Summer’s nearly here, and that means kids are spending more time horsing around outdoors. Heck, so are we! All that great outdoor time is wonderful, but as great as it can be to muck around in the garden, barbeque, break out the bikes and run through the sprinkler, it means one more thing for moms: more laundry stains.

Detergent alone isn’t always enough to get out the toughest stains and get clothes their cleanest. We need a stain fighter and booster that will get out those tough summer stains the first time – so we can stop worrying about what’s in the washer and get outside with our families, and get dirty!

Now stain fighter performance meets convenience with NEW OxiClean® MaxForce® Power Paks Laundry Stain Fighter & Booster. The single dose OxiClean® MaxForce® Power Paks boost laundry detergents’ power to help remove the toughest stains the first time, while leaving clothes cleaner, whiter and brighter. Simply add one to every load. The OxiClean® MaxForce® formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that deeply penetrate fabrics and break down most types of stubborn dried-in stains including food and drink, grease and oil, soil and clay, grass and blood. The individual Power Paks offer no mess convenience with the right amount of pre-measured stain fighting power in every pak. In addition, the Power Paks are water soluble,dissolve quickly on contact with water and are safe to use in both regular and High Efficiency washing machines.


For those particularly stubborn stains, New OxiClean® MaxForce® Gel Stick is an ultra concentrated gel pre-treater that gets the toughest stains out the first time – without damaging fabrics. The gel formula is packed with stain fighters that are rubbed in with a unique, smooth stain grabbing nub applicator top to gently and effectively break down stains.

Sounds great, right? But can a little pak really do all that? Well, we had 75 of our Go2Girlz product testers try both products out on their real life laundry, and then tell us what they thought. Their verdict? They loved them! Our testers were very impressed with the single dose OxiClean® Max Force® Power Paks – they found them quick and easy to use and best of all, they worked! They found the paks very effective in getting out their toughest stains.

Most of the Go2Girlz really appreciated the no-muss-no-fuss ease of the single dose paks, and commented that clothes were cleaner, colours came out of the wash brighter, and their whites were whiter. The stain-fighting formula is so effective that Linda (a Go2Girlz Product Tester and mom of one teenaged daughter) was thrilled that this product removed blood stains from her daughter’s laundry on the first wash! Katherine (Go2Girlz Product Tester and mom of two) reports that the OxiClean® MaxForce® PowerPaks helped return her white jeans back to sparkling white after they had turned bluish and dingy when her husband accidently washed them with coloured clothes. All our testers were also thrilled with the OxiClean® MaxForce® Gel Stick pre-treater, and many of them were impressed by the minimal packaging on both products.

Any drawbacks? Although the majority reported that they loved the scent, a few of our users are sensitive to scent and have suggested OxiClean introduce a scent-free product in addition to the original. One or two testers found they had a really tough stain that needed a little extra attention, but the vast majority would recommend both OxiClean® Max Force® Power Paks and the OxiClean® MaxForce® Gel Stick to a friend, and most would also buy it again for their own homes.

So, what else did the Go2Girlz think? Here’s some of what they had to say:

“I will be using this product, it got my stuff really clean and took out stains I couldn’t get out. Thanks Oxi” – Cynthia, mom of 2

“I was excited to not have to spray individual stains – what a timesaver!” – Karri, mom of 2

“It did a great job. I liked the fact that on the outside of the bag it gave a way of treating stubborn stains.” – Jennifer, mom of 2

“I liked that this product was compact and easy to use. There wasn’t any mess involved and I didn’t have to pre-treat. ” – Melissa, mom of 2

“Easy and convenient. I love how they completely boost the power of my regular detergent. And my whites really were white!” – Rachel, mom of 2

“Loved the packaging – not overly packaged. This product really worked – the clothes were stain free and looked brighter” – Kris, mom of 1

“‘Power Paks are easy to use and very effective. I used them on a heavily soiled load of light color clothes! After washing, I could tell the clothes were cleaner and brighter. It also give the clothes very fresh and nice smell.” – Christine, mom of 1

“I washed my daughter’s stained t-shirts in detergent alone first and the stains were still there after the wash. I re-washed them with the OxiClean Power Pak: the chocolate milk came out no problem.” – Katherine, mom of 2

“It was very easy to use. No measuring, no fuss or spills.” – Lisa, mom of 2

“We are going to Disney World for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to taking the gel stick with us and using it on the clothes and being able to not worry about them until I get back.” – Rae, mom of 2

“Easy to use and the clothes smell fantastic after they are cleaned. The power paks even made my washer smell better.” – Jodelene, mom of 1

“Multiple jobs in one convenient pak.” – Tracy, mom of 2

“Other similar products do not work near as well.” – Carole, mom of 1

“My wash loads were bright and smelled fresher than usual.” – Marni, mom of 1

“I loved the Pre-Treater, because it removed ground in dirt on my son’s pants.” – Kimberly, mom of 1

  • dublin

    It is a great product and really gets things clean

  • Eileen

    This truly works on everything, I have been a fan for a long time!

  • Zach Smith

    When it comes to stains, i find natural stain removers more effective. What is great about natural cleaners is that I don’t have to run to the grocery to buy one when I’m out of stock. For instance, I can use milk for the heavy ink stains on my clothes. For grease and oil stains, dishwashing liquid works well. For sweat or food stains, white vinegar is effective.

  • Kelly

    I’ve been looking for a new stain remover and wondering which one to try. I’ve never tried OxiClean products – but after reading the reviews on here I certainly will. I’m looking forward to seeing if it removes all the various stains on my toddler’s clothes (and a few of mine) that detergent and Shout have not been able to touch. Thanks for the great reviews everyone.

  • Fabiana

    For a parent who has to chase a toddler around, it makes quick and efficient work of the laundry and being able to trust the OXY brand to effectively remove stains, eases worry of damage to the fabric and offers a bit of protection to pocketbook, while allowing my little one carefree playtime.

  • michelle

    This was a great product, and super easy to use. Loved that it worked in a high-efficiency laundry as well.

  • Donna

    This is a really great product, you clean just about anything thing with oxyclean =]

  • buffyphile

    Tried them and I am not liking them as much as at first. I haven’t noticed brighter clothes. Last time in cold wash there was a white gritty powder all over the clothes and washer after using the packs. This has not happened in a warm wash yet though.

  • Amy

    What a fantastic product! Easy to use and has great results. Even very stubborn stains were removed! I will definetly become a regular user for this product!

  • Christina

    Really liked both products. I really liked the stick but the packs worked great on my whites. I even used them for a pre-soak & was pleasantly surprised. The smell is a little overwhelming when using as a presoak but otherwise it is good

  • kim4

    These were two great products. So easy to use. And my whites were brighter, and stains were gone. I will definitely buy these Oxy products again.

  • Ja-9

    So convenient, no residue or remains of the power pak casing. Definitely would recommend.

  • shannon

    I haven’t decided yet if I like it as much as the other testers did, but it is easy and convenient to use and does make my clothes smell nice!

  • Linda Ruth

    I echo Lisa’s comment above – the product worked well on most stains but the scent is a little strong. Looking forward to an OxiClean MaxiForce Free!

  • riker

    The power paks really worked to dissolve the stains and appeared to brighten the whites in the load. No more scrubbing – this is really effortless cleaning. Thanks a bunch!

  • Jennifer M

    Easy to use!! Pre-treating is such a pain, especially when you have kids – almost everything has a spill or stain on it.

  • thatgirl706

    I loved the spot treatment. It was so easy to apply! These products are going to be so helpful when baby arrives next month – I have no doubt I’ll have lots of stains to deal with, and these are so easy to use!

  • lucy

    I have never tried this product but will start now. I wasn’t sure before about the product but after reading the review, I’m all for it.

  • lisa

    I liked testing this product as I found it worked, however we are pretty much a scent free household and we found the scent a little overpowering. I would buy this again if the company made a scent free version.

  • Caroline M

    I love the convenience of the paks as well as the fact they had a great scent and worked great. The colors were brights as well the whites were really white!!

  • sfkraft

    The paks were very convenient and effective. Great idea! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Francine

    Thank you for letting me try out this product. I loved the fact that you just grabbed a little packet and threw it in the washer. No pre measures and no worries about the colors. Came out great and smelled great!

  • Tracy F

    Thanks for letting me test this product. It got stains out even without the Gel Stick and whites really were brighter! It was a huge bonus that I just had to pop one in the washer without having to measure it out myself.

  • Meg

    I loved this product! It totally got the stains out. Thank you!

  • appleface

    Wow, I’m so impressed with these 2 products – I mean, I knew how well OxiClean worked in its powder form before, but wow! There’s absolutely no sign of the stain now on the shirt I tried it on – it’s almost like brand new.
    I love the pre-measured package and convenience of the Power Paks – no messy powder…and nothing to mix! And the Gel Stick was a good size for ease of use as well! Thanks OxiClean for coming out with 2 fabulous products!

  • Melissa

    I will definitely have it on hand for those stubborn stains. Great convenient use, really enjoyed it and made laundry smell extra clean!!

  • Katherine

    I liked the packs but prefer a liquid I can add to the detergent area of my HE. I didn’t notice the clothes as brighter but am going to try them again to see. I thought the scent was way better than other stain releasers on the market, not as over powering. I actually found they didn’t leave a scent noticable to my picky husband. I love oxyclean max force I use it everyday but found the stick to have too big of an area for treating great for large stains but overkill for small spots.

  • Joanna

    I loved the power paks but was especially impressed with the gel stick. My 18month old daughter is just starting to use a spoon so after dinner if we forget to put a bib on her, the front of her shirt is filthy. The gel stick pre-treater took out a spaghetti stain! I’ll def. buy it again!

  • Krista

    This product was great to use, love how easy it was just to throw in washer!!!

  • Karri

    I loved the compact packaging, and that I didn’t have to spend 10 minutes searching out all the little stains on my kids’ clothes!

  • spun

    I loved that the package was small it didn’t take up space. I know that it was supposed to take out stains which it did but I was suprised when the clothes came out brighter. It didn’t have that chemical smell that most stain removers have it was a fresh smell. I love the product for what it does to my son clothes and would buy it.

  • Twinmomplusone

    Loved the scent, did brighten my whites, but faded by darker loads.

  • shotqueen

    Love the paks… they were so easy to use, just throw one in and close the lid. And scent was fabulous, which was a nice change from the non-scented products that I usually get stuck with for a washing booster. The cynic in me was silenced when I saw how well they worked. I’m definitely going to continue using both the paks and the gel.

  • shaunnaj77

    The power paks worked well on my mattress pad as well as on my baby clothes. I noticed whites were whiter and some food stains were gone. The gel stick smells awesome too. I love it!

  • Jen

    Loved how easy this product was. Single doses and not messy. Will definitely be buying more.

  • Shauna Hepner

    Love it for whites. It saved a white hoodie I had that my son spilt chocolate milk all over. I did use the stick too so that may have helped. I ran it through the wash twice and now it looks almost new.
    Colors I didn’t notice much improvement so I would use it strictly for whites.

  • preppy888

    The paks were super duper easy to use, and seem to really help make my whites whiter and colours brighter! Loved the trial pack, and am heading out to buy more now!

  • Kris Coghlan

    Great product – the clothes were certainly brighter and smelled better too! I would buy this OxiClean again!

  • Farheen

    My kids always have stains on their knees and this was a great way of getting rid of them!

  • Joanne

    I tested these two products as well. I was very pleased with how clean my whites came out! The individual paks work well in a small load as well as a large load. I was impressed with the pre-treater gel stick too. When the gel is dispensed, the little nubs on the scrubber work really great! Love that!

  • Harperette

    There were stains on my washing machine agitator that are no longer there! Also some stains that my first daughter got on her sleepers as a baby, were washed out completely, no sign at all of a stain, and we are using them again on our second daughter – such a great investment vs buying new clothes!

  • Maria

    I love, love, love it! Definitely will be part of my regular washing routine.

  • marni_cook

    I enjoyed using the new Max Force paks. Now that I’m out, I’ll definitely be buying more!

  • Amanda

    I think it made my clothes brighter which was nice, but I didn’t find it got out the really tough stains.

  • Clara Bayliss

    I liked the product in hot water. You ‘ll need two packs for a large wash. The stain remover pre-treat was a very good product; I had missed a grease stain on my dhaguter’s shirt, put it in the wash and put in the dryer. The pre-treat took the stain out.

  • carolejm

    I’ve finished using the sample that I received, and in the end, I’ll say it was an excellent product. I will be buying more of it.

  • KathleenArmstrong

    Loved the smell and the pre-treater works wonderful!

  • Carol

    I haven’t tried this product before, but will now. I certainly have tough stains that my regular detergent can’t get out!

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