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Sometimes a person can fall into a bit of a funk, and not even notice one’s there until one starts to climb out of the hole.

I’m not depressed, but lately I’ve been feeling the need to infuse a bit of change into the atmosphere. It’s a natural by-product that comes from visiting other people’s pretty houses (especially after you’ve had a really splendid time hanging out, and taking in all the pretty) and the desire to scrap everything you own and start again is almost overwhelming, because suddenly everything you own feels like crappy garbage, and you could just weep over it all.
But, weep I did not. 
We had our house repainted about eighteen months ago (already?) and I wasn’t happy with some of the colours I chose. We discussed repainting some areas – mainly the hallway – but that job would have been the trickiest to manoeuvre, requiring scaffolding-types of things and telescopic paint rollers, and all that stuff. I thought I’d refrain from re-hanging frames on the wall until we changed the colour, but time… ticked… on. And now here we are, a year and a half later, still with a paint colour that makes me stabby, and the loathesome walls are still naked and void of artwork.
Or, at least they were until last week.
That excellent house party played catalyst to these changes in part. The other part was suddenly having back-to-back house guests last week… I fell into spruce-it-up mode pretty fast, and it was high time! I forced myself to leave perfection alone, and just start with the stuff I already had. I wanted to change the frames on some images, but I didn’t have the time nor the dinero to hit up Ikea or anywhere else for new stuff.
After the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) last month, I was ready to re-hang a beloved image of the Beastie Boys I’ve had for as long as I can remember, but I was indecisive of where and how I wanted to display it. I had that frame leaning against various walls in the house for weeks. 
And then I found a gorgeous photo of a baby-faced Michael Jackson, back when he was still black and normal-looking, and I got to regrouping his face with the image of the Beastie Boys circa 1986, along with one of Maddona, and Bob Dylan, and Bjork, and with some others…
I just rearrange the items, in different combinations, and on different walls. I added an inexpensive mirror I found at the place that rhymes with Sinners. And guess what? It looks all… different
DSCN1040.JPG     DSCN1018.JPG
DSCN1043.JPG     DSCN1053.JPG
When I walk down this hallway, my shoulders automatically rise, like I’m hugging myself, because I just love the changes so hard. I’ve never hung anything on that wall before (the brown frames, between two doors) and having frames on both wall, facing each other, makes the corridor feel full and homey, but without feeling cramped. Who knew?! And adding these three prints in the kitchen feels like the right thing. Or certainly for now.
Man, I should have done this ages ago.
The changes are small, but impactful. I’m still working on it all. I have some ideas about shadowboxing some stuff… but I will need to get some more frames in the near future, but the best part is I’m liking the space around me again, and I realise it had been a while since I’d felt this way.
Changes are good for the soul sometimes.
Made any changes in your house, lately?
  • KIKI

    Hi Awww Thank You for replying to My comment I should post pics of My collection of MJ items I sooooo Miss Him & I am sooo sadened By This Great loss….& My Daughters Grad day( Grade 8) is on the 25th I have usually spent that day sad & chatting with other MJ fans on My You tube acct.. I guess I have to suck it up & get it together, this time…But Very sad, His talents are Just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!If You are into books try “”Unmasked””By Ian Halperin, its Very Good & informative on The true facts…this guy (Ian) did His Homework Big time…ok take care♥♥♥Kiki♥♥♥♥

  • Tracey

    Wow, Kiki! You sound like a huge fan of his… I loved him too, and I especially love this photo by Henry Diltz… it was snapped in April, 1971 when he was twelve. *sniff* I’m so glad I found a good spot for it in the house! He’s right next to the Beastie Boys…

  • Tracey

    Uch, I know the hell of which you speak, Julie – this house is a 1908 Victorian row house, and through some renovating, we had some walls come down, others we had skim-coated with plaster to make the walls smooth again – every surface was like orange peel – but that’s a whole bunch of work I don’t recommend unless you really want to.
    Just hang some pics… 😉

  • KIKI

    Wow Great pic of MJ,… I am a big fan I have a ton of Posters ,pics ,Books…..Of course Music & videos, & a Huge Cardboard advertisement from The “”This Is It”” Movie also a Theater that I saw the movie, the First of many times let Me have the poster that They had…..& I just Love that poster!11 ♥♥♥Kiki♥♥♥♥

  • Tracey

    I would LOVE to come over for wine… and one day I will. (and you’d better make up the couch, because I’ll be sleeping over.)
    And isn’t young Michael such a darling?! Poor guy…

  • Julie

    so i guess you will never come to visit me…i’ve lived here for 12 years and am still with the same paint i bought it with! 🙂
    honestly, though, i’m afraid to. the walls are originally plaster but through the years there has been layer upon layer of wallpaper and other paint colours that one more coat of paint will look really bad. i’d have to literally tear down the walls to paint them and i’m not sure i’m ready for that!

  • Nancy

    Michael Jackson when he was still black is hanging in your hallway. You are too perfect.
    Yes changes over here- 18 months ago and it is still Christmas every single day. I LOVE MY HOME. Come over for wine soon xx

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