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Will’s Not So Secret Obsession!

Did you know that there is a Cars 4?  It’s on Disney Blue Ray.  It’s about planes.

Next time I go to the Disney store with Auntie, I’m going to get all the guys from Alice in Wonderland.  It’s a Disney movie mom.

Who is your favourite…..muppet, princess, bad guy from Toy Story, Penguin from Madagascar.

Did you used to live there when Scotty was a baby?  Did you have movies there?

When Christmas comes, I’m going to ask Santa for all the Disney movies I don’t have.  Mom, what Disney movies are those?  Are they on Blue-Ray?  Are they Pixar?


I’d like to welcome you all to the conversations that happen in my house…CONSTANTLY.  The kid has become fully fledged obsessed with movies.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that 90% of his sentences start with ‘do you know’ and end with ‘Disney movie.’
Dudes.  He has NO idea what Blue-Ray or Pixar are but he seems them on the boxes and in the commercials.  
Before you blame this all on me, he is not constantly watching movies.  I’ll admit, he’s seen a lot this summer because we’ve been road tripping all over hell’s half acre so for road peace, he has seen a ton.  But at home, there is no boob tube before school and maybe an hour or so after school  Weekend mornings? Sue me but if it means he can sleep in, then yes, he’s watching movies.
The other thing?  I’m a movie fanatic as well.  I love nothing more than curling up with him on a rainy Saturday, as we did last week, to watch a beloved Disney movie.  (Snow White was last week).  It’s just the incessant nattering about it that drives me apesh$t.  
Finally this weekend I told him I would no longer respond to any questions about movies.  And I didn’t.  He said ‘ooooh right, you’re ignoring me.  Okay what is your favourite animal.’  I say ‘Bear’ and he says ‘there is a bear in Brave.  He was so scary.’ AHAAAAAAAA  I can’t win!?
So is this one of those ‘phases’ OR do I have the next Spielberg on my hands?  Or, should I be approaching Disney to ask if Walt’s great, great, great grandson was ever a sperm donor because I swear his blood bleeds Disney.
Do your kids have any obsessions that drive you mad??
  • Kath

    Sara, it’s totally normal. My kids will get into something (a particular movie or TV show) and have to watch it over and over and over. I say, “don’t you want to watch something OTHER than How to Train Your Dragon/Gnomeo and Juliet/iCarly/etc. and the answer is a resounding “NO!!! I like this!”
    To me, it doesn’t matter how great the movie is (for instance, I did love Dragon and Gnomeo), there just comes a point in time when too much is too much.
    And then there’s the truly bad stuff – Maddy got obsessed with watching the same episode of Jessie (the one where she’s afraid of portapotties) over and over and over and over and over and I just about stabbed my own eyeballs out with forks. Truth be told, I almost stabbed my own eyeballs out with forks watching the damn thing ONCE.
    And when it’s not TV or movies, it’s something else. Charlotte read all three Hunger Games books three times each before she would even consider another book, and can we talk about how many times I’ve heard EVERY SONG ONE DIRECTION HAS EVER PERFORMED???
    All I can say is: buckle in, take a deep breath and ENJOY!

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