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Meet The Teacher!

Last Thursday should have been curriculum night at Will’s kindergarten.  With all the upheaval in Toronto with the school board, it was cancelled.  I won’t lie, when I got the note, I let out a little ‘woohoo’ because it was the same night as my platform tennis league and I didn’t want to miss it.

Then the day came and went and I started to get a little ancy about it.  I understand where the teachers are coming from, so while I’m pissed at the situation, I get it.  But, I want to meet his teacher.  I want to know what is expected of him this year and how I can help him get there.  I have met her for all of 30 seconds on the day I left him for Day One.

I have only heard amazing things about his teacher – so I don’t have concerns about her per se.  I just want to meet her.  I want to know who he is spending his days with.  I’d love to know who his TA is that he goes on about.  I specifically want to know if he should be able to print by this point (we are nowhere remotely close) or if he should be reading.  I’d love to hear how she thinks he’s adapting to the class and if there’s anything I should be doing at home to help him succeed.


will concentrate.jpgSo I’m asking.  Do I call the school and ask for a meeting or is this out given the current circumstances with the Board and the Government?  Or should I simmer the hell down, relax and remember he’s in the second month of his school career?  I don’t want to be ‘that mother’ but I also want to feel comfortable.

What do you think?


(Hope he concentrates this much in school!!!)

  • Sara

    Hey guys – Thanks for all the awesome feedback! We also got the note with email and phone info – so I emailed his teacher and we’re meeting next week! I’m happy!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh, that makes more sense. Living out here in AB I’m not up to speed on the specifics of the dispute in ON, but if teachers can’t meet after hours, then it would have to be during preps. We are entering contract negotiations here and I sure hope we don’t end up with major disputes like in ON and BC. Nobody wins.

  • Julie

    i guess i shouldn’t have said “that’s what they’re for”…i think that since we’re having our teacher’s “pause” here in ontario and can’t officially meet after hours you can use those prep times to talk to the teachers (from what i understood at a meeting we had at the school) sorry ’bout that…i should have been clearer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kath

    As a teacher, I prefer to meet the parents of each of my students sooner rather than later, so I would say go ahead and email (I also prefer email over voicemail/phone message). She will likely appreciate it and will most likely expect it (especially as a Kindergarten teacher she’ll be used to having parents be very involved).
    I will take issue with Julie’s suggestion about prep times – I use those to actually prepare lessons, materials, etc., and they are few and far between! Also if Will’s teacher is a.m. only, she would have half the prep times of a full-time teacher, so probably an hour per week at most.
    I would say it’s best to ask to meet just before or after school (or perhaps just ask her what’s best?)

  • Susannah Lavallee

    Hey Sara. First, thank you for asking for feedback about the current situation. It is hard for us, the parents, the kids, and the future of education in Ontario. We want to meet with the parents and we still are. I have been meeting with different parents pretty much every other day before school beginning at 7 45am. It is our job to communicate with parents- it is best for the kids, the parents themselves, and for us. All kindergarten parents will be offered a 15 mins interview by the first week of November as part of the reporting process. I am sure Will’s teacher would love to sit down with you and answer your questions. Gracie’s teacher today sent home a letter inviting us to communicate with her through phone or email. I might check in and then wait for the parent teacher interview in November.

  • Julie

    there are always prep times in the teachers’ schedules for things like this…don’t worry! you’ll meet the teach soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracey

    I think it’s okay to arrange a meeting – especially if there isn’t a meet-the-teacher night in the coming few weeks… you don’t sound as if you’re hyperventilating. Don’t worry – you’re not “that mother” just yet!!

  • kimmyz

    It’s too bad there was no gradual entry for your school. I thought that was part of the curriculum. We had a few chances to casually meet the teacher before school started. One on one, then in small groups then full class. Heavy sigh!
    My parenting philosophy seems to differs a little. Yes I totally get you WANT to meet the teacher and the circumstances suck but you admit there is no real NEED accept for your curiosity. So in my opinion yep, “simmer down” as you say. It’s just kindergarten!!! There will be another opportunity.
    The curriculum can be found here: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/elementary/kindercurrb.pdf
    The expectations start on page 30.
    If you still want to meet the teacher then sure, ask to arrange a meeting by note or phone.

  • Sara

    thanks J. I think I’ll put a note in Wil’s backpack tomorrow and ask her to meet. Seems to be the best way to communicate!

  • Anonymous

    My fourth child started jk this year so I have done this a few times. Without exception, ever oneof my kids’ teachers has said to me that if I ever wanted to meet to discuss anything it would never be a problem. I see considerable value both for you and for the teacher in knowing each other. Just call or email to set up a time – probably right after class gets out or else first thing in the morning.

  • Jackie

    Hi Sarah- I totally called the school and N’s teacher was happy to meet with me (she has Mrs. Bacon). I met with her before school started last Friday and she very much wants to meet a parent of each of her students…the irony is if she in fact does meet with each parent individually, cancelling curriculum night added MUCH more work for her than just holding the event…Mrs. B only has an AM class but it is worth inquiring…

  • Christina

    What is going on with our board is just plain sad…you can contact the teacher during school hours and if you know her first and last name you can email her @ first name.lastname@ tdsb.on.ca your concerns or questions. But if you want to meet her, set up an appt with her. It’s your right as a parent but it will have to be during the day…
    Btw at the end of SK they should be able to read site words, print the entire alphabet in upper and lower case, know their address and phone number and count to ONLY 20.

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