Model Driven: 2011 Ford Edge Limited

Comparable Competition: Nissan Murano, Lincoln MKX, Mazda CX-7,
Buick Enclave

How much? $45,629.00 for the Limited model tested


2011 Ford Edge blends technology, design and
class-leading powertrains in revamped package.
Ford Motor Company of Canada


The newly re-designed 2011 Ford Edge has been catapulted into The Now.
This vehicle is loaded with the latest popular technology: Touch screen In-Dash
Navigational System, Sirius® Satellite Radio, and USB, AUX, and 12V power
supplies; but Ford didn’t stop there. In the Limited model, there are available
features such as ambient lighting (which was also available in the Ford Fiesta
I test drove late last year
) and MyFord Touch™ technology which allows the
driver to speak over 10, 000 voice commands without ever having to take their
hands off the steering wheel.


Touch™ driver connect technology gives the driver full control at their
fingertips. With two configurable LCD screens within the instrument panel, and
an 8-inch touch screen in the centre console, the Edge has easy-to-navigate menus, which provide
prompts and tips on how to make phone calls, sets navigational controls, and
choose audio settings, allow you to navigate within seconds without taking your
hands off the wheel. By pressing one button and saying a simple command like, Radio,
1-0-2-1“,  the radi will be tuned to the frequency 102.1.

I have long been a fan of the look of the Edge. I drive past
the Ford plant on my daily trek to the office and always look longingly over
the fence at the rows upon rows of Edges waiting to be whisked away. I say I’ve
been a fan of the look because, until now, I never had a chance to try one out.
Needless to say, despite my rather high expectations (since I have loved it
from afar for so long) I was quite impressed. Immediately, I found this vehicle
comfortable, easy to navigate and it took no time for me to feel at home.


Ford has safety in mind with a number of class-exclusive
standard and available features such as:

Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support
, which allows the
driver to set the vehicle speed and maintain it without using the brakes or
accelerator and also warns the driver of possible collision. But the latest and
greatest thing about this cruise control? Using radar, the cruise control
reduces the vehicle’s speed and engages an electronic brake assist system should
a collision be imminent.

Spot Information System
, which illuminates within the rearview side mirrors
alerting the driver to traffic approaching in blind spots;

and, the crème de la crème?

technology allows for parents to designate keys, which can limit the top speeds
and volume control, encouraging teenagers to drive safer.

Some additional available features include: remote keyless entry,
push button start, automatic lift gate and rear view camera, making the Edge one
very well-equipped ride.



It’s not as big as it

Despite the fact that it is a crossover, I didn’t find it
overly large or intimidating. The interior is spacious enough that everyone has
a comfortable amount of personal space (which is all too important with young
boys who feel the need to constantly touch each other), yet we didn’t feel like
we were miles apart.


The backseats are
relatively accessible for the driver for the always-required passing of drinks
(yes, I mean drinking boxes) and toys, but leave some to be desired with the
placement of the seatbelt buckles and their housing.

My 5-year-old in his booster seat was unable to buckle
himself simply because of the location where the buckles fall: they’re too
narrow and close to the seat for him to maneuver in his seat. 

The optional panoramic Vista Roof ® brings more of the
outdoors, indoors; encompassing nearly 40 per cent of the car roof, more natural
light is available throughout the cabin, which personally, I love. I always
have the sunroof cover pulled back to allow light in.


 But its an SVU, how’s
the gas mileage?


It is hard not to be skeptical about the fuel consumption of
these larger vehicles, but I was pleasantly surprised with the 11.2L / 100 km
city, which has the Edge achieving best-in-class fuel economy, and bragging
rights for the 7.4L / 100km highway. I drove back and forth on a little more
than half a tank of gas for the week I had this vehicle, which is far better
than what either of my mid-sized crossover vehicles can do.

In the end, I was sad when my test drive was over. I really
enjoyed this comfortable, quiet ride. The Ford Edge is a great vehicle for any
couple or family.


  • jazzyj

    nice vehicle but the price tag indicates it is a luxury vehicle i hope?

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