MSRP: $47, 379.00 for the CXL model tested

Competition in its class: Honda Pilot, GMC Acadia, Toyota

The exterior upgrades to the all-new Ford Explorer are
evident at first glance. The smooth clean lines and chrome detailing update the
look of the explorer exponentially. I was initially intimidated by the size;
the spacious interior provides the front passengers a great deal of room while
the second-row seating could use a little more. Personally, I would love to see
that the second-row seating would allow for the seats to move back and forth to
give the occupants of the second row a little more leg room. But, with
third-row seating available for additional riders, the Ford Explorer is the
perfect alternative to the mini van.



Technology, technology and more technology! 

As with the Edge, Ford has included the all-new MyFord
Touch™ technology as well as Bluetooth® capabilities and Sync voice activated
technology within the Explorer allowing for hands-free driving and navigation
of the vehicles
main functions like navigation and audio controls. Ford has seriously stepped
up their game leaving the competition far behind in terms of keeping up with the
fast-paced group of Generation-X buyers.

In keeping with that, one cool feature which Ford has
included – similar to that in the Edge – is the ability to create a wireless
network within the vehicle allowing travelers to use laptop computers, gaming
systems and WiFi for their mobile handsets.

Ford not only keeps safety in mind: they excel.

The Explorer now comes with more safety features than ever,
including the MyKey technology that allows parents to implement limitation on
the audio and speed the vehicle can travel while driven by someone using one of
the designated keys.

With the 2011 Explorer, Ford has introduced another amazing safety innovation: inflatable second
row seat belts. Honestly, I read about this post-test drive; I had no idea they
existed. Even using the seat belt for my 5-year old, I never realized there was
anything different about them, which is kind of amazing considering the look
like conventional belts, but provide such protection.

rear seat belts
spread crash forces over five times more area of the body
than conventional seat belts; this helps reduce pressure on the chest and helps
control head and neck motion for rear seat passengers.

Ford Motor Company

But it’s so big (that’s what she said) ! Is it a pig on gas?

Theres just so much I could tell you about how Ford has worked
to reduce fuel consumption by: reducing the weight of the Explorer by using
lighter materials (like aluminum for the hood); equipping it with a
variable-displacement air-conditioning compressor, which eliminates the weird
lagging that happens when the air conditioner is turned on while youre
driving; and equipping it with a powerful V6 engine delivering 20 per cent
better fuel economy than last years model while still delivering a whopping 290 horsepower. But, how about I just tell you that this Explorer
blew my mind; the gas mileage is unbelievable, especially considering the size.


But Fords innovative advancements havent
stopped there. Theyve
employed a team dedicated to improving the quietness of the cabin using Noise
Vision technology. Using a ball with hundreds of tiny cameras and microphones,
Noise Vision allowed Fords team of engineers to address potential issues throughout
the development phase. And it worked. One morning I even turned off the radio
to enjoy that little bit of silence between dropping the kids off at daycare
and getting to work.

Available options for the Explorer include many that were
also available in the Edge: Power liftgate, review view camera and reverse
sensing system, dual panel moon roof, blind spot monitoring system, navigation
and Sync voice activated system making this full-sized SUV a very comfortable and stylish ride.

I know it say it often, but really: Ford gets it. The stylish interior is beautifully designed, the exterior is noticeable and eye-catching, the touch screen and sleek black console are really trendy, yet timeless.  

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for interior-explorer.jpg

Its so cliché so dont kick me, but: have you driven a
Ford lately? Because you totally should.


Stop by my flickr for more images of the Explorer.

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