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The Updates!

We write, you comment, we learn, we share.  It’s a great little cycle we have going here.  What we don’t do that often is update you!  So here are a few!

1. I just have lumpy boobs!!! Who knew this was something to cheer about…but it is!  My ultrasound came back that what was showing was a cyst. Thanks to all of you for being so supportive during my panic time.  Woohoo!
2. I’m meeting Will’s teacher next week.  The timing was crazy – I wrote that post, and that night, we all got notes saying that we could reach her via email or phone.  So I did.  She said he’s a joy.  They don’t have to say that right? RIGHT?
3. We have had ZERO success in any of the ‘How Do I Stop’ areas.  We tried the no diaper at night.  I just don’t think he’s ready.  He is still biting his nails but either he’s hiding it better from me or me not saying ‘quit it’ 100 times a day seems to have slowed it down.  Oh and the nose picking. Forget about it.  He just does it.  Oh well.
4. Am I getting my act together? Back in April, I told you how I was embarking on a bit of a healthy lifestyle change.  Well, I’m happy to report a few things.  I’m absolutely eating better – pasta and bagels are a thing of my past and quinoa is my new BFF.  I have been biking to work.  I never made it 5 days a week – but rarely has there been a week where I haven’t done it at least once.  I just picked up my cold weather gear so… I’m going to stick it out.  But it was a success.  I’m way happier with my body (I haven’t lost pounds, but I’ve dropped fat) and am sleeping way better.  And with some spanx, I got back in the dress I couldn’t get into at the start of the spring.
5. I’m still single.  Yes. I know.  I’m trying the online dating thing – so far I’ve been contacted or gone out with a polyamarous guy; a recovering sex addict; two couples and every man under 5″5 in the GTA.  At dinner last night, my friend said – ‘this is your time Sara, everyone is splitting up.’  Awesome.  For some reason that didn’t get my hopes up for success.


So – there you have it! Some random updates on the various posts.  Is this a good time to say THANKS for reading, supporting, commenting and indulging me here.  I’m not going anywhere….I just felt a need to say thanks!
  • Tracey

    I love all these updates… and I’m so glad your boobs are just lumpy, yo. xox

  • Julie

    are you going to put that on your “dating profile”? …must love lumpy breasts.. 🙂
    i wouldn’t worry about the “wet” thing. my 7 y.o. is still wet but she sleeps like a rock (maybe will does, too?) so i can’t even wake her at night to try. i’m looking at it as a blessing…especially when we’re camping because i do not want to deal with a wet sleeping bag!
    glad to hear everything is going well! except for the #5 thing 😉

  • Nancy

    Yay- I have lumpy breasts too! It is a little freaky when you get the call back but so glad it is all good
    #5 cracks me up
    Jesus sara, you are almost as funny as me. Need to get together ASAP

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