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Devil’s birthday

There is a wealth of blog tributes to children celebrating their birthdays and the outpouring of love and joy from the parents.  I have decided to try a different route.

Here is my perception of what Tasman, who turns six in four days, would write about this milestone.

Tasman six 4.jpgToday is my birthday!  I woke up and had to pee so bad but my dad was in the bathroom so I had to wait  I’m six!  It doesn’t feel that different so far. Hud and mama are still sleeping so I will see where my dad is now.  Oh, he is at nana’s kitchen table drinking coffee.  I like the smell of coffee but not the taste. I love my dad. Sometimes he gets mad at me for being sneaky, but he is just the best guy to hang out with.

Tasman six 3.jpg
I do like when mom reads stories though, I don’t mean to make dad sad by always choosing mom, but she smells better and I like the cuddles mum gives me after. I got a skateboard! Mom and dad gave it to me at yesterday and I got to try it a couple of times. Then I wiped out and hurt my knee a bit. I tried not to cry because I cry a bit too much sometimes. I also wipe out a lot and dad says I am bit clumsy but he also tells me how he loves me for attacking life. Not sure what that means as when I think about attacking something it’s usually my brother Hud for always bugging me.

TasmanHud.jpgBut my brother is the coolest guy I know and I only tell him how much I love him when I am really tired or yesterday when I hurt my knee and he was the first person to come over and make sure I was ok. He gets mad at me for following him around all the time, but I only want to be close to him and watch him play on his Ipod touch. It’s my birthday!  I go into grade one next year and get to stay at school all day, even over lunch and hopefully I will see Hud and his friends eating lunch too.  They all know me and some of the girls in Hud’s class say I am cute.  What?  I am serious! Today we drive a bit further and get to go camping and sleep in a tent!  We are all sleeping in the same tent and Hud promised that he would switch with me so both of us can sleep in the separate room in the back. I love Hud.  He shows me funny things and explains stuff I don’t know about sometimes. He is pretty tall and people tell me I am going to be pretty tall too. I was the tallest in my class and probably will be next year too. We are making smores tonight on the campfire.

tasman six 2.jpg
I am not sure what they are, but dad says they have marshmallows and chocolate so I am sure they will be good.  I like candy a bit too much but dad says everything in a balance and things will be ok. Mom is waking up and I want to go give her morning cuddles and remind her that today is my birthday.  I miss Alice and wish she was camping with us although her breath smells sometimes. Oh, Hud is waking up.  Hey Hud it’s my birthday!

Tasman six 1.jpgI love you Tasman.  Keep on attacking life.

  • Steph

    You nailed it! Can’t believe our baby Tas is six. Having a little cry in the car on the way to camping. S, xx

  • http://www.motherjoy.ca Michele Perry

    Love this!

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