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I have a job!

Well I did it.  I got a job.  I know it sounds crazy that I would even consider getting a job with eight children (Two whom are still in diapers!) but I did and I love it.
Don’t get me wrong – I love being able to be at home with the children but this sort of fell in my lap.
Marie and Sebastian do competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics at a local gymnastics club and over the past few months some major changes took place in the competitive women’s artistic gymnastics program there and they were short coaches.  Knowing my background they asked if I would be able / willing to coach a 16 hour group of competitive gymnastics for at least the rest of the summer and maybe continue in the fall.  Well I am already there on the evenings that they train with my two others so I said sure, why not! 
I have been coaching this group of lovely 12 – 16 year old girls over the past week and I feel so wonderful! It is very exciting to be back in the gym doing what I have spent my entire life doing – being involved in the sport of gymnastics.
The best part is that my other children are pretty well accustomed to this schedule because I had been taking the other two on the same nights so it really isn’t that much of a difference, except instead of sitting and watching my two I am in the gym with them and coaching. My oldest son watches his siblings (yes I pay him:) so I know everyone on the home front is good.
Having eight children is lovely and great but also very stressful at times.  Being able to get away and do something I like is actually offering me a bit of a new balance.
Anyhow I am going to enjoy the summer and see what happens in the fall.
What about you? Do you find working provides a balance in your life? 
Until next time,
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    I’m quite about to do this step. This post got me thinking whether i should do it. Again. And thank you very much!

  • Alice

    That’s great! I think being able to carve out a little something for yourself is important.
    Work does provide balance for me because I love what I do, and it sounds like you have the same passion for this, which is the key, I think.

  • Nancy

    good for you Chantel. Work has provided many things for me but balance is likely not one of them. I am trying though! xx

  • joliessmiling

    How wonderful that the universe dropped a job that really works for you in your lap. Working at the things you have a passion for never quite seems like work and you were there anyway. 🙂 I am super happy you have been given a gift like this. Enjoy every moment!

  • Maria

    I think working definitely adds balance to my life but I sometimes wish I only had to work part time instead.

  • Tracey

    Heeeeey, now! Good for you, lady – balance is so crucial to our happiness, and sometimes finding it can be a challenge. YAY!!

  • Kath

    Chantel, congratulations!
    As a single mom of 2, I find that working gives me that bit of balance that I really appreciate as well.
    Way to go on getting such a great job and enjoy it!

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