So, the other day I put this picture up on my blog:


















Pretty nice, don’t you think? I’m clearly going to hell for crimes against babykind and Santa.

Especially when I compare it to the relatively peaceful and happy photos that Beck posted recently, here and here (go, click, look, and say it with me – aaawwwww). Or when I compare it to the photos that Jeff posted at Daddy Diary Tales, here (all together now, again – aaawwww).

(His child, I will add, was actually captured on film walking toward Santa voluntarily. I, on the other hand, thrust my screaming child at a terrified man in a red suit and shrieked ‘take the picture!!!‘)

(As I said, I’m going to hell.)

Clearly, there’s something wrong with me as a mother if I insist upon a) terrorizing my child by forcing her to make friends with a giant man in red polyester, and b) posting that picture on the Internet. I’d have done better to have followed the lead of some of my bloggy compatriots, and just posted pictures of my cookies. Except that I don’t bake, so these would likely have been pictures of Oreos with green jellybeans balanced on top (you know, to be festive.)

What exactly is a Bad Mother to do during the holidays, while all the Good Mothers are baking cookies and sending out cards (don’t even ask) and preserving their children’s innocence by keeping them away from the cheaper variations of mall Santas?

Anyone? Am I the only Bad Holiday Mother out here?


A zillion thanks to everyone who participated in Her Bad Auction. Over $3000 was raised for Muscular Dystrophy research, from the auction alone, all of which will be donated in my nephew’s name.

Her Bad Auction

You can still go check out the site, and you can still participate by asking your children if they would write a letter to Tanner. And, you can go visit all of the good people who put in time and energy and money and word to make this project such a success. I’m truly indebted to all of them. (Click the button below…)

  • Haley-O

    Am I a bad mother for thinking that picture is ADORABLE and hilarious!? Happy Holidays you Bad Mother, you! 😉 xo

  • Kath

    LOL, you *have* to have a crying picture with Santa! I have a doozie from 2 years ago with the then 1.5 year-old looking much like Wonderbaby above, and her 4 year-old sister with both hands in her mouth crying as well! Then last year – alas – no pic at all as I was simply not physically strong enough to wrestle a 5 and 2.5 year-old onto Santa’s lap…and I think the photographer might have called security. But this year’s pic is awesome. It’s all part of the landscape of childhood!

  • Sandra

    We don’t do Santa pics … still traumatized … we only will go near the Santa at Daddy’s work (who I think is drunk). Sigh.
    Merry Christmas to you my friend.

  • paula

    I must say … those are some fancy pants!!!
    Our little guy was teething on his “first Santa picture” day, so we gave him some Tylenol to numb the pain. He’s looking a little stunned in the photo, so we’re not sure if it was being unsure at meeting Santa for the first time … or just a Tylenol high (it was the first time he had taken it).

  • Jeff

    In the interest of full disclosure, she only reacted this way at the breakfast. At the traditional mall situation, she sat stiff and still, with the (rein)deer in headlights look on her face. She didn’t cry, but she wasn’t all lovey like at the breakfast.
    And I agree with Jen, it’s easier to show a crying in terror photo than to try and explain the complete lack of one.

  • Redneck mommy

    Nope, I’m a Bad Holiday mommy too. I’ve just had more years practice to make peace with it than you.
    I’ve the bad photo sentencing me to an eternity of shovelling reindeer shit. I buy my cookies from the local bakery (or steal them from my sister in law) and I don’t let the kids eat candy canes.
    Plus, I have been known to over embibe with the holiday er, spirits.
    Welcome to our club.
    We’re open to all.

  • Michelle Mather

    I agree with Jen! My oldest daughter (20 now!) WOULD NOT have any thing to do with Santa and so there are no photos of her with him. We do have a photo of my younger daughter sitting on his knee and she looks like a deer caught in the headlights – TERRIFIED! – but at least we have a photo! My older says “Where’s mine?”

  • metro mama

    Nope. Cakes still doesn’t know the difference between crackers and cookies so she is happily eating wheat biscuits instead of homemade gingerbread men. Sean and I are saving all of the good cookies (which we didn’t make) for ourselves.

  • Jen

    I LOVE IT!! So adorable! You may feel bad now but it would be much, much worse if, in 3 years she asked you “Mommy, why isn’t there a picture of me with Santa when I was 1?” and you told her that, in fact, you felt bad as she was crying. That WOULD NOT cut it with a 4 year old!
    Also, there is a pic of me and my sisters like this only it is just our younger sister crying. I was always very jealous of this pic as she got SO much sympathy and attention for being so cute and vulnerable. Something I was never able to master.

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