In 2 hours and 15 minutes I will be 42 years old.  42!!!! I took 40 in stride. I even kind of embraced it. I got a make over, ran a marathon and had a few aha moments that reminded me of when I used to be fun.

I rode that 40 high of "now I’m 40, I can do anything" for about 18 months.

Then I lost it and started dreading 42. Mid-forties. Low forties, but in my forties nonetheless.

I am the same age as my mother.  Now of course that is not true, but I was 17 when my mother was 42 and she was soooooo old to me then. How can I be that age now?

I haven’t finished having my family. I am researching JK’s and international adoptions. I haven’t achieved the fitness status I wanted in my 30’s, I can’t possibly be 42!!!!

But my memory seems to be overflowing with 42 years of useless information which is why I couldn’t remember that today was Wednesday until it was too late to have this post included in today’s e-mail. And my joints cry about 42 years of fries and gravy and chips and dip as the ultimate comfort foods that I can’t quite quit. I’ve hit the stage where I can no longer sleep through the night, although that may be because the Gaffer is not sleeping through the night either. I am constantly exhausted and cannot begin to understand what happened to my endless energy. Perhaps this too is a symptom of 42!!!!

Fortunately, I have a temporary antidote and some great friends. Last night my oldest friend (read – since birth) took me out for dinner and we laughed at a lot of our teen missteps and how the Gaffer looks just like my father who has come back in the guise of her to continue to challenge me. Tonight my family took me to our favourite family special occasion restaurant, Richlees, on Avenue Road. Tomorrow my other oldest friend is taking me to Verity for a facial, pedicure and lunch at George (reviews to come). Then I am picking up a girlfriend and we are heading north for Georgian Peaks Ladies Day where I hope to be drinking Corona and dancing on tables ( de rigeur for Peaks events) shortly after dinner. 

I may be 42, but I can still rock the house, I hope!

  • Wendy

    Happy Birthday!!! You are the youngest 42 year old I know! Hope I can buy you a drink soon to celebrate!

  • Bevalah

    Girlfriend I hope my 40th is one quarter as good as your 42nd!!! Amazing birthday week of fun. You go girl. And remember – you’ll always be Hot Alumni! xo

  • Amy

    Happiest of birthdays to you – may the year be filled with adventure and goodness!

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Tory

    Enjoy your day … and week of celebrations. You are young at heart (not that 42nd street is old)!

  • Amreen

    happy birthday, elizabeth! your birthday plans sound divine. I’m dying to check out the spa at the VErity, so you’ll have to let me know. and about George too! Congrats on all that you have accomplished thus far and cheers to the amazing achievements yet to come!

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