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A Weight Lifted

398771_10150541756836350_596141349_11156982_173925762_n.jpgYou’ve been through some tough times with me here these past few years. My mother’s illness and death, the breakdown of my marriage, my return to full-time work and moving to a new home with my girls. I would say it’s been like a roller-coaster, only it hasn’t. For the longest time, it was like nothing other than an uninterrupted free-fall. If I thought I had gone as low as I could, it seemed I would only fall further. I felt, at times, as though my luck had left me and I thought that maybe I had used up all my allotment of happiness in my earlier, younger years. That all that was left to me now was loss and fear and sadness.

But then, suddenly it seemed, life turned around. It’s funny, because when asked I will tell people that it seemed to happen one weekend, after I decided to finally unpack my bedroom. I took all the boxes out of my closet, gave away a lot of clothes I never wear, threw out a lot of junk, hung some art, brought in a lamp and a chair and heaved an enormous sigh. Suddenly it seemed as though this place was, finally, mine. After nearly six months of living there, it felt like home. And it was as though a psychic weight had lifted from my shoulders. I felt lighter, happier, more carefree than I had in – literally – years.
Around the same time, another kind of weight lifted: I decided I had absolutely had it with my new, fat self. You see, during the summer I had given myself permission to do whatever I wanted, and I was in forgiveness mode. So, if I wanted to read a book in bed with a glass of red wine and a bowl of peanut butter cups, then that was damn well what I was going to do. Which is in a way fun, but not without its consequences. So I had started the school year fatter than I had ended it, and I was seriously disgusted with myself. To mend this state of affairs, I decided to try a weight loss plan some of my friends had experienced great success with – Ideal Protein. As I write this, I have lost some 25 pounds, and I feel like not only have I got my life back, but my body as well.
It seems my luck didn’t entirely desert me. Perhaps it just took a longish nap.
Whatever the case, be it luck, hard work or a combination of both, I can’t remember being this content with my life in years. And the result is a feeling of lightness – of openness, actually. I feel now as though I am open to all the possibilities that exist for me out there. As though I can embrace change and grow from the experience.
  • Nan

    Hi Kath;
    I’m going through a separation now and looks like 2012 will involve a big move with my 2 kids as well. It’s lovely to hear that you’ve made it to the other side intact and hopeful! I’m alright with the idea of moving and being on my own, but the whole prospect feels really overwhelming to me right now.

  • http://lifetakesover.wordpress.com Nancy

    Good for you! I have been feeling for a long time that if I just lightened my load (stuff, body fat, work and social commitments,etc.), I would feel better, more “enlightened”. I haven’t been through anywhere near the pain you have suffered recently, but I could definitely start the new year lighter! Great post. You have inspired me to start heaving stuff and starting fresh!

  • Tracey

    I’m so happy for you, woman!! Oh goodness… how wonderful it is to feel good and content in one’s own skin. This is an ideal way to begin a New Year – YAY!!! xox (PS – you look so much like your sister in this pic…)

  • Nancy

    love this post Kath- a real testament to new starts and hopefullness. Changing your bedroom and organizing has a fresh start to it and treating yourself well is an act of self love
    2012 will be wonderful for you as you continue to see your own power xoxoxo

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