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The Needle and the Damage Done??

Will turned four recently.  This means big birthday party, some cool presents and a year of saying ‘next year, I’ll be five.’  It also means he’ll be heading to the doctor tomorrow to get his four year shots.  I’m not here to debate that issue – suffice it to say, my nephew has autism and Will is fully up to date on all of his shots, on time and on schedule – so that will tell you my personal opinion on it.

What I’m uneasy about is how he’ll handle it and whether or not to prep him before hand.  So far, he has been fantastic about needles.  I remember getting him the H1N1 and looking away when the nurse when to jab him.  She said ‘okay, all done’.  The kid didn’t even whimper!  I got mine next and I would have bawled but I couldn’t have the boy show me up.
A couple of weeks ago, Will got his first wasp bite.  Did you hear him?  I swear that he rattled windows in Thunder Bay with his screaming.  On the weekend, he got a splinter and it was mass hysteria.  Suffice it to say, I think as he’s aged, his pain tolerance is matching his mothers.  
So, do I forewarn him?  Do I explain tonight that he’s getting two shots tomorrow? My fear is that the first one throws him into such a state that the second one will be hellish.  Sort of like me when I got my ears pierced.  You can see the major height difference because I was so terrified of the upcoming pain that I jumped ten feet in the air right as she released the gun.
My sister thinks I she tell him about it tonight and show him this video – 
Likely better to show him the Bear one as opposed to this…jesus H – who films this stuff??
So how did you handle vaccines now that they’re old enough to sort of get it?  Forewarn or just let them be surprised (and maybe caught off guard??).  He’s pumped to go to the doctor because I told him we’d go get a movie and an ice cream after….surprised he’s not suspicious!
  • Christine

    I delayed all of Eva’s vaxes…and then kinda forgot about them. Ooops.
    The region reminded me about them by sending a letter saying she would be “suspended” until she was caught up. lol!
    I took her for her first MMR a couple of months ago. I wasn’t sure f I needed an appt or if the nurse practitioner could do it right then and there. So I didn’t tell Eva because I wasn’t sure.
    It ended up working out. The nurse came in with the needle. Eva started to cry and the tears didn’t even hit her cheek before it was over.
    I will not be telling her ahead of time next week when we go back for round 2.
    I would hate for her to be suspended from kindergarten 🙂

  • Tracey

    I’d just tell him, and shrug. No big deal. Now, ICE CREAM!! (I wouldn’t even show the video to my kids – they’d just get anxious in advance.)

  • Texas Mom

    Tell him and show him the video…no shots for a 6 year old…one more year to go.
    Chickie had to get shots for her 11 year followup…that was a surprise to all of us!

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