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Annual Adventure

Last Wednesday Sean and I loaded up our van, threw in the kids and headed up towards Ottawa. This was the second year in a row that we made the trek to visit Sean’s family at their cottage/home on Mississippi Lake.

We had the best time and the only thing to put a damper on the trip was another effing raccoon.
This happened last year.
This year I was pissed.
I found this cooler bag at Winners and I loved it so much that I bought one for Cuyler’s teacher as a year end gift.
(And you know that because I got it at Winners, I will never find another one like it)

The bag was left on the deck with all of the other coolers our first night. When I came out for juice boxes the next morning I found it shredded.
A damn raccoon had opened it up and ripped it apart. But not before it ripped open 6 juice boxes and polished off an entire TEN DOLLAR bag of gluten free pretzels!
I was so bothered every time I looked at my beautiful bag.
Sean knows how much I love the bag and – bless him – he insisted we keep it so he could duct tape it and make it good as new (ew).
It still bugs me. God I loved that bag…It’s just a bag and I know better than to sweat the small stuff. I wasn’t going to let my wrecked bag ruin my getaway.

we spent time on the boat


they all went tubing and Cam did some water skiing (Cuyler tried unsuccessfully)


we played soccer with cousins


and games on the deck with cousins


we he drank wine. (and beer. and ceasars)


we roasted wieners and marshmallows


and so much more…
I’ve never had easier bedtimes with all 3 kids.
Fun and fresh air had them crashed out cold by 9:30 each night.We got home on the weekend and as I unpacked the van I realized that there is only two more weeks left of summer vacation! We’re almost there people – almost there!

I can’t think of a better way to start the wind down than they way we did.
(With the exception of my damn cooler bag…)


  • Sara

    goddamn raccoons – eating Will’s tomatoes and now your cooler bag. Looks like an awesome trip!

  • Tracey

    Ack. Sorry about your cooler bag, babe – I understand attachments to these awesome finds… that’s a stone drag. But? You will find another one – you may not love it as much, but it will do the job, and you will learn to like it. (and it will come from Sinners, so a deal is a deal.)
    Looks like a wonderful time away… an excellent start to the wind-down indeed! xox

  • Julie

    we started ours with a broken drivers side mirror thanks to a very inconsiderate cyclist. but, i figured if that was the worst thing that happens to us in the next two weeks, i’ll take it!
    it was and we had a great time 🙂

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