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The Grass Is Always Greener!

Ahoy there – not only is it National Talk Like a Pirate Day but Unmarriedamerica.org has named this National Unmarried and Singles Week.  Where’s my damn cake?! A whole week to celebrate being single.  Hmm.  Interesting. The funny thing is, when I google Singles Week, I get some sites offering dating advice.  Wait a minute.  Isn’t that like offering couples free memberships to Ashley Madison on Valentine’s Day? I’m just saying?

My friend and I were discussing this Singles Week bizz.  She said she feels jaded because she really only wants a relationship to share expenses and cook for her.  (slightly tongue in cheek but not totally).  I said I was the exact opposite – that for once, I actually just want someone to hang out with – companionship.  We both agreed that there are serious pros and cons to both being single and in a relationship.
Things like:
Single Pro: No annoying fights  Con: No making up from annoying fights.
Single Pro: No one to share your bed.  Con: No one to share your bed.
Single Pro: You can do what you want, when you want.  Con: You’re have no one to take pictures of you doing half these things or anyone to share an appy with at a restaurant.
Single Pro: Choosing your kids name and if he gets circumsized or not by yourself.  Con: Finding a babysitter who can drive themselves home and no photo evidence of you as a parent.
Single Pro: Alone time after the kid goes to bed.  Con: Many of those nights spent trolling unsuitable guys on dating sites.
Single Pro: I know where my money is and how it’s spent.  Always.  Con: There’s a lot less of it. (Although come to think of it when I was engaged…it had to go way further to cover someone’s lack of job so maybe there is no CON here?!).


I think what I’m getting at is we don’t need a week, but thank you Unmarried Americans. It’s awesome to be in a relationship but just as awesome to be single.  The grass is always greener.  What we do need is some understanding.  Sadly, there are still some people out there who think we are less – less happy; less fulfilled; less of a ‘person’ – because we are single.
We’re fine……except when we hear any of these statements that I pointed out last month!
So shiver me timbers but me and the other single pirates are going to swash our buckles and celebrate Pirate Day.  You can keep your singles week to yourself.
Thoughts? What pros and cons am I missing?
  • Tracey

    This is a good one, lady… 😉

  • Nancy

    I love that comparison in the first paragraph Sara!!! You are just too damn smart, chickie! Great post as usual! xx

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