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Who’s That Kid…

So, the children bullied me into buying them some Oreos the other day. I have nothing against Oreo cookies (I’ve been known to partake in a dozen at a time a few now and again) but we already had two other types of biscuits in the cupboard, plus ice cream in the freezer, we had gift-with-purchase sachets of some chocolate drizzled mini rice cake thingies, and what the heck is this gummy-like candy back here next to the chocolate-chipy whatchamacallits? You get what I mean. We had PLENTY of sweet treats in the house already.

And this is precisely why taking the children to the grocery store with me is something I will try to avoid at all costs. They wear me down with all their begging, yo – it’s exhausting. But, sometimes you just have to say YES to things.
During a break in the homework recently, Oliver asked me for some. I obliged him, of course, and watched him do the familiar twist and turn of the wafers, exposing the cream filling… I walked out of the room to put some laundry away, and I returned to this bowl of foolishness:
DSCN8415.JPG     DSCN8416.JPG
DSCN8417.JPG     DSCN8418.JPG
Me: Um… you have a little something on your face…
He: *giggles* I know.
Me: And, WHY exactly?
He: It’s fun! We do this at school sometimes.
Me: *Incredulously* You DO?
He: *giggles harder* Yeah. You have to wiggle your eyebrows up and down like this… wait, I’ll do it again. Are you watching? Like this, you see? And then you have to try and catch it in your mouth, and not let it fall on the floor… 
Said cookie falls on the floor.
He: Whoops. Sorry about that…
Me: Classy.
He bends over to get the fallen cookie from the floor, turns it over, checks for lint and cooties, and then pops it into his mouth.
Me: This is gross on so many levels, Oliver…
He: *laughs like crazy* But it’s fun! *more maniacal laughter*
I guess fun always rules, even at school. It’s nice to know some things never change.
  • Jennifer Hildebrand

    HAHA This was awesome!! I love letting my kids be kids… and I don’t care what ppl think or say. They only get one childhood, and I want it to be full of laughter and happy memories!! I’m the “fun” mom, all my kids friends love to come over cuz I play, I let them rip around the house, make a mess, I joke around… Of course there are rules and limits, but most of the time the kids willingly oblige, because they know if they don’t then its a week before they can come back! Amazingly, they usually help tidy up, too!! Loud pumpin music usually helps that chore go by quickly! I’m so glad to see your son having fun!!! I think I’m gonna try that next time I buy Oreos – just to see the look on my kids faces…. LOL

  • Aileen

    I’d like to think I would find it as funny if it were my kid. Cause really, it’s hilarious!

  • DesiValentine

    That is all kinds of awesome! I’m going to try that with my crew and call it a “tactile exercise with the goal of encouraging fine motor development and sensory exploration”. Woot!

  • snikks

    OK!! So it’s posts like this one that make me laugh out loud (like I just did at WORK!!) Oooops! Too funny!

  • Tracey

    “A hive mind.” Yes – that’s EXACTLY it. Oy.

  • Julie

    literally went “HA!!!” out loud. i swear there’s a hive mind when it comes to children!

  • Tracey

    Hee-hee… YAY! Always happy to make you smile, lady!!

  • Sara

    this just made my day….

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