression: A smooth, smart ride if you want to take the comforts of home on the road with you and let your car do more of the hard thinking.   

Just the facts:
Car: 2013 Lincoln MKS
Power: 3.5L EcoBoost V6
Package: Premium Package upgrade $6000; Dual Panel Moon Roof  $2200;  Cruise/Collision Warning $1500
Base Vehicle Cost: $52,200
With Package Upgrade excluding Sales Taxes: $63,630

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