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What Happened to Peace Signs??

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re just MISERABLY grumpy for no reason?  That’s me today.  I want to curl up in a ball and sob or I just want to punch the crap out of someone (remember that Steel Magnolias scene?? ‘Are you high Claree?’)

We decided to go out for lunch and try to shake it out of me.  Nothing like fish and chips (totally not on my ‘naturopath’ list of accepted foods but eff it) to crack a bad mood.
Well it worked until we were driving back and I was reminded of one of my #1 pet peeves.  I’m sorry right now if I’m going to offend some of you….because god knows I will.  But I loathe…I despise….I hate (yes Will I know I can’t say hate but I’m grumpy!) those freaking family stick figures on the back of cars.  Sorry I do.  Almost as much as ‘My kid is an honour student at…’ bumper stickers.  Those piss me off too but not to the degree of this…
Awww – how traditional! Dad likes to cook some beef on the grill while mom wears a skirt and reads.  Son is a rock star and little Susie likes her dolly!  Let’s just hope that bird doesn’t make a dive for the fish or they’ll be some sticker scraping happening!
stickers disney.jpg
So sweet!  Look it’s Walt Disney’s car!!!  Orrrrr it’s just that couple who went to Disney on their honeymoon and then had some kids who they take their every year instead of putting the money in a college fund.
I can almost get behind this one…ALMOST.  It would have been more hilarious if it wasn’t put on after the split.  Like if it was one of the two above but with a big X through it.
Good GOD.  Who needs fish and chips where I can type hard for three minutes and feel so much better.  I will now remove my tongue from my cheek and await the onslaught of haters.  (Starting with one of my closest friends….SHE knows I’m just pms’ing or something….:)).
Come on.  Admit it.  You miss the ‘Honk If You’re Horny’ and “Keep on Truckin” ones…
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  • Nathalie Prezeau

    I have a hypothesis: Doesn’t it go hand in hand with the Facebook phenomenon of posting all kinds of personal things: of us having a mojito on a beach, of us with friends at a fun get-together (confirming that YOU were not there while we were having a ball), tons of photos of grand-papa holding newest baby, etc…
    We don’t take the time to think how they will be perceived by all our friends. We’re just thinking about a few important people to whom it will mean something.

  • Julie

    i had always thought they were cute and i was going to get the zombie family version but then my hubby said the same thing, “who the heck needs to know who lives at my house?”.
    however i did see a bumper sticker that i watned to get that said “help, my daddy farted and we can’t get out!”

  • Alice

    oh hell, I hate those, too. I always wonder why people feel the need? I do know one friend was given them as a gift, but otherwise? Blech. Not sure why people feel the need to decorate cars, anyhow, really. I mean, whether it’s the irritating “Baby on Board” warning signs, the tails, the antlers, the truck balls, or braggy stickers, I’m just so not in.

  • Sonya

    I’m cracking up..only because just a couple of days ago my husband and I noticed these stick figure stickers and wondered about them.
    Today is a new day. 🙂

  • Tracey

    This is an upside to not driving – my eyes aren’t attuned to seeing many of these, praise the baby cheeses. *retches*

  • Kath

    Oh, Sara, I am sooo with you on that one!
    To me, I don’t even really understand the impulse to advertise your family situation on the back of your vehicle. Is it sort of an apology, like: “I drive this behemoth of an SUV because I have so many kids and dogs?” Or is it some innate bragginess: “look how great and cute and intact my cartoon family is!” That’s how that first window comes off to me – btw I don’t think the mom is reading, I think she’s yapping away on her cell phone and her laptop, all while wearing high heels. Barf.
    Even my kids despise them, begging me “Mom! Puhleeese don’t get those random family stickers for the car. PLEASE!”
    They don’t have to worry, because I’d be too embarrassed to advertise that we have an equal ratio of cats to humans in our family. If anything I should have the magnet I saw at PetLand (“one cat away from being the crazy cat lady”) 😉

  • Christine

    Add me to that list.
    I’m nearing a point where I’m about to remove my autism ribbon. I’m done advertising whose inside.
    (I always wonder if people look at the kids filing out of my van and try to figure out “which one is it”?)

  • Anonymous

    If it helps, I’m just generally tired of all the
    perfect families in my life whose kids all
    have two degrees, marry at the appropriate
    time, and have phenomenal jobs!! Oh,
    and they have perfect houses while I am
    troubleshooting what is probably the 10
    Tenth flood in my unperfect house due
    to the misfortune of buying a home with
    polypropylene pipes from the eighties. Am
    I Miss Grumpy today? Yes, I am, and
    I totally Sympathise!! Those stick figures
    sound completely stupid!!!

  • Christina

    I bought the stickers and then thought, why the hell do people need to know who lives at my house, while I am parked in my driveway! My kids keep saying “why haven’t you put them on the van mom?”
    Think I might put them on our bedroom doors!

  • Erin Little

    I sooo concur. Hate. Google Stick figure family and chainsaw 😉

  • Nancy

    Sara I have been dying to get a little family sticker with the three chix except then I thought- someone might break down our door and try to have their way with us, thinking no one was protecting the castle.
    HMMMMMMM come to think of it…..
    We all have little things that BUG the hell out of us and this is yours! Perfect. Have you ever thrown a dozen eggs at something? It feels great. Go for it.
    By the way – we all have those days! And fish and chips is almost always the right answer!!! xoxoxo tomorrow will be better, amazing girl.

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