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Happy Father’s Day Will’s Dad!

Hey Will’s father.  Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.  Will and I took in Madagascar 3 – ate ice cream cake – hoovered back some pizza and just hung out.

This is our fourth Father’s Day together and ‘together’ seems to be a fitting word.  This is the year that Will and I really hit our stride.  From my perspective, I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore or incapable of handling all of this.  From his end….he poops in the potty now!  Essentially?  We both have our sh*t together.
I’ll remember this year as the year of the princess.  He’s fascinated by all things princess although lately he’s taken to having them hang out with muppets so at least the whole ‘Prince Charming’ thing doesn’t seem to be sticking….because in his world, Cinderella ends up with Fozzie Bear – slightly more realistic.
Besides mastering the pooping, he’s covered off some other milestones this year.  He can write his own name (although it’s backward and truth be told…’I-L-L’ is sort of easy but I cheered’); he grew his first tomatoes; he dresses himself AND has put the Beatles up in his faves where only the Wiggles used to live.
He takes after me with his love of movies.  I’ve taken to calling him Gene Siskel and unlike a true movie reviewer…he’s only happy with sequels.  Did you know there was a Cars Three?  Yeah.  I know.  There isn’t.  But he’ll make you believe and sell you some Florida swampland.
His appetite; sense of humour; and long legs continue to amaze everyone.  I’ll proudly say that he has incredible manners and is a great sharer.  He’s also knows his charms and uses them.  He’ll jump around through his nap and just when you’re about to throttle him, he’ll lay the ‘good afternoon mommy’ on you and you melt.  He’s afraid of bugs and the dark…and isn’t a fan of thunder and lightning, no matter how hard I try to tell him how awesome storms are.
Lately, he’s been asking if we can have a baby.  This has been a good year for him to learn about disappointment.
As we do every year*, we floated a balloon up for you yesterday.  Then we got in the car and drove home and while Will slept, I silently thanked you.  He continues to be the brightest light in my life.  Everyday I’m amazed at the height of emotion (both good and bad) that he can stir in me.  I’m already excited to write this post next year to see how far we’ll go!
*crap – missed the achilles rupture year!
  • Christine

    Love this!

  • Tracey

    This is all the good stuff, lady… I’m so happy you get to have it. JOY!! What a boy. *sniff*

  • Sara

    Thanks Sylvie! Do you mean Will? Or the father? Will doesn’t really get why we’re doing it yet – but he’s pretty psyched to let the balloons go! The father would have no idea either. He doesn’t know who we are. My plan is – if Will ever does decide to meet him – that I’ll have 17 years of blue balloon pics to show him. (although I’m guessing some will be grumpy teen pics).

  • Sylvie

    I love your ritual to Will’s dad…. wonder what he thinks of all this?

  • Anonymous

    He sounds so precious Sara. Would live to
    have you guys come to PEI soon I think
    he’d love it! Maybe next summer. Wish
    we could have you and Suzanne. We need
    to build a bunkie!!

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