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And so it continues….

Two months ago – I wrote this – I was turning 43.  I was tired, sick all the time, depressed.  I decided to make some changes in my lifestyle – diet, exercise, brain power!

Two weeks later – it stalled.  I screwed my neck up really badly.  Guys – it was AWFUL.  I couldn’t move.  Physio, massage, chiro…finally two weeks or so later…we were ready to go!
And I’ve been going ever since!  It’s awesome!  I’m not going to lie and say I jump out of bed and say ‘wahoo I get to go exercise for an hour!!!’ but I know now how good I’m going to feel when I get to the office.  I feel like I’ve accomplished something and it’s all before 8am.
My naturopath was really convinced my issue was adrenal exhaustion.  I think she was right on.  Read this – can you relate?? (from womantowoman.ca)

Most of us put enormous demands on our bodies — much more stress than they were designed to handle — and we don’t give them adequate support.

Chronic stress is especially harmful. Most women have demanding jobs, run households, and are parents and caregivers, often for aging parents. Many of these relationships are themselves stressful.

The demands of an always-on-the-go lifestyle fall most heavily on the adrenals which were not designed to sustain this constant toll. The cumulative effect over many years is enormous — and it tends to peak between the ages of 35 and 55. If left unchecked, these stresses can create serious problems including fatigue, insomnia, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, loss of libido, and stubborn weight gain.

Considering that most of us can’t substantially reduce the level of stress in our lives, it is critical that we give our bodies the support that they need. What we’ve found over the past 25 years is that once you address your underlying adrenal imbalance, you’ll return to your natural state of equilibrium.

I’ve actually stuck to the naturopath’s plans for me.  They are quick and easy changes.
1. Start the morning with a tumeric, lemon juice and immune boosting drops, tea.  Cap it off with a massive probiotic.
2. Ditch the morning bagel that I’ve been addicted to and replace it with fruit, granola and greek yogurt.  Drop one of my three coffees a day (I’ve dropped two and haven’t had a bagel in a month).
3. Drink 4l of water a day. (I”m good at this except on weekends)
4. Slow down on the fried foods.  (I can report I have NOT been to a McDonalds for a month…this is pretty massive for me).
5. Finish the day with magnesium supplements.
That’s it.  She’s not cutting out a ton of stuff, she just wants me to make smart choices which I should be doing anyway.  I’m biking to work 3-4 times a week so far (come on weather!!) and went to my first boxing class this week.
I feel great.  I haven’t been sick in two months.  My skin and hair are better than they’ve been in years.  I haven’t lost ‘pounds’ yet but I just feel so much more comfortable in my body than I did two months ago.  I sleep.  I have more patience with Will.  I’m more focused at work.  I’m happier…..I’m substantially happier.
Life is too short not to be.  Have you made any changes lately?  What do you make of this adrenal exhaustion thing?!


p.s. lest you think I’ve fully changed…I’m still totally going to eat this if and when I want!!!!
  • Sonya

    I’m feeling totally exhausted..time of year? But you’ve inspired me! and I may just have to try that tea!

  • Erin Little

    That’s awesome Sara! I went to the MD recently due to fatigue. Waiting on blood work. Maybe I should try some of these suggestions. The tea sounds gross but what the heck. Do you buy the probiotics at a health food store or do you get them from the Naturopath?

  • Alison

    I saw you riding in this morning!! (I was in a car!)

  • Sara

    Julie you are so right. They aren’t massive changes. And she was super helpful about not overthinking veggies – fruits etc. It was all ‘buy what’s on sale’ – and ‘you like chips – have them once a week’. I’m brutal with the water so I have a litre bottle on my desk and I literally fill it and chug it four times a day. Groan. And yes, I’m not so worried about the lbs – I just want to feel good in my clothes!

  • Julie

    it’s not a massive lifestyle change which is nice. i think that’s where people get overwhelmed and fail. they completely change their diet and incorportate way too much excercise at first and they get overwhelmed. for me, i have trouble remembering to drink water so whenever i drink anything…coffee, wine, milk…i make myself drink a glass of water first.
    that’s interesting about the adrenal glands. never really thought about them before! glad it’s working out especially for will! he’ll see you taking care of yourself and he’ll probably follow suit, realizing that one needs to be responsible for one’s self.
    i wouldn’t worry too much about the actual weight…my hubby hasn’t lost much weight but his waist and chest are really slimmed down thanks to bootcamp. people always say muscle weighs more than fat but that’s a little mixed up…a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of iron…but which pound do you want stuffed in your bathing suit? i’ll take the iron 🙂

  • Sara

    Hey Queen! So ‘tea’ is actually what I name it…:) A teaspoon of ground tumeric, quarter of a lemon squeezed and 50 drops of this immunity drops and hot water. It’s an acquired taste but I can tell you – I actually like it now.

  • Queen

    sounds like I can try this without hurting myself. Can you explain the morning start a little :Start the morning with a tumeric, lemon juice and immune boosting drops, tea.
    How do you incorporate this? is it all separate or is this the tea? I start every day with earl grey.

  • Jennifer

    Yeah Sara! Sounds great. You’re an inspiration because this is all so do-able. I’m ready to jump on the healthy bandwagon with you.

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