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The Mother’s Day Shift…..Year Two!

I was sitting in the waiting lounge at Porter, sipping my coffee, lamenting my flight delay with no laptop….when low and behold I discovered the business centre!! Rock On!  I’m off to Boston for the weekend…sans child.  Yes, I realize it’s Mother’s Day – but I’m not sure he does so off I go. My amazing, supportive sister is taking the boy for a ‘four day date’.  He’s pumped.  So am I. (oh and it was an awesome weekend…it’s now Monday!)

Last Mother’s Day, Jen and I decided to take a new look at the day and focus on women who have influenced us and our growth as women and mothers.  I want to continue on that vein this year and talk about my friend April.


I’ve known April for – whoa – maybe 25 years.  We had a rocky start.  Boy things.  Freaking men.  Thankfully, April deservedly told me off and I begged forgiveness and we’ve been friends ever since.  Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed to have forged a really tight bond with April and four other chicks, mostly wives of my high school friends.  I ditched the guys and kept their wives…they ALL over achieved.   We meet once a month or so for dinner – we all talk over each other, laugh ridiculously hard and lament on life.
April plays that she’s the tough cookie.  We tease her about not being a hugger (there are a couple in the group – we’ll break them yet).  She has a wicked sense of humour and can tell a story that months later we beg her to repeat just so we can laugh our heads off.
In the thick of my postpartum, April showed up at my house, groceries in hand and laid down the law.  ‘Did I think this was going to be easy? ‘Did I think she and her husband loved it? ‘Did I think it would be easier with a partner?’  From other people – it may have pissed me off.  From April – it was like a battle cry.  I needed to pick it up.  If not for me – for my kid.
I’ve watched April morph from party girl to wife and mother.  And as much as she would be LOATHE to admit – she has softened.  I love to watch her with her boys and how they interact.  I have such a vivid memory of April lying with her son Nolan and reviewing their favourite parts of the day.  I’ve stolen this one for me and Will.
There’s another thing about April.  She has a heart condition.  Her youngest son, Andy has been diagnosed with the same heart condition.  And this is where April has truly inspired me.
Well, why don’t you watch and see…
I never really knew how serious April’s condition was until her collapse on a tennis court two years ago.  It’s not her way to make a big deal of it.  Get on with it.  I’m fine.  Don’t worry about me.  But when April’s son was diagnosed with the same condition, she SPRANG into action.  I doubt that April would have ever imagined being the ‘poster girl’ for Heart and Stroke.  But she is.  She wants things to be easier for her kid…and she’ll do anything to make sure that happens.  And THAT is why she’s such an inspiration to me….
The Ride for Heart this year is on June 3rd.  You probably know someone who is riding.  Why don’t you consider sponsoring someone?  This is my year to do that….and next year – I’m committing – I’m going to ride for April and Andy!
  • Jen

    I love this, Sara. I was almost completely unhinged missing my mom this Mother’s Day and then I saw this. Thank you and thank your friend April.

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