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Why Do I Blog?

I get this question a ton.  I also get the ‘your son is going to be so pissed when he reads all that you’ve shared on the internet’.  I got a charming email once accusing me of being self-centered, selfish and thinking the world revolves around me (hello pot calling….).  Maybe writing a blog is a bit indulgent but there are some good reasons why I do it.

First.  It satisfies a creative need. I never knew how much I loved to write until I started writing a blog about eight years ago.  I started writing for some of our radio stations (The Edge, CFOX etc) at my bosses urging.  He said, ‘You know how you come in and tell me these ridiculous stories about your life all the time?  I want you to write them just how you tell them to me.’  That was it.  I started and I was hooked.  Many times, I need to write to work something out in my head or just put something down.  It feels good.
Second.  I get paid.  I won’t lie. Our awesome leader at UrbanMoms feels that we should be paid for our contributions here.  It’s not a salary but it’s a fantastic little extra that helps out this single mom.
Third.  I thought it was really important to write about my struggles with postpartum depression.  I wanted others to know they weren’t alone.  I will never forget a comment I got from one woman who said that she was newly diagnosed and was encouraged hearing how I got through it.  I’m not sure if she’ll ever know how much that meant to me.
But, the most important reason why I blog is Will.  This is for him.  This is a chronicle of our life together.  If, god forbid, something were to happen to me, Will will always have these stories of our adventures, struggles, triumphs, failures.  He won’t have as many unanswered questions as I feel that I have lately.
After I had Will, I wanted to know what my birth was like.  I love my dad, but he wasn’t there.  I’ll never know.  Next week is Will’s first day of junior kindergarten.  I want to ask my mom what my first day was like.  Was she nervous? Did I cry?  I’ll never know.  What was my bizarre obsession when I was a kid?  Did I chew my nails?  There are so many thoughts in my head lately that start with ‘I wonder’.  I don’t want him to wonder.


I don’t think I’m invading his privacy by writing about our life.  And I know him.  He won’t give a sh&t either.  I know that he’s going to appreciate having this.  I actually envision giving his first serious significant other access to all of these entries…the same way our parents used to embarrass us with baby pictures.  I just may highlight the princess ones for them….come on, we have to have a little fun right??
**Did I love to play hide and go seek and hide in really terrible places???**
  • Sharon

    Your son and my son share the same name and you and I share some of the same motivations for blogging. Good intentions aside, the worst violation I’ve ever committed as a blogger (from my Will’s perspective) was the time I posted a video of him dancing with his cast mate from the play Our Town. It was a high school production and he looked so cute as Dr. Gibbs dancing the waltz on stage with his “wife.” I’m sure he’ll thank me for this later…when he’s in his forties!

  • Sara

    Susan – Nancy – you guys are lovely!

  • Nancy

    Sara!!! Your reasons are mine! All of them. When I hear I have made someone laugh or cry or feel or understand it makes me feel wonderful. You, Sara, have a personality that is too big and gorgeous to not be shared. This is a small way people can have a bit of you and we are all thankful for it.
    Keep going xoxoxo

  • Susan

    People should focus more on their own lives instead of trying to dismantle other people’s actions. I hope the person that asked you why reads this blog and the comments below. I started my own blog this year for the very same reason – I love to write. It frees a creative desire that I have stifled for far too long. In the short time I have been blogging, I have not only received compliments, but thank you’s from people that got something out of reading what I had to say.
    Self-centred and selfish for sharing your experience and opinions? Not in the slightest. If what you write makes one person smile or helps them in any way, your blog is no longer just about you and your writing. It encompasses far more value than words on a page.
    You inspire people Sara – end of story. And Will is lucky to have a mom that is willing to share your experiences. Keep up the good work!!

  • Sara

    Thanks Christine…I love that Jen and I have been able to do that. It is so important to appreciate them.

  • Christina

    Beautifully said Sara…I love to write too, but seriously can’t even find the time to shower some days…forget about what everyone else says…all your posts are fantastic and I truly believe writing them down sometimes helps you get through the bumps in the road..keep them coming..Will will enjoy these one day….

  • Tracey

    …And I love reading all about you guys… xox

  • Christine

    Awesome Sara! Great post!
    And can I just thank you for sharing “life with Will” with the rest of us.
    You two are an amazing pair and I’m so glad to know you both!
    I will never again take for granted when my Mum tells me stories from my childhood. Or how she describes similarities between my kids and I (like how Eva skips down the sidewalk exactly how I used to)
    I need to thank you and Jen for bringing such an appreciation of my Mum to me. Reading your stories about your mothers and feeling the pain of their loss come through your posts makes me realize how lucky I am to have my mother in my daily life. I don’t take it for granted.

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