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Looking At Your Life

The other night, Ava Scarlett kept coming into the kitchen holding up photos in her hands, asking me who’s this? and where was this? and is this Oliver or me? and was I borned yet? She must have come to see me about a dozen times before I finally followed her back to the TV room, whereupon I found this scene: an exploded box of loose, random photos of family and friends that Madame was busy arranging all over the coffee table.

She was sucking her thumb, happily scanning each of them, giving each one a good stare for a moment or two, and then set it down amongst the others. I wondered if she was looking for something specific, or if she was trying to remember a certain detail or something. She looked… busy.
Me: What are you doing?
She: *dreamily* I’m looking at our lives…
There are photos of us all, up close, and from afar. Many I snapped myself… some were taken by others. Wallet-sized school photos. Vintage pictures. Wedding pictures. Baby pictures. Shots from a modelling shoot Oliver did once… pics from birthday parties, and baby showers. Our kids. Other people’s kids. My beautiful sister. Snapshots of friends at cottages by lakes. Dancing. Laughing. All of us. Most of us. Some of us are now gone…
Me: Oh. *smiles* Well, what do you think about our lives?
She: I think it’s beautiful. *scans table* Don’t you think it’s beautiful? *makes a ta-da gesture with hands*
Me: *eyes bright with tears* You are so right, little girl. We are so lucky.
Go rifle through your old photos and have a look at your lives, people… it is beautiful. Enjoy everything.   ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Tracey

    The bowl idea IS tres brill, yes? Your girls (and their friends) are probably age/stage-appropriate for that in your house, I’d think! You won’t have a bunch of toddlers running around shredding your precious memories and sprinkling your pics with juice and goldfish crackers… go to Sinners and get a big white bowl. Or a wooden salad-y bowl… excellent!!

  • Kath

    The bowl with the photos. Brilliance.
    I loved this post. So sweet. So true.
    *going to look at pictures now*

  • Tracey

    Awwww, Snikks… I know. Even just seeing pics of yourself at a younger stage… your kids at younger stages… it’s amazing how quickly time passes. I might print some more today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracey

    I KNOW! I watched a “decor” segment of a show once, where a lady kept a giant bowl on her coffee table full of loose photographs… it was genius because it encouraged people to just grab a handful and rifle through them anytime they wanted to – it’s an idea I’m stealing – though, for now they’re in a box on the bookshelf… little kids + loose photos = lots of ruined photos, I reckon. I’ll wait for the “bowl” idea until they’re older… the woman in the segment had teenaged sons.
    I only have all the loose ones, since I’ve switched them out of frames over the years, but I really should remember to print some now and then – I don’t properly see the masses of them while they’re in the computer… tactile always wins.

  • snikks

    Wow! Just Wow! This one brought tears to my eyes…especially the comment about some of us not here….made me look up at my pictures I have displayed that are of my grandparents (who are no longer here). My Missy often asks who people are in them…such a great connection for them to have.

  • bd

    this one killed me
    but u know me
    love her
    love u

  • Julie

    i miss actual photos! i’ve had some printed out but there are just so many on our hard drive! what a good find for her ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracey

    Me too… xox

  • Sara

    love love love…..

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