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Six days left!

This was not a good couple of weeks.  First, let’s get to the good news. The UrbanMoms Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure team as more than 21members and has raised over $3100, $1100 more than our initial goal. This is exciting stuff and with 6 days to go, we are hoping to add at least a couple more team members and hundreds of more dollars to our fundraising coffers.

Now, why was so glum chum?  Fact of the matter is my running has stalled.  I was on track with my couch to 5km program , but due to circumstances beyond my control (ok, one of which was pure laziness), I had fallen behind and now am totally intimidated by the dramatic increase in running time compared to walking time. I know that it’s ultimately the fundraising that is important and if I walk a certain portion of the CIBC Run for the Cure; no one is going to think ill will of me.  But, as I set out back in August, I was using this event as a way to inspire me, raise money for breast cancer research and be one of the 170,000 Canadians that participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure every year.

So I have not given up hope. I still have time to at least get close to the time and practice 5km distance before the 30th of September. And I just found out my mother and stepfather will be bringing our boys down to the finish line. With my stepsister, my sister and my wife all running along side me, I am sure I can muster up some heart-based motivation to keep the dogs from barking and making my way down and up town to meet all the other faster participants who already finished the 5km.

Update:  Back on track, 29 minutes straight and 5.22km in a workout that incluced 5 minutes warm up. Tweaked my knee though – will be a light week leading up to the big event

Obviously being surrounded by so many women in my life, my family, my UrbanMoms team and of course some of my greatest friends, I am pleased to note that the mortality rate for breast cancer has dropped by nearly 40% since 1986, because of increased breast cancer screening and improved treatments. This can only decrease more as monies are gathered in this, and other fundraising initiatives organized by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and their many partners.

So, I bought new shoes. Yes I am seeking many different catalysts to my run completion, even if it means shelling out some big bucks on some runners to keep my feet fresh during my journey, so be it.

I can’t wait to see my two boys holding my mom’s hand as I round the final corner. I may be walking or at least jogging very slow.  But something tells me the pace may pick up when I see them.

To register for your own team, or find out more about donating or volunteering, click here

You can also join the CIBC Run for the Cure conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Annabelle

    Go team Urbanmoms! Are we meeting at the start somewhere??

  • Kath

    Trust me Jason, when you can see that finish line you will be sprinting!

  • Sonya

    Jason, I love that you’re honest and realistic! I’ll be there with my new runners on (they’re pink!) and no need to wait for me to get to the finish line as I’m sure I’ll will be at the back of the pack. I’ve got my playlist and I’ll be walking with your inspiration in mind! See YOU there!

  • http://anneryangreen.tumblr.com/ Anne Green

    I’ll be there walking in the back with my friend Shawnna who has never done a 5K before! So pleased that you are doing so well! Bravo for you! AND… eh em… Happy Birthday a wee bit early!

  • Sara

    I’m SO terrified – I haven’t run an inch my friend so you’ll be kicking all of our collective butts! Thanks for reminding me that we’ll have a ton of support out (and on the track…Will is coming with!) Going to be an amazing morning!!!

  • christina

    good luck, J

  • Tracey

    Exciting! Go Jason!! And go Team UrbanMoms!!!

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