It started with a nap. (or an attempt at a nap)

and it ended with another painting adventure. and poo.

"mommy. i paint!"

she did, in fact. she painted herself. her carpet. her toys. her books. *

with poo. **

on purpose. the little shit. literally.

and guess who got the pleasure of cleaning that up…because a certain spouse was out cleaning the garage?!! (i can’t possibly help you, Ali, my hands are dirty. and what exactly do you think my hands are?? )

how does a child go from being the cutest little thing in the world, to being, well, not?!!

i realize, yes, that she’s two. she’s a terrible two. she’s supposed to make trouble.

but how can i child with a face like this turn into a devil on wheels the minute she’s put to bed????!!!

*and i’m pretty sure she put her hands in her mouth too…

** and i’m pretty sure i need to move now.

for the Dr. Jekyll – and much cleaner – portion of this story, please come on over to Cheaper Than Therapy. for some cute pictures. and video!

  • haley-o


  • Jen

    I can’t believe I got 2 kids past diapers without a single poo painting incident. I consider myself VERY lucky!

  • theotherbear

    oh I should not have read this – I may never have a child now…

  • Kie

    I’m waiting for my 2.5 year old son to try out poo painting. My 4 year old daughter only tried it a couple of times. One time she painted the pages of her Dora book and we didn’t find it until a couple of days later. We ended up ripping the pages out (it had several stories in it). Just last night we were reading from that book and she commented on how the Backpack story is gone because she put poo on it. “That’s when I was smaller, right Mama?” she said.

  • SciFi Dad

    {knock on wood}
    Our worst potty event was a post-bath naked time squat and pee on the carpet (except for the obvious explosive breastfeeding poos).

  • ali

    oh my god.
    Kath totally wins!

  • Kath

    Oh, my first used to have her nap, then wake up & poo in her diaper, then PICK UP THE POO and dump it in the toiled. A few times she wiped her hands all over the carpet in her room. Then my 2nd pooed on the carpet once when I was out…when I phoned home my DH was SOOOOOOOOOO mad I hadn’t warned him she was diaperless when I left (she was training). Then she tried to clean it up herself using THE VACUUM! I got home and hand to clean the vacuum and cut my hand very badly on some interior metal part I had been wiping. I had to go to the clinic for stitches AND a tetanus shot, LOL. The doctor laughed at my story, and then the pharmacist (when I filled the penicillin prescription) called all the other pharmacists over to hear the story again.
    Oh yes. I am the QUEEN of toddler poo.

  • Maria

    EWWWWWWW!!! I pray my little one NEVER does that. I feel for you big time!!! You must be traumatized from cleaning that?!

  • Tova



    thats very creative of bella to paint with poo.and i thought cleaning ketchup off of walls carpet couch tv etc was disgusting when my now 15 year old daughter was 3 and did that.

  • Laural

    Matt painted our bathroom once.
    I seriously claimed pregnancy nauseau and made Mike clean it.
    Gross …

  • sarah

    was this AFTER you went to the science center? perhaps she was making science experiments?? ewwwwww

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