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I’ve Got Your Sympathy Riiiiight Heeeeere…

Every time my kids hear that Moves Like Jagger song, they start jumping around saying, “Oh! It’s Mick Jagger!” to which I swiftly reply, “NAY! This is NOT Mick Jagger AT ALL!!” And I roll my eyes a lot, and maybe even stamp my feet a little. I mean, I love Maroon 5 as much as the next lady (that Adam Levine is tres swoon-worthy) and the song is catchy (I guess) but as I am the Maven of All things Music in this house, in charge of my children’s education in the ear-candy department, I feel it important that we keep things correct.

We listen to a classic rock station in the mornings, whereby I can get a little news, and get my daily dose of Led Zeppelin on at the same time. It’s mucho important. We also get a daily dose of The Rolling Stones, and I make certain to point out to my kids that that is in fact Mick Jagger singing, whenever we’re listening to Angie. Or whatever.
Just this morning, Sympathy for the Devil came on the radio, and when I made mention of the singer (for the millionth time) Ava Scarlett said, I know, and then proceeded to shake her hips around in a way that’s reminiscent of a belly dancer. Oh, how I WISH I had video of her snaky little arms…
And then I remembered this version of said song, remixed by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams + Chad Hugo = really good stuff) which is all kinds of funkiness that still remains true to the song at it’s core – you can still envision Jagger with his hands on his skinny hips, shakin’ his butt, with his pouty lips a-singin’ in his quintessentially-Mick way. I hope you enjoy this gritty little video too. Turn it up!
Happy Wednesday, all!
  • Tracey

    Dude, I soooooo know. Every time I look at him, I feel… kinda… like I’m a pedophile or something. (Even though he’s 38.) #cutebomb

  • Sara

    I have a thing for Pharrell. Even though I could fold him up and carry him around in my pocket.

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