Bloody brilliant brutha. best episode of television. ever. Desmond may just be replacing Sawyer as my favorite. maybe. that phone call with Penny on Christmas eve? tears. people. tears! "you have a friend on this boat." hmm…ben’s guy? Michael? also…Widmore is in this somehow. The Economist, perhaps? and the black rock? THE black rock? the one on the island??? only Sayid would need "a minute" to fix all those broken wires. too many questions. too. many. i love Daniel. love him.

i really don’t care at all about the fans…so i’m glad they are switching it up next week. voting out Mikey B was a stupid-ass move. when you can’t win a challenge, you vote out the WEAK. Holla for the Ozzy love…but his ‘fake’ idol was crap.  no one’s buying that, dear. i have to ask, though…why on earth did they send Ozzy to exile? of COURSE he was going to find it! James solves the puzzle!  "is triumphant a word?" love. him. even if he was meany mean to sick Eliza.

while i will not miss Amanda’s voice…i am annoyed that they keep eliminating the interesting couples. i thought Jen and Parker made good tv. AND so did Amanda and Alex. i thought Sharon was SMART until she bungled up that Dostoyevsky pronunciation. there seems to be a butt-load of NAKED this season, don’t you think? but, thanks to the editors for NOT airing Natalie shooting milk clear across the room out of her nipples. it’s probably a good idea not to trust anyone with pink hair. haha.


Kady vs. Alaina. i swear, to me, they are the exact. same. person. should have been Amanda (the hair! the hair!) going home…but i can’t really say i’m surprised by the boots. i kinda liked Alexandrea though…and she called Ryan a freak. love.

Paulina Porizkova = my new hero. telling Dominique she was a total tranny was right. on. the. money. and calling Nigel Barker an old judge? perfection! i love how Kim kept building up how smart she is…but made the most dumbass-y move ever. atalya was the obvious choice. no question.  i like Claire…but dear god, she drinks BREASTMILK. Badgely Miskha! love. Fatima’s hair…YIKES. 


    LOST is the BEST show on telly….and i cried watching desmond and penny…love that show…so many quirky characters to love on lost..every time a question gets answered they leave us asking like 5 more……

  • Elizabeth

    Any idea how much longer for all the delayed shows due to the writer’s strike?

  • Amreen

    i’m with you on lost – desmond is indeed the man of the hour. the accent, the epic love for penny – it’s all good. and Idol – how the heck is Amanda still there – she’s definitely going to make an appearance in a nightmare soon – so scary.

  • SleepyNita

    How did Dominique even get on the show? Uggers.

  • Ginny

    OMG black rock! I am totally back on board now after talking to some friends at work. I completely missed that one last night, I’m an idiot!!

  • Holly

    Sayid = MacGyver

  • Margot

    LOVED Lost last night. I have to admit that it started out a little slow, but man (or should I say “brutha”), what an ending. I sobbed during Penny & Desmond’s phone call. I totally think that Desmond (& Penny) is actually the central story to the show, what connects everything else together. Don’t ask me how, because I haven’t got that far in my theory! I could honestly care less about everyone else on the island as long as these 2 get back to each other!!! Okay, maybe I care about Jack. And then there’s Kate & Aaron. And Hurley. And Sayid. Oh well.
    So who are the good guys, & who are the bad guys?!? We’ve learned a bit about Faraday, but how do the other 3 from the helicopter fit in? Does what’s-his-head, the ghost-hunter guy, still have a grenade in his mouth? And who else is on that boat (totally agree that Michael is the “friend”)? And how do our Oceanic 6 actually get back to civilization? Oh good grief, too many questions.

  • Sadie

    You know, last week I totally called that Kate’s “son” would be Aaron. But it never crossed my mind that Michael would be Ben’s man on the boat. You’re a GENIUS. I know he’s coming back this season, so that makes sense.
    Oh, and I kept screaming at my husband– the BLACK ROCK! And he was all, what? I’m glad that YOU understand me, Ali.
    That was the best episode EVAR. And I love Sayid. Radio fixed? He’s got ya. Torture? He can handle it. Sexiness? Yes, indeedy.

  • Ginny

    Black rock? Huh? I’m confused! Desmond – hot in 1996. I’m more convinced now then ever that Michael is the guy on the boat. I’m not 100% sure of this yet but I think the coordinates Ben gave Michael when he left the island on the boat is the same coordinates Faraday gave the helicopter dude. Speaking of Faraday, I think I like him in a quirky sort of way.
    God this show is good again this year!

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