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Here we go again

I’ve written before about my total aversion to loose teeth.
I have three children. There is no way I was going to avoid dealing with loose teeth.

I knew that I was going to go through it all over again with Eva.
It has started.
A few weeks ago Sean darted upstairs to find out why Eva was wailing in her bed.
He called me up “Mommy. Can you come up here for a sec?”
I went up. Eva was sitting one her bed. Giant tears streaming down her face. Sean standing there with a half smirk on his face.
What’s your trouble, bubble?” I asked.
“MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!” she wailed.
She wasn’t not happy about it at all. Her cousin Marley was having a sleep over. She’s already lost 2 teeth. Even she could not comfort Eva.
For the past several weeks Eva has not let us brush the tooth. She would not let us look at it. Or touch it.  Then last night I knew the time was coming that it would fall out.
Her finger was in her mouth the entire day. Evening. And night.
She came down this morning looking uber sad. I asked what was wrong and she opened her mouth.
She didn’t know where the tooth was. She was afraid she swallowed it, which is no biggie – Cam’s done that before.
Mommy saved the day and I found it in her bed. There was much relief now that the tooth fairy actually had a tooth to take with her.
<sigh> another last “first”
I suppose I better brace myself for more to come. If I remember correctly they will start wiggling one after the next.

Urgh…it’s those 2 top front teeth that just skeeve me right out. Those ones are making me anxious.

  • Christine

    OMG there is no way I could pull a tooth! NO. WAY.
    I can’t even look at them, much less touch them. Uch!
    Cuyler started off with major anxiety when he started losing teeth. It was bad.
    He’s much better with it now.

  • Christine

    I LOVE that you love the massive gap! It will be a perfect school pic!
    I think this is going to be a slow process for Eva. She has no other wigglers yet.

  • Kath

    I know, it totally creeps me out too. My oldest has anxiety and is so freaked out by loose teeth she leaves them until they literally just fall out, but usually they bother her so much first she comes to me begging to get them out. HATE. IT.
    But, I will pull if I have to in order to calm her down. SIGH. The things we do for our kids *shudders*

  • Julie

    my youngest has both front teeth gone which i LOVE! i never had that as a kid and her sister only did one at a time so i was hoping it would happen for her. AND picture day is tomorrow…double bonus for me 🙂
    i know i can’t pull them, tho’…i tried and i just can’t!

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