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Pregnancy Cravings

When I’m pregnant I crave.  But not the “normal” stuff I thought I would. You know, I’m not sending my husband out at midnight for pickles and ice cream, insisting that it is the only thing that will make me happy.

Nope.  Instead, I crave things that are way weirder then any craving I’ve heard of. I mean, c’mon, I crave things like…


Curly, delicious parsley.  I go through bag after bag of this herb.  I just eat it right off the stems, washed of course.  I fill ziplock bags with it every morning to take to work.  I snack on it during my commute home.  I kinda wanna cry if I realize that we’re out of parsley when a craving hits.
Bizarre, right?

Green Beans.
They’re crispy and crunchy and watery and cold.  I cannot get enough of them when I’m preggers.  I personally prefer the pre-washed, pre-cut, pre-bagged variety because it takes the work out of eating them but I’ll take any kind I can get.  I actually don’t really like green beans when I’m not pregnant but there is something about them that I just can’t do without while I’m baking a baby…
And speaking of baking…


I NEVER NEVER NEVER bake.  Unless I’m pregnant.  Then I just cannot bake enough.  Tonight, just for fun, The Boy and I made a pan of fudge brownies with marshmallows and mini M&Ms.  The catch? I don’t eat it.  I can’t stand sweet stuff while I’m pregnant.  But making it, I love!  I make my grandma’s tried and true recipes and play around with new ideas of my own.  I decorate and sprinkle and ice with gusto.  For 9 months, I’m a regular Martha Stewart in the kitchen (she bakes, right?)…maybe more like an Anna Olson, then.  Whoever I model myself after, my house has never smelled better or been more open to visitors as when I’m pregnant and craving baking.

Do tell- what were your (normal or wacky) cravings during pregnancy?  Anyone out there actually crave pickles and ice cream?

  • Sarah

    Desi- you officially have the best cravings. EVER!

  • Ruth (aka Grandma)

    My first pregnancy, I went through the long hot summer. All I wanted was plate after plate of cold sliced tomatoes! Interesting fact: that baby grew up to hate tomatoes!
    With my second pregnancy I went through the winter and Christmas baking got the better of me. I couldn’t resist my mother’s famous “pink squares”!
    Interesting fact: that baby grew up to love Grandma’s pink squares!

  • Sara

    PARSLEY!?!?!?!? What the hell! Bizarre! Mine was peaches – I would eat those canned peaches and drink the juice…now my kid drinks it too. And I was so sick I ate nothing but mashed potatoes and McDs for the first 3 months….I wish I just wanted Desi’s poutine and KFC thought…yummmmmmmmm

  • DesiValentine

    With my first it was Kentucky Fried Chicken and New York Fries’ poutine, two foods that I absolutely cannot stand any other time. But when I was pregnant with my daughter I had one two piece meal with extra gravy, and/or one large serving of straight-cut with poutine. Every day.
    With my second it was candy – jujubes, Skittles, Oreo cookies, M & M’s, peanut butter cups, Bounty Bars… Every day. And Pringles. Many, many tubes of Pringles.
    I actually did eat a lot of healthy food, too, when I wasn’t busy puking. But, no, no pickles and ice cream. They were both at the top of the Heartburn List for me.

  • Sarah

    Amira- you’re right! We’re due at almost the exact same time:)
    I am totally into Subway veggie sandwiches as well- there’s one right down the street from my work and if it wasn’t so blinking cold I’d walk there every day!
    Hash browns sound yummy…hmmmm- that may be my next craving!

  • http://www.definemature.com Amira

    I’m pregnant right now too! I’m not sure how far along you are, but I think we’re due around the same time; I’m 19 weeks right now.
    Anyway, although parsley is pretty weird, green beans sound good! I go through craving periods where I need the same thing over and over again for days or weeks straight and then get to a point where the thought of it alone makes me want to gag. Over dosing, in a way. For instance, for about three weeks I gave subway a whole lot of business, let’s just say, before deciding to buy the ingredients and make my own sandwiches. So I had the exact same sandwich for lunch and dinner for a solid week. I’m thoroughly over that now and currently going through a hash-browns/tater-tots phase.
    Aversions? Any sort of burger. GROSS.

  • Christine

    Oh and a HUGE aversion I had – eggs. I asked Sean to please not fry or scramble or cook eggs while I was pregnant. It was so bad that he actually cooked one in the pan on the bbq. He brought it inside to eat it and the smell made me vomit. That’s when he really “got” how bad the aversion was.

  • Christine

    With my first it was potatoes of any kind – baked, boiled, mashed, french fries…all the time.
    With my second it was cream soda slushies and rootbeer.
    With my third it was strawberry/kiwi powerade with crushed ice and also Sprite mixed with strawberry Torani syrup blended with ice (I later found out that the ice cravings were actually an indicator of low iron)

  • http://www.whatdidshesay.ca Jacki (JackiYo)

    For me it was spinach (had never had it before, but I WANTED it!) and vegetable soup. Had never been a fan before and when I was pregnant that’s what I really, really wanted.
    And Pizza Hut personal pepperoni pan pizza. Had to be the personal size. Had to be pepperoni. Had to be Pizza Hut.

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