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do you date your husband?

People always ask me if I hate dating.

I can’t  bring myself  to hate anything that I must do so I choose to love it. Even when it is hard.
A great date makes me think of how it would be so good to do  often  in a marriage (yes I did this – obviously it does not fix everything but I still recommend it)
Do you date your husband?
Dont you just love a warm summer night?

Ask your husband out

Put on a perfect dress
Go to a lovely outdoor patio (this one had a long green couch facing the sidewalk and street. I could hardly stand it it was so wonderful)
Order the most festive and delicious drinks you can
festive drinks.jpg
Sip it and pretend you are far away from home
dont discuss anything that matters too much
dont talk about your children- they are not talking about you
dont discuss the roof that needs fixing, or that problem that wont go away
people watch
I promise it will be romantic. I might not fix the roof but it might fix other things…
  • Nancy

    go now Maria! Plan it ! Conspire!

  • Nancy

    I would love it Sara. ASAP. The dress is the best- looks like what I would wear if I was 20 circa 1968 and getting married with daisies in my hair. Seriously.

  • Nancy

    YAY Jen. Is there going to be a 4th child?

  • Jennifer

    Last night I got home from work, made dinner for the kids, changed into a pretty dress and met my husband at the door, telling him to go change quickly as we were heading out. Left the kids at home and wandered over to the new neighbourhood pub that we’ve been watching and waiting to open FOREVER. It had opened the night before. We sat in a front table, people watching and enjoying one another’s company. We even held hands walking home. Thanks for giving me the idea, Nancy.

  • Maria

    I soooo miss dating!!! We hardly ever get out…

  • Sara

    I can already tell that I love your dress…..
    I want to go on a date and sit on that green couch. Want to go out with me?

  • Nancy

    Good girl Jen! Please wear a pretty dress and tell me all about it.

  • Jennifer

    Great suggestion, Nancy…thanks for this post. I’m going to invite my husband to head out for a drink with me tonight….the homework, bills, the kids, the mess will all be there when we get back, but we could really use an hour to ourselves.

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