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Fitness Frenzy

If this post seems a bit dèja vu, it may be because Erin posted about the same thing last week! (And Sara did a few months back as well)

I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to since I seem to have my mojo back.
It all started with this
I had gotten into some seriously bad habits resulting in added weight, which then resulted in me being mad at myself, which then made me just eat more chocolate. Y’know – feeding my bad feelings with bad food…
Anyhoo. Not anymore. I decided to go balls to the wall and see what changes I can make to/in my body by my birthday – July 22.
Starting 2 weeks ago. I made a pact with my friend Pam that we would walk 5 times a week.
Five GOOD walks a week. We’ve kept our word.
Each night I get home from a walk I immediately map our route on MapMyRun.com to see how far we went.  We walk anywhere between 6 and 9km each walk.
I am also going to challenge myself each week with the gym, which I had stopped going to altogether. My fee’s had simply become monthly donations.
Last week’s challenge was to make it there every day of the week (M-F). There was no excuse not to – all three kids were in camp last week.
I haven’t decided what this week’s challenge will be.
It might have to be the same. All three kids are home.
Finally – the last tool in my back-to-health kick is My Fitness Pal. It’s a free app I uploaded onto my iPhone and basically it’s a calorie counter.
I am not usually a fan of calorie counting because I get obsessive about what I eat and I think that can be a set up for eventual failure but this one is so easy to use. The database of foods is so incredibly extensive that I have been able to quickly and easily log everything I’ve eaten (yes – even the Walkers CheeseN’Onion crisps from the UK!!)
I don’t find I’m obsessive about what I eat with MFP, but I am much more aware and much more accountable to myself about the food I am consuming. I also like that I can add in cardio workouts and it adjusts my calorie intake.
Technically this is my second week with this new lifestyle that I am trying to carve out for myself.  I have a closet full of clothes that no longer fit me
Initially I wanted to get rid of the chub that that the daily ice cap supremes/king size aero bars/caramilk dark had put on me. For real – I have never weighed as much as I do now unless I was midway through a pregnancy.
The weight hasn’t budged but the benefits are obvious already:
  • I have been asleep every night before midnight which is very unusual for this night owl.
  • I have not had chocolate in over week. I may have wanted some, but the craving passed quickly each time.
  • Going along with that, my PMS barely kicked in last week. No crazy yelling at my husband. No short temper with the kids. No crazy ass cravings or binges. That was worth more than anything.
  • My skin is better. I have psoriasis on my hands and feet and it seems to less inflamed.
Hopefully the needle on the scale starts to tip in the downward direction. I imagine by the time my birthday rolls around there should be some change with that.
In any case, I feel terrific and that’s the motivation I need to continue on this way.
What are your best tips to getting/staying healthy?
  • Christine

    The problem with the chocolate chip bags is how easy they are to “drink” from. Just tip my head back and pour into my mouth. That’s how I eat them…oy!
    I ended up buying a box of Magnum mini’s ice cream bars and they seem to satisfy the sweet craving (and only 180 calories)

  • Sara

    Good for you dude! You’ll love it! YOu know what I do for the chocolate craving – I keep a bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard. When I’m dying – I have a little handful adn then that satisfies it…

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