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Chemical Soup

Reading Jen’s post about eating more organic and fresh foods, has inspired me to write abouttoxic(1).jpg the chemical soup that our bodies have become.  If you really think about it, what goes into many Canadian and American bodies is plain scary.  Just watch The Meatrix, Food Inc., or Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Like Jen, I’ve read lots of books on the topic, too many to name.  I also read blogs like Food Politics, Chapman’s Landing Cooking Studio, and others. 

As a teacher, I’ve been horrified by what I see kids eating every day,
not treats, but their snacks and meals.  Many lunch boxes are filled
entirely with processed foods full of sodium and sugar and lacking
nutrients.  Check CBCs The National report on Lunch Box Breakdown.   As a researcher and observer, I know that many people eat
this way all the time.  Heavily processed foods three times a day.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sh*t disturber and I place a fair bit of blame on the food industry and factory farming practices (particularly pesticide, herbicide, hormone and anitbiotic use).  I really think that these entities put money before all else, including the health of the people.  I think that’s unethical and immoral.  Watching The Corporation didn’t help there.  I’ve been very outspoken about my views and I’m sure I’ve offended some people (it’s kind of like talking about breastfeeding).  Don’t get me started on what’s in plastic and how that affects our endocrine systems.  Check out the Environmental Working Group for news flashes like “232 Toxic Chemicals in 10 minority babies“.

So my question to you (and Jamie Oliver), is how can good nutrition be
presented to people in a way that is inoffensive and actually makes a
difference.  Health units have been trying for years.  Schools are getting on the bandwagon teaching more nutrition
(although not always modeling it, big mistake) and promoting healthy
eating.  Has this made a difference?  Not in any big way, yet.  We need to do something because this is going to cost us all.  While the corporations are raking the money in at the expense of our health, our health care system (our money) is bleeding out. 

And selfishly, I want to protect my sweet girls from all these toxins.  I can’t and that pisses me off!

  • Erin Little

    This is always a hot topic!
    Jen – I think that it’s really common sense. Eat real food, most of the time. Try to get organic for the worst offenders, meats & the dirty dozen. the food industry has a very strong lobby, it’s really disturbing.
    Lulu – I totally agree with you but how do we get people to listen? I think that plastics and cosmetics will be in a future post for sure.
    Kath – read the ingredients on those processed foods. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean good for you. The less processed junk, the better.
    Christine – organic prices are coming down as demand goes up. I think we need to speak with our consumer dollars but maybe some sort of subsidy should be available for families that have to eat expensive gluten free food due to autism, celiac or other conditions that require gluten free diets.

  • Christine

    I’d like the gluten free bread I buy to be the same size as a regular loaf and not cost twice the price.
    Cuyler is gluten and casein free and his food is NOT cheap.
    That’s my beef. The cost of good, healthy food.
    Make it affordable and more people might buy it.

  • Kath

    So here’s a question; I see so much processed food even in health food stores, albeit organic. Is that stuff still bad for us and our kids?

  • Kath

    This is something that I also think is important. Eating better takes a bit more effort, but is so worthwhile!

  • http://www.rfrk.com lulu cohen farnell

    I completely agree with Erin and thank her for writing this post.
    Good information is key.Things can be done. Education is key and taking those issues seriously by taking actions everyday at home, at work, at school, and everywhere else!
    Clean out your pantry of all the process foods, the chemical cleaners, the unhealthy cosmetics and toiletries, perfumes, the plastic bottles ans containers, etc that pollute our body and planet.
    Say No to artificial, chemical loaded food and drinks, to marketed kids food that only has a good looking packaging but is empty of anything good for their health!!
    No to unhealthy school fundraisers!
    Yes to Real Food, real ingredients, farmers markets, and real information!
    Be an informed and active citizen ! your voice matters, your action matters.
    Big industrial food companies just like big Pharma, don’t care about people’s health, they care about their bottom line.
    Time to wake up and create positive healthy change, its possible, there is help and good info out there, stick to fresh locally grown foods!
    to find a farmers market near you or a farm product, visit greenbeltfresh.ca
    Check Real Food For Real Kids food programs for kids in daycares, schools and camps and our site for other resources.
    Lulu cohen farnell

  • Jen

    I am just learning about this stuff now and am not an extremist by nature but want to understand the facts so I can make sure my family is healthy. I find that there is a ton of conflicting and confusing information out there so I have chosen to simply. We eat as many whole, nature foods as possible. We indulge in “treats” outside of the home but really try to do this at home. It is a start!
    What I found most disturbing outside of the chemicals, etc in our food was the power the food industry holds and their misuse of this power. Just like the tobacco industry, they are aware of the health issues but choose to ignore it for power and profit. Scary.

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