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Some days are hectic but let me tell you the other day was hell.  After a peaceful morning the twins all of a sudden decided to cry all afternoon and refused to nap.  The culprit behind this behaviour? New molars coming in.  But it gets worse.
The children arrive from home and Sebastian starts crying about how he hates school and grade 5 is too hard.  Ryley starts wailing and wouldn’t stop.  When I asked him what was wrong he told me and let me tell you I was pissed.  According to him a new teacher who had come in for drama apparently sent Ryley out to the hallway for a timeout because he told her he can’t draw.
I need to explain why Ryley would make such a comment.  He has fine motor issues (which seems to be a common trait in all my boys) and so he has been teased about his drawings because he just scribbles.  He is so insecure about his abilities that it crushes my heart.  His issues with his fine motor skills is clearly documented in his school records so the TA that was in the room at the time, one would think, would have said something.
I put a call in to the new Principal we have and get told she is in a parent meeting – it would appear that I am not the only one with issues to discuss.  So I leave a message.
Marie was at Drama club at school and needed to picked up at 4:45pm.  I give the children a snack and get ready to leave, when the phone rings.  It’s the Principal. 
As I am talking to the Principal explaining (very angrily I might add) about what happened to Ryley and the doorbell rings.  Standing on the front step of our house is a boy who is no more than 7years old with whom I assumed was his grandfather.  He looks up at me nervously tells me that Ryley stole his Pokemon cards at school the day before.  Of course Ryley is standing right behind me and starts to scream in denial.  Zachary comes skipping over and clarifies the situation. Yes Ryley did take the cards with the encouragement of his older brother Sebastian. Shit! Two kids I need to deal with now!
Picture it: Me on the phone ripping a new one into this poor new Principal who can hear the whole conversation regarding Ryley and the stolen Pokemon cards.
Realizing it is now 4:40 and I have yet to get Marie I ask the Principal to please look into the situation, tell the boy to give us his phone number so I can call when Ryely finds them all and we will return them. I then rush out the door screaming (yes screaming) that Ryley and Sebastian better have all the cards and tin the came in collected by the time I get home.
For the record I was fifteen minutes late picking up Marie, but I have never been so happy that I had to drive her directly to Acrobatic Gymnastics training!
So what about you? Have you recently had a day that was just hell since school has started? Have any of your children stolen something?
Until next time,
  • Trish

    Chantel – I can totally feel your stresses! Having 7 kids between the ages of 17 and 3, there is never a day without drama. And for the record .. today was my day that started off rough, kids not wanting to get up and bickering till the very minute they walked out the door …. {{{hugs}}} to you!

  • Kath

    Ohh, Chantel, I feel your pain. I’m here to tell you YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE. I caught my kid stealing, and then she lied about it.
    Hey, I even blogged about it!

  • Tracey

    Oh my word, woman… *hugs you*

  • Sara

    I think my day is hellish and then I imagine you with eight….and I sort of have nothing to complain about…:)

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