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“Blond Bond” laments lack of privacy

VF Bond Cover.jpgThe countdown to the third installment of what I like to call the “Blond Bond series” is on! Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig (44) is set to open November 22nd. Adele confirmed yesterday that she co-wrote and recorded the title song for the film. Craig will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. The promotion for the movie is everywhere. Which means of course that its publicity-shy star has to make the rounds of interviews.

Craig graces the November cover of British GQ and Vanity Fair. And opening on October 26th is a special Bond exhibit at the TIFF Lighbox in Toronto which I will be reviewing later this month. It’s called Designing Bond: 50 Years of Bond Style and features – you guessed it – Bond’s influence on art, music, lifestyle, automotive design, travel, technology and fashion.

Thumbnail image for bondcar.jpgI’m a massive fan of the Bond franchise. I fall into the category of fans who think that Craig is fantastic as Bond. I love the way the franchise has been re-invigorated and Craig strikes just the right balance between humour (Bond never ever takes himself too seriously) strength (he’s probably the fittest Bond there ever was) and vulnerability (he sheds a tear in Skyfall).

James Bond is arguably one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Most actors would be privileged to play the part. But with that comes massive exposure and publicity. Any actor signing on for this role realizes he will be known the world-over. Privacy will be scarce. He will be hounded by press and life as he’s known it is probably over. Sort of like being the Prime Minister – when you run for office, you should know what to expect.

Which is why I find it intriguing that press-shy Daniel Craig is still complaining about the press intrusion. In the latest Vanity Fair interview, he laments not being able to be free to do things he used to do such as go to bars:

GQ Bond Cover.jpg“You talk to people in the movie business who have been doing this 40 years and they all say the difference is that, back in the day, you could go and have a drink in the bar, get drunk, fall over, have a good time, relax, whatever, and no one would know about it. But now everyone’s got a camera. Not that all I want to do is get drunk in a bar, but that’s an example. So you can’t live a normal life anymore. Because it will become public knowledge that you’ve whatever – gotten drunk in a bar or skinny-dipped on a beach or something. Things that normal people do occasionally. And in a way, that’s kind of – I’ve got to be high-class. I’ve done a lot of things in my life. But you have to think in that way. Which is sad, because I like bars.”

Now I’m all for privacy but really -when you play Bond – can privacy be expected in this day of smartphone cameras, social media and TMZ? I can commiserate but really, it seems to come with the job when you play the most recognizable spy on the planet.

Craig goes on to tell Vanity Fair writer Juli Weiner that:

“What I’m doing is not what Pierce was doing, and Pierce wasn’t doing what Roger Moore was doing, or what Sean was doing, or what Timothy [Dalton] was doing. Things have changed. It’s just kind of the ride of it. Pierce used to say that it’s like being responsible for a small country. It’s kind of like you have to look after it diplomatically. I kind of get that, but I can’t really say that’s my deal. I’m not going to be the poster boy for this. Although I am the poster boy.”

Not sure I fully grasp what he means by “not being a poster boy and being a poster boy” at the same time. Any actor playing Bond IS the poster boy. It’s part of the gig.

Or am I being too harsh? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.



  • Julie

    All I know is I’d like to be the one with the camera if Daniel Craig goes skinny dipping….:P.

  • Sonya

    Can’t wait for this new movie to come out AND the 007 exhibit at TIFF! Love Daniel Craig but yeah…big price to pay for being famous. I couldn’t imagine being followed everywhere and be aware of every single move. Ugh.

  • Julie

    i just don’t get why someone needs to see kate middleton’s boobs or britney’s “underwearlessness” or daniel craig falling over. why is there such interest in it? i don’t care when my neighbour gets drunk so why should i care when a celebrity does?
    i feel the only thing we need to know about a celebrity is name, rank, serial number yadda yadda. i feel if an actor is your role model, then you need a new role model since i find people often confuse the person with the role.

  • Tracey

    I agree that he makes a great James Bond – Hells to the yes!
    I do see how open a life becomes when a person becomes a celebrity – even James Bond – I understand his point, and I feel a bit bad for him (and other celebs like this) that they really can do NOTHING outside of their own house doors (and even then, it’s sketchy!) without cameras and other recording devices capturing your every move. Or misstep. I know they make millions of dollars, get gifts, endorsements, etc., and get a pretty sweet ride for making TV and movies – even James Bond movies – but it seems a very high price to pay, to be so trapped for all time, like a fish in the bowl – everyone is looking at you and waiting to pass judgement.
    And I suppose no one wants to be the James Bond who disgraced the whole franchise… so, no stumbling out of bars for this guy – not even once. You know?

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