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The Disney Fantasy: A Grown-Up Adventure Too.

We are all familiar in some way with the Magic of Disney. We know that Disney World is “the happiest place on earth” and that most kids dream of experiencing the Magic Kingdom at some point. Disney is a hugely popular destination and, I can say from experience, it definitely lives up. No place on earth can make waiting in line for a ride fantastical like Disney can. Nowhere can you be completely immersed in magic like you are when you are at one of the Disney parks. And this same magic is ever present on Disney’s cruise ships as well.

Disney Fantasy
The New Disney Fantasy!

I was fortunate enough to attend the inaugural sailing of Disney’s most recent addition to their cruise ship fleet, the Disney Fantasy. I have been to Disney World and Disneyland and last year sailed on the Disney Wonder. I have done a lot of travel and can say, with confidence, that no one does family vacationing like Disney. However, what you may not realize is that if you are looking for a vacation to please everyone from toddler to grandparent, Disney cruises are tops.

This is especially true of the new Disney Fantasy. Often when we think Disney we picture Mickey and Minnie and the Princesses, we think happiness and magic to the extreme and many of us have the attitude “The kids will love it.” or “I’ll do it for the kids.” All of this is true but somehow Disney has managed to outdo itself on the Fantasy and create this same immersive magic for adults!

I can just picture you sitting there imagining yourself sharing a cocktail with Goofy or lounging by the pool with Aladdin. Don’t worry, this Disney magic goes far beyond the Disney characters and creates a whole experience only adults can appreciate. Enjoy the classic Disney experience with your family but then leave it all behind and have your own grown-up adventure.

The Tube nightclub in Europa on The Disney Fantasy.

There are adult only areas on all of the ships, a way to escape and relax or indulge, but the Imagineers at Disney have outdone themselves on The Fantasy with the creation of an adult only area called Europa. Europa is a fully immersive, fantastical experience. It is like falling through the rabbit hole or having one of those crazy dreams where everything changes the minute you walk through a door.

Ooh La la disney fantasyThe view of Paris from Skyline.

Europa is a series of lounges and nightclubs themed for different parts of Europe. There is The Tube nightclub which features an ultra-urban take on London’s subway. Walk through a door and you are transported into Skyline where every few minutes your view changes to reflect a different cityscape. Travel to O’Gills Pub themed in classic Irish decor or enjoy live music on the streets of Italy at La Piazza. And finally, one of my favourites, walk through the door to Ooh La La featuring over-the-top classic French elegance in a boudoir themed lounge.

Europa Disney Fantasy Ooh La La
Jennifer from Trend Watch lounging in Ooh La La.
Add The Disney Fantasy’s Europa district to the other wonderful adult only experiences including the spectacular dining at Palo and Remy restaurants as well as the relaxing pool and lounge area and you can see how this vacation is not just for kids. Disney has outdone themselves offering the classic and sought after magic of Disney while also fulfilling a need for escape and fantasy for the adult traveler.

So, enjoy the wonders of Disney with your kids; the characters, the phenomenal shows, the amazing restaurants and experiences around every corner. And while they are having fun in the top notch kids’ clubs, go on your own adventure in Europa where a new experience awaits you behind every door.

Europa Disney Fantasy
Even the Ladies room is a new adventure in Europa!

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