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Missing Out!

There are a few issues about being a single parent that suck.

a. You alone clean up all the barf, regurgitated food and poop.
b. You can’t run out to the store at 9pm when you realize you don’t have any milk.
c. You can’t trade off early morning wake-ups on the weekend.
d. You can’t drive a babysitter home at the end of the night.
I always thought that was about it until I hit the mailbox tonight.  In it was a postcard to Will from his new Junior Kindergarten class.  It said “HI WILL!  We can’t wait to meet you and your mom on Wednesday at our Open House.  You’ll meet your new teachers and see your new class!”   
My heart sunk.  I can’t go to JK Orientation.  We have an event at work that is too important to miss.  But all of a sudden, this seems more important.  But my hands are tied.  I can’t go.    My awesome friend Susannah is going to take him with her daughter who is also starting.  But it sucks.
So lets add –
e.  There’s no trading off on functions that you can’t attend.


And although right now, he’s young enough to not give a rats ass, as he gets older, I’m quite sure he’ll notice it.  But listen…I’ll make it to his freaking university graduation.  I promise!
  • Chantel

    Okay I totally get where you are coming from! Even though I have a hubby he is never here and whne he is home…..well lets just say he is here physically and that is about it. I pretty well have to balance all 8 entirely on my own and it is sooooo hard. The guilt I get for being able to go on one field trip but not another, or why do I have to spend so much time with the twins, omg the list never ends and the events that I have had to miss are many. There is one bright spot though now that my 2 oldest are 12 and 14 I can now run out to the store at any time – ALONE because they can watch the others!
    Perhaps there is another day that you can work out with his new teacher that you and Will could go in together even for just a quick look around and a quick meet the teacher – I am sure they would go for it if you talk to the office or Principal. It may even make Will feel extra special that he gets to go in with you when no one else does! I did this with Ryley last year and it worked out quite well:)

  • Nancy

    Oh Sara
    I know exactly what you mean.I always say even if I do my thing to 150000% it will never make up for the missing peice. We do our best and we call in the troops when we need to. Any “kissing aunt” available that day to sub in for you ?

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