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The Rules of the Road

My new found biking kick is continuing – yes, even in this heat.  I know me and the second I talk myself out of it one day, I’m screwed.  Frankly, the breeze is sort of nice and it’s not until I stop that I realize how revoltingly sweaty I am.

The thing I’m most surprised about over the last month or so though is the crap I see as I’m biking.  First off – let me say this.  There is so much talk about how bad drivers are to cyclists.  From my opinion – it’s the other cyclists you need to worry about.  I haven’t come close to hitting a car but a couple asses on bikes have come close to taking me out.  I’ve seen them yell at other cyclists; cut off cars and generally just be ridiculous.
I’ve also noticed a few other things and I offer these suggestions:
a. Rollerbladers.  When you put on your little shorts and your cropped tops…stand in front of the mirror and pretend you’re prepping Shake and Bake chicken.  That’s what you’ll look like on the path.  So while it may look adorable standing still….blading is a whole other beast.
b. Runners.  I bow to you because you are runners.  I can’t run.  But I’ll tell you what I can do.  Stick to the side of the path.  I’m pretty good at that.  Too bad none of you are?!?!?
c. Pro-cyclists.  You’re fast. You’re balanced.  You can probably drink water, cut your toenails and do a Sudoku puzzle all at once while you still pedal faster than me.  But can you give me some space.  The way you cut in and out freaks the crap out of me!
d. Beginner cyclists.  Okay.  A. can you put a helmet on? B. can you not ride side by side chit chatting so no one can get around you? C. If someone flies by you and you all catch up at the next light…don’t pull to the front of the line…you’ll just get passed again!
e. Walkers.  We’re sharing the path dudes.  Don’t just cross without looking.  As my mom would say, ‘we’ll all go ass over tea kettle’ if you don’t.
f.  Keep your eyes peeled for animals.  I kid you not – I came upon this one day on the path!  Bambi loose in Toronto indeed!
f. MANNERS!  Just have some everyone!  Seriously – I saw this guy race in front of a woman the other day and yell at her.  I would have bawled.  Maybe it’s just me but I say ‘thanks’ when a walker waits for me to pass; I say ‘cute dog’ when I bike by a cute one; I ring my bell when I’m going to pass someone and I yell ‘get some bigger shorts’ when I feel it’s necessary.  Okay, I don’t do the last one but do I ever in my head!


What are your biking pet peeves?  Or as a driver – what do you wish the cyclists would do?
(If the answer was ‘wear some clothes’ I’m guessing you were at Toronto City Hall on Saturday!)
  • Julie

    whether it’s cyclists or pedestrians (or heck, drivers even!) you need to be aware of what is behind you as well! you can’t walk three abreast across a sidewalk, you can’t ride side by side on a bike trail and get out of the middle lane on the highway people!!! 🙂

  • mom2boysandagirl

    Cyclists need to remember that they also need to stop for stop signs! I work near a university and have an average of 2 close calls a day!

  • Christina

    Cyclists that think they own the road….remember my car is bigger than you…I do watch for you when you’re behind my arse…and when you are in riding in my blind spot or tagging along side my vehicle….but when you weave through traffic or go through red lights…you are looking for a death wish. I hate all the parents that just slow down at the stop signs with their trail of kids and then keep going….pisses me off.
    Proud that you’re still riding…that’s awesome Sara!

  • Tracey

    I like my feet on the ground… but I’m SO PROUD of you for sticking to the cycling, lady!! Woooooooo!! xox

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