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When Bad Things Happen to Good Makeup.

So, this happened:
The other night, I suddenly heard a big clatter, and saw my compact open and upside-down on the bathroom floor, and I knew when I picked it up, there would be a mess of pearlized-brown powder deeply embedded in the grout lines of the tile.
I swore a whole bunch.
I’ve still been trying to use it, since there’s a lot left, and because I need it until I can get myself to a MAC counter… but every time I open it, puffs of powder come billowing out onto the countertops, leaving big brown streaks all over the place whenever I try to brush the crumbled bits away with my hand. And then I have makeup all over my hand. And though I just dab the brush ever-so-gingerly into the broken bits, waaaaaay too much gets on the brush, and I end up looking like I’ve been dusting myself with ruddy desert sand. Or like the exhaust-end of a vacuum cleaner got me in the face with clay dust. Or something.
And then I swear a whole bunch.
A) Because that kind of mess is a bit of a bitch to clean, and 2) mostly because my excellent MAC bronzing powder was only half used, and C) I have to wipe half of it off again, and with it, the Kleenex takes half my freshly-drawn eyebrows. Le sigh. You should feel sad for me.
I’m just hoping with all my might that it’s a product they still make and carry, since you know how your favourite stuff from your favourite places can suddenly vanish like a fart in the wind, right? I mean, what is UP with those kinds of shopping shenanigans?!
Have you ever found one of your favourite things gone for good?
  • Tracey

    Thanks, Debbie! Yes, I found a good link yesterday – I might try that! (Of course, I don’t have any rubbing alcohol… do you think vodka might work?) *snickers*
    Thanks for reading!

  • Tracey

    Firstly, I’m ever so happy to officially be your friend, Village, 🙂
    And no, I don’t smell like mothballs, nor do I wear tent dresses… this thing about my eyebrows? I’ve been meaning to write about that – I will. I promise.

  • Tracey

    Well, I DO live downtown, but indeed, finding time to get to a MAC counter can be tricky, especially while The Littles are home so much this summer. I reckon that’s what a good husband might be handy for… 😉

  • Debbie Bashford

    Just Google how to fix broken bronzer powder, many many many site to help, there are videos to show step by step, this one is not a video. The liquid you use is rubbing alcohol

  • Tracey

    Oh, yesterday Ali shared this link with me – http://t.co/EQcAAvn3 – and rubbing alcohol it the liquid! Such a smart idea… I might try it too, though I wonder what I’d use to press it with – the compact is much bigger than an eyeshadow capsule.
    Make up has a definite shelf life… it might not be bad for me to replace it now anyway – I’ve been using it for two summers, but still. $$$ Grrrrr….

  • Nancy

    Can I just mention that you are officially the only person I have ever been friends with who draws on her eyebrows
    you dont smell like mothballs and wear tent dresses
    please explain

  • Julie

    I think they might be doing free shipping right now. Who has time to get to a MAC counter?

  • Aileen

    Oh! Oh! I saw on Pinterest how to fix it!! You take all the stuff out of the compact, put it in a plastic bag, smoosh it real good (completely into powder) add a little liquid (and sadly this is the detail I forget – baby oil? I bet mineral oil would work) and then smooth it back into the case. Et voila, fixed-like-new compact!

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