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Celebrating Auntie’s Day!!

This Sunday is a special day!  For Will – he’s going to see Beauty and the Beast – the play – with my sister.  His favourite person in the world – his Auntie.  Like Cher and Madonna, there is no need for a second name…just Auntie.

This Sunday is also Auntie’s Day!  It’s a great day to celebrate all those special Auntie’s in your kids lives.  Will is blessed with many amazing Aunties – Sherrill, Jodi, Molly, Christie, Sandra, Lindsay, Tanya…and on goes the list.  But the one who occupies the biggest spot in his heart (I would hazard a guess it rivals the spot held for me) is my sister Suzanne.
There really should be a day called ‘second mother’s day’ because essentially she is his second mother.  Suzanne and her son Scotty are the reason that I wanted a child so badly.  Seeing their relationship made me realize what I was missing out on.  She’s an amazing mother and a ridiculously good aunt.  Why?  Because she gets to do all the mother’ing stuff with the ability to spoil him rotten – which she does very VERY well.  She is also fiercely protective of him.  I’ve seen her want to kick a three-year-olds ass for not treating Will right.


The two of them get such joy from each other.  I love to quietly watch them as they catch up on the days events or just snuggle.  He loves the attention and she manages to stay engrossed in every word.  It’s a relationship that grows by the day.
But the relationship that should really be celebrated on Auntie’s Day is the one between the aunt and the mother.  Suzanne has saved me at many points through my life but the last four years, she’s tossed me the life ring on too many occasions to count.  Taking him when we both had the flu for a week; sending me to Cuba alone when I had my second ‘breakdown’; taking us into her house and looking after us for three months when I ruptured my achilles; looking after both of us when my postpartum struck me useless; and holding my hand during my amnio.  I will never forget my first night in the hospital when Will was in the NICU and she managed to both reassure me that it wasn’t my fault; that he would be fine and to make me howl with laughter at the snoring coming from the next bed.
So this Sunday – I hope you’ll be like me and take some time to thank ALL the great auntie’s in your kids lives.   
All of Will’s Auntie’s?  I couldn’t have embarked on this crazy trek without you – and could never have survived without all of your support.  You are an incredible bunch of women and Will is going to be the best man with all of you in his corner.  
Suzanne?  Thank you isn’t enough.  All I can do is publically thank you in the blog…and hope it makes up for that time I entered you in the ‘Can We Save This Woman’s Hair’ contest…
  • Nancy

    oh I love you sara- seriously I miss your humour. I have no sister but I am quite sure that yours adores you! People love to do for those they love and it is good of you to let her !

  • Christina

    Love this…Happy Birthday to Auntiw Suzanne!

  • Tracey

    It’s awesome that Will has so many good people in his life, and especially such a lovely Auntie!!

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