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My Life is a Circus (and you could win tickets to one)

100_1736.JPGI know that I am absolutely not the only mom who feels this way but every year it hits. What the hell was I thinking with this crazy schedule! The transition from laid-back and lazy summer to the hustle and bustle of “real life” is always a bit crazy and, without fail, I feel the madness consuming me.

I have been waking up at 5:30am for the last two weeks convinced that I forgot something, or worse, someONE like the dream I had that we left one of my son’s teammates at the hockey arena last week. Thankfully it was only a dream but that is where my head is right now.

I know that once we settle in it will become old hat. The carpools will be arranged, the playdates and lunches, the after school activities. But for now it is all new and I am just convinced I will forget something really important.

So, in the spirit of my circus-like life I have a little giveaway for all of you moms who could use a break from it all and have a little fun. Remember last week when I told you that I had taken my daughter to Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO? Well, here’s your chance to go too! I have two sets of two tickets to give away for OVO in Toronto. All you need to do is a) make sure you are an urbanmoms.ca member (only members can win!) and b) post a comment below on how your life is circus-like too. Two winners will be drawn at random by this Friday September 25th. Click here for contest info.

For those of you interested in Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO for your family you will be excited to hear about Cirque’s Family Pack offer available until September 25th. Tickets for parents are $45 and children are $35 (they are normally $65 and up). Click here for details on this offer.

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  • http://bit.ly/9cNf7q Corine Parenting

    They can now take good care of themselves without much assistance from adults. If I was busy, I would take care of my own stuff before taking care of them.

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  • pureevil25

    Our life is a total circus! It never seems to slow down here!

  • Kelly

    I am a mother of 3 kids: 7, 11, & 16… I work full-time (noon-8:30) All 3 of my kids are into ballet dancing & of course not one dances on the same night! My eldest has a part-time job after school, so I rely on her to walk her siblings to their dance classes ( 2 days a week) then I take my diiner break & pick them up & take them home, make them dinner, check for home work then return to work. When I return from work I help with any homework, get them ready for bed then unwind!!! In the mornings, I make their lunches, but nobody likes the samething: one doesn’t like sandwiches, one doesn’t like meat, the other only wants fruits & veggies!!! They seem to like to change 40 times a morning, so once they finally leave to catch the bus, I’m running around picking up all the clean clothes that they threw all over the place!!! Then, I sit down for a little while & enjoy a cup of coffe before I get ready for work!!! (My son, my 7 year old, swears he’s going to join the Cirque du Soleil & he just may as he is extremely talented with his gymnastic “tricks” which he has taught himself…)

  • http://www.magnique.com Tova

    Hm. My life as a circus…everyday is crazy and topsy turvy. I never know what my little 4 year old will say or do! Today he wanted to know why there were no windshield wipers on every window in the car. Hm. There i was thinking what a cool thing THAT would be. When he pipes up, ‘because the windows open?’ I was like, what? I don’t think I ever would’ve come up with that! Isn’t that great, my 4 year old is smarter than me! What’ll I do when he’s 5?!?!
    I’d love to win this and go to Cirque…it looks amazing!

  • nej26

    Life is already a circus for us since we had our first born 2 years back and it will be even more “circus-ier” by next month!!! We are expecting our second and life will be upside down once again:-) It is worth it in the end but we will see and compromise to deal with this situation….
    Trying to pick up a clingy toddler is not easy with a big tummy and doing hosehold chores too:-) Hubby does help but with his f/t job, it’s not easy…
    Would love to win this prize as our daughter loves the circus but she hasn’t been to a real one yet!! She loves watching Barney’s circus everyday and this shows she really wants to go to one!!

  • http://emilyisland.blogspot.com ebickell

    Juggling a home-based business, dog and husband as well as a passle of students is a circus! Plus we’re having the house painted and trying to get around I am like a contortionist with wet walls and furniture everywhere but where it should be!

  • Naomi

    I have a very silly almost 5 year old, and an enthusiastic 3 year old. Life is constantly a circus around here!!

  • Maria C Forbes

    I run as small home business as well as raising three kids five years to eleven!
    It never seems like there are enough hours or enough help!
    However we all get through with a smile on our faces!
    I think all Mom’s deserve a hero’s award!

  • kmfhee

    We move in less than a week. Trying to pack with a toddler around is a circus!

  • AngeleR

    Are you kidding me I have five kids! Need I say more? They range from Grade 12 to Age 3! They are great kids, but there is such a wide array of interests, activities and events that we are constantly on the go. It requires a lot of dedication, planning and making family first. Mom is usually last 🙁

  • blissmoon

    MY life is a circus because I have 4 girls, and a drazy Jack russel dog, so there are lots of flying hormones around. They are all very different.
    My hus’ is my 5th child, he’s liken to the character in Calvin & Hobbes, and he’s starting to get ‘senior’s moments’. My girls are so busy that we barely know what/ where/ when or who. I feel like a ringleader and in need of a whip and horn. My needs seem to come last. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I had a fun night OUT.

  • http://lynnc lynn clement

    would just love to win tickets to the show so I can take my son , who is in school and can not afford to go . A mother and son experience to remember!!!!!

  • Linda

    My life is a circus because it’s a very fine balancing act, and we (my family) hope we can keep time. WE are so busy but we are together on it all.

  • Jennifer M

    From full-time single working mom of two, plus taking two night school classes, running to bring my daughter to cadets, pick-up my son from soccer, collect some groceries on the way, stop off to get gas….you get the picture right?

  • rosa

    I can definitely relate. My family (me, my husband, 12 year old daughter, and 10 year old son) had a relaxing summer, with no routine. September came and that all changed. Me and my husband are both back at work. My 12 year old started at a new school which she wasn’t to happy about. She is just now starting to like the school, which is good because I don’t think I could take any more drama from her. My son plays hockey 4 times a week. My daugher plays hockey twice a week.

  • Maggie Jorge

    a must see

  • 409cope

    My live is like a circus because I am always rushing from one activity to the next and we have three cats and a dog so the zoo componant is in there too.

  • tasosgirl

    Balancing acts, cleaning up after the animals, shouting out acts…I could go on and on…but I will spare you!

  • luckypandas

    My life is a crazy circus because my kids are into gymnastics and look like trapeze artists!

  • steph

    My life is a circus due to my 2 kids being into gymnastics!

  • Marie Rose

    Argh! I put something down, in it’s place, and it mysteriously winds up somewhere else.

  • J.E.

    mother of 5 sons, need I say more,,thx for contest..

  • http://www.cancontests.com spamgirl

    My life is like a circus because I juggle working for a large internet company, running a daycare, working on buying and getting my new condo ready, just finished planning and having my wedding, taking care of my child, being a tutor, taking care of my husband, dealing with 2 dogs and a cat who are always sick, and on top of that I’ve recently come down with a mystery illness which is causing me great misery (this is on top of MS and other ailments I already deal with) and so I need tests, tests, tests! All I’d love right now is to bring joy to my daughter with tickets to Cirque (which I can’t afford thanks to the stupid wedding and condo), surprise my husband with a night to himself, and get myself somewhere where the spectacle outweighs the pain I’m in.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • http://www.cancontests.com spamgirl

    My life is like a circus because I juggle working for a large internet company, running a daycare, working on buying and getting my new condo ready, just finished planning and having my wedding, taking care of my child, being a tutor, taking care of my husband, dealing with 2 dogs and a cat who are always sick, and on top of that I’ve recently come down with a mystery illness which is causing me great misery (this is on top of MS and other ailments I already deal with) and so I need tests, tests, tests! All I’d love right now is to bring joy to my daughter with tickets to Cirque (which I can’t afford thanks to the stupid wedding and condo), surprise my husband with a night to himself, and get myself somewhere where the spectacle outweighs the pain I’m in.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Richard Wilson

    Straight after we get up in the morning its jump, hop, skip and run to the bathroom, then upieeee daddy and hop, skip, jump to get changed. I want o go potty and upppie, hop, skip, jump to the bathroom. ok alioop we hop, jump, skip to the stairs. Uppieee; and down the stairs we go. What would you like for beakfast? A: can i have a treat! Not on my life !!!! ahhh. and hop, skip, jump and run. All this in 30 min. Life at 0ur house is a total circus. Hey, get your shoes on, now!!! 1…. 2…… stop that, hop, skip, jump……..

  • corkrose

    Life is a circus – a cabaret – a treat – great to be able to juggle the 3 older kidlets – university going – working – coordinating – renovating – and keep smiling.

  • http://n/a lynn clayton

    well I would love a break with 5 school ageed kids my youngest started thid fall the house id so quiet and the dog looks confused but I am enjoying my mornings of peace and house cleaning thanks lynn

  • ElisaW

    Take kids to daycare…go to work…pick up kids…maybe some groceries…make dinner….bathe kids….play…sleep routine…repeat 🙂

  • Dawn

    My life is a complete circus, with working full-time, 3 kids and a husband that works long hours I am a single parent, top it all with we are renovating our house and living at my parents. I need a break.

  • Marlene V

    My life is a circus show — with three kids we are on the go at all times. I always say we are a circus show without the tent!!! We get through it by laughing lots and spending good quality outings as a family when we can:) Thanks for the fun, great giveaway:)

  • Angela Griffin

    our new baby is cute, but he’s up all night and all day!

  • Mike Gismondi

    we just had a baby and it’s crazy… i never knewi could function with no sleep!

  • kcrmb

    Life is a circus for me – three male teenagers , a hubby and a male dog…testosterone reigns….and I am the circus master orchestrating all the “shows”. But like a circus it is mostly fun, happy, and full of ups and downs…I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • Amreen

    wow, and i thought i was busy. 3 kids, ages 6, 4 and 1. two schools, one in full-time and one in half-days. swimming, hockey, soccer, dance, religious school, a husband who works long long hours, a nanny who’s off work for health reasons, one van and me.

  • Sabrina forestell

    My life, like everyone else’s is crazy. A 6 year old, a 3 year old, another one on the way, makes for busy mornings rushing off to school, daycare and work. Then, every evening we rush to daycare, rush home, cook, eat, clean up, bath, bed, then do it all again in the morning.
    The hustle and bustle certainly keeps me ony toes. But I certainly am a very proud ringleader!!

  • Lindsay

    My husband and I have three children, aged three, two and one. They are all still in diapers (my three year old resists potty training) which they all remove at the worst times. Said diapers are cloth. My husband owns and operates his own small business. I own and operate my own small business. I also work part time. As if we weren’t busy enough, we decided to open and operate a Sunday market in a neighboring small town. We also have 10 tenants in four different buildings to look after. With all the baby gates around here it is like having a circus, with a bunch of trained (somewhat) monkeys (the children). Some days are definately a performance! And that is how my life resembles a circus!

  • Leslie

    If life were not a circus, I would hate to think of the alternative!! Enjoy the fun while it lasts, Kids grow up way to fast!!!

  • Kirsten Stefanini

    Just today I commented that my crew was like a circus! We were in a small retail store and my almost 4 year old and my 17 month old boys were tearing the place apart! I was trying to shop and give my newborn a bottle and rein them in the best I could. I started sweating like crazy wondering how to get control of the 2 boys without having my newborn let out one of her “I’m starving” screeches if the bottle leaves her little new to this world lips! We jsut got out of there as fast as I could possibly make it happen! After this “party” I had to take them along to the lab to get some blood work done- not realizing that this would involve a urine test which I had to do HOLDING my newborn because I had left the stroller in the driveway thinking the baby byorn was all I needed (HELLLLOO!!!) Then home to make eating lunch into an Olympic sport so that I could get the oldest off to JK!!!! My husband and I have not had a night out in…. (can’t even remember)HELP!

  • Julie

    now that both of my girls are in school, i’ve done what any sane woman would do….babysit a 1 year old all day! she’s a three ring circus all by herself but she’s still great.

  • erin2470

    Being laid off from one job, but having to train the people who are taking over our jobs, going to interviews for the first time in 12 years, and trying to be okay when I’m at home. Chaos reigns right now.

  • batye123

    life is a circus
    and you have to balance all the items in your head

  • janetm

    It seems that my life is a constant rush to and fro. Yes, it is a circus, but a circus I would gladly go to every day. I would need each night to recover and then the circus starts again.

  • Angela

    Swimming lessons. Hockey three times a week. Social groups. Volunteer work. Making lunches. Working. Keeping the house in order and bills paid. It’s hard to juggle everything, but it’s always entertaining – just like a circus.

  • Karen

    Well, since being laid off my circus act has changed a little bit. I now have to play the budget balancing act while looking for work with a 3yr old asking me for something every other minute and not revealing the stress my husband and I are feeling to her. Hmmm…maybe I should look for employment with the circus!!!

  • Sherriemae

    I love my life really. I have three little ones under five Katie, Andie,and baby Beckett,two border collies Snickers and Easton who both just turned six and a loving husband who travels for work. I am a grade six teacher of 32, basketball coach and avid runner. Ido freelance work for a wonderful company called PTPA, and keep busy with my community church.
    I know my name is not britney, but my life truly is a three ring circus and I would love to take my sister to the show to celebrate her divorice!

  • http://html Catherine

    I love to take my daughter and/or son to the circus. The circus brings out the kid in me!!! I haven’t been able to afford to take my kids to anything with being laid off and having to find another job. It was hard seen as I was the bread winner.

  • mj mendes

    ok…maybe my busy life isn’t as busy as some moms with more than 1 kid. I’ve got one kid and a boarer to look after plus a puppy. But i certainly sacrifice not doing enough things for myself..like getting back into shape. I’m at the worst shape ever as I never have time for take care of me……Isn’t life a circus..

  • Alex

    Being a single mom, just juggling to keep all the balls in the air is a circus in itself! Kids and their school/activities/friends, along with work in and out of the home and trying to carve some time out for fun…the biggest circus called life! :0)

  • Nicole Isaac

    Nothing to spectacular – mum to two preschoolers, work, pregnant, AND MY KIDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!

  • http://www.hollysissonphotography.com Holly Sisson

    After the carefree schedule of summer break, fall is always very hectic. After school activities start, getting back into the routine of school and homework, and running two businesses (one, family photography, is always busy in the fall season!), plus planning for a new addition to the house next month (not a baby, a kitten!), plus going away on business at the end of the month…I sure feel like I’m part of a circus! 😉

  • Kiki

    Good topic for discussion!
    I’m the mom of two boys (4 and 1) and my bed is a trampoline; I balance on the high-wire every morning trying to get everyone out the door on-time; I’m also the sole person in the kitchen in charge of concessions; I’m a participant in the shows the boys want to put on and I’m also the enthustiastic audience; I slop the stalls (aka bathroom).

  • Lori

    I think that there’s a circus going on in everybody’s life/family…between working hard to pay the bills, to put food on the table and then anything left over for entertainment can be a juggling act indeed! We all are part of that spinning wheel of life…hopefully some aren’t spinning too much out of control. : )

  • Sylvia Shaw

    Well, I am here to tell you, it does not get easier when the kids are older! The circus just gets busier and ‘The Big Top, Bigger” I tell my family that life is a circus but I quite often feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! My youngest has graduated University after 5 years and is interning in Toronto. Problem is we live 2 hours away so in order for him to get there it is Go Train everyday, which means up at 4, drive 25 minutes to Go pick up point, back home, hubby ready for work, look after my household, look after parents household, watch 2 dogs, hope to not have to get into garage as son has filled that and dining room and basement with his stuff u=ntil he gets apartment in Toronto next month and repeat at night! Busy Busy life, even now! If I won this i would be afraid that I really might “Run away and join the circus” as I keep threatening! LOL

  • Farheen

    How’s this for crazy:
    I have 2 kids (2 and 5). I also work full time and am doing my MBA part time so I’m at night school 2 nights a week, plus some weekends for group projects. Not to mention the reading and assisgnments I do very late at night and then try to get up the next day to get us all out in the morning!! Add to that my husband also takes a night class once a week.
    Plus getting the kids to weekly swimming, gymnastics and now skating!!
    Oh and did I mention I try work out twice a week plus spend as much time with the family doing fun things!

  • http://notthemoty.blogspot.com LoriD

    Three kids (8,6,4) and all of their activities/school events. Never-ending bathroom reno on our ONLY full bathroom. Two working parents and their activities. It does feel like a circus most days.

  • Nicole

    Oh wow, and what a circus it is (at my place anyways…..)
    Well, our mad house includes our 15 year ols son who may i add is 6’5″ and still growing (guess Milk DOES do a body good!) and a newly adopted baby boy who just turned 1. We have 2 cats and my husband. All boys and 1 me, the female…..even the 2 cats are boys. We moved about a month ago because the “boys” needed more running room (not literally running).
    So, yes, it’s a jungle out there………………sorry, a circus :O)

  • dmhaen

    I really thought life would slow down as I got older. But I must have been dreaming when I thought that one up. Now I seem to be spending more time looking after myself through exercise etc etc… And it seems I never have enough time in a day to accomplish all I want to get done. Perhaps I’m moving at a slower pace?
    Yes life really is a circus!

  • cwilman

    My husband gave me a stone one time and engraved upon it are the words “Everyday is an Adventure”. I hold that thought is my mind and the daily “circus” unfolds around me.
    As I am reading the other comments I am wondering is it life that is the circus or are we creating our own circuses and if the trapeeze is too high or the elephant too big, isn’t it up to us to make three rings, two, or one?
    Along time ago kids would want to runaway to the circus, but if we live in a daily circus, where do kids runaway to now?

  • Michelle

    Life is a circus with kids. Everyday is a marathon. I have a schedule to survive that I must stick to it to keep my sanity. I have two school age children. One all day and the other everyday half day. I work full time. The busy part is the juggling of everything fom the backpacks, the homework, the extra activities to the laundry, groceries and cleaning added in is the household reno’s, birthday parties, the holidays. The list goes on. It’s a complete circus! But my kids are happy and that’s all that matters.

  • Sarah Stoski

    Just moved to a new city because my husband took a new job. That also means a new daycare, new commute, new friends, etc. Still unpacking and decorating. Hubby’s new job includes lots of traveling, so I have become a sort of single parent for long stretches! A night out would be a great break from the chaos.

  • Louise

    Of course life is a circus. Working mom with kids ages 9 and 16, both with learning disabilities. 20 minutes of homework takes 2 hours, wedged between sports and other activities 6 days a week. But we’ve all seen Cirque in the past and love it!

  • http://www.liittlegreenbeing.com Idas

    We first saw Cirque as a family in 2007 when my youngest was 6 months old, we had been given tickets for the family and we just could not resist.
    The people were so lovely they gave us a booster seat for our 5 year old and earplugs for our baby so she would not be scared of the show.
    We all loved the performance and we saw it start to finish because they were so kid-friendly.
    Definately a must-see event!!

  • bonaccp

    Circus let me tell you, home and work can both be a juggleing act. As a single mom I start the day with an animal act. Working with inner city gang members is not a cat walk, it is more like a balancing act. I would love to watch others try to balance all these balls for a change and take my mind off of all the woes of the world.

  • Esther

    I would love to take my daughter to see this. My life is a circus since I becane a single mom of 2 kids. I feel like I am juggling most of the time!

  • Paula Bonacci

    Most people can agree that their home life can be a circus, kids, home, work it never ends. I must say that both home and work feel like a circus to me. I work with inner city gang members that on some days can be very draining. As a single mom when I get home the circus continues on the trapez . It would be great to escape and see others try and balance the fragile items of day to day life.

  • malgray

    I have the same dreams….mainly forgetting a kid at one of the seemingly100 programs that they are currently involved in. The juggling act with my 2 kids, my house, my job and not to mention that man that married me for better or worse….boy he had no idea what he was getting into!!!
    Good thing I am a multi-tasking super-mom….or at least that is what I tell myself to try and sleep through the night. Always loved the circus, just never really though I would be under the big top every day!!!!

  • Mary Williams

    I’d LOVE to take my granddaughter to see OVO!!

  • Marianne

    I was in complete silence for 4 weeks at the cottage – no friends, no phone calls, no laundry. It was pure heaven. The worst it got was having too much wine at 4pm and then not being able to order in pizza when dinner became just too overwhelming. Oh I wish for those days.
    On Labour Day weekend I said my usual, “I think I could live here full time” and Nick always says, “Nope, you couldn’t”. He’s right. It may be crazy but it’s life.

  • pjg

    Work, kids, volunteering, it’s like a puzzle to piece it all together.

  • licoricelegs

    As the circus master every day is a circus! Today a sick grandchild had me run off my feet; the doorbell rang while I was on the phone and FedEx was at another door at the same time. Most days aren’t quite so hectic but today the term “circus” is very appropriate.

  • L. E. Turner

    I live an equally busy life. It would be great to see this fantastic show.

  • drjess

    A Circus, yes, but all the best things a circus can offer. Excitement, suspense, laughter, food (albeit messy), joy, sadness, fear and never-ending love. My life is indeed a circus.

  • barbfersht

    I thought retirement life would be very quiet but it certainly isn’t. Being a good grandmother keeps me just as busy. Helping to pick up the grandkids at school, baby sitting them when they are not well, and taking them on special grandmother, grandchild excursions and shopping trips keep me very busy. Not the same circus as when the kids were young, but another kind of happy circus as I am sure Cirque du Soleil would be. But – how do I chose which grandchild to take with me?

  • Sandi Brontman

    kids , family
    What else could you call it but a circus .
    One you wouldn’t miss for anything.

  • Heather

    I think we all live crazy busy lives! Jen, I do the same thing as you – But I lie awake at night from 3 – 5 am thinking about everything to do! We have 2 boys and a third boy on the way! I can’t wait though! I just gotta get through all the nesting instincts I’m going through right now. The hubster is loving everything I’m getting done though!
    Between baseball, karate, clubs, playdates, pilates AND school (where my youngest is trying to adjust to Gr. 1 🙁 – life is full, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • Anne Costello

    Two kids, age 12 and 6, the boy has hockey 5 days a week, piano and cross country running. The girl has gynmastics, skating and singing lessons. We both work full-time and pass each other during our car pooling of the kids. Yes our live is a circus but wouldn’t have it any other way! Enjoy every minute because as my Mom says they will pass before you know it!

  • annabelle DeGouveia

    Ahh…the circus that is my life! Begins…5:30 am wake up, work out 6 til 7am, then make lunches, wake kids, four kids that is, feed kids, four boys that is….lots of feeding…, drop off some, take others to art class, or kinderclasses, or park, or peel screaming child off me for pre-school, etc…lunch pick ups some days, then pick up SK kid, feed, teach, clean, clean, wash clothes (I mentioned the four boys part….), wipe toilets, clean, cook, go pick up kids, homework, hockey, wipe toilets, drama, hip hop, skating lessons, wipe toilets,trampoline, therapy…. one of the four always has somewhere to go at some point… Ok, this is depressing… send me to the real circus please!!!

  • Kath

    I’m not eligible to win, but I couldn’t resist commenting! Two kids, both home for lunch each day, activities on Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri – and that’s just the kids! I myself have yoga and band practice on Mondays, then I do yoga twice on Thursdays. Throw in my flute lessons (so I don’t suck as badly at band) and practicing, laundry, cooking and an all-consuming hobby (scrapbooking) and sometimes I feel like I’m in a circus, too. But hey, circuses are great fun, aren’t they?

  • Erin

    Two year old (almost three) Twins, a two hour commute, teaching at a new school (with a range of JK – Gr. 4 levels in my class), trying to sell house….that’s enough of a circus for me. BTW, I can only go on weekends so if the tickets are for a weekday don’t include me in the draw.

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