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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Miley Cyrus drastically cut her hair on Sunday. We must talk about this! Because heck, everyone else is.

When it comes to how celebs look,  their hair is a close second on the gossip fascination-meter (behind their dramatic weight loss or gain).

Case in point. Nineteen year-old Miley Cyrus has been the topic of much discussion this week. After getting attention for suddenly going blonde a few weeks ago, she just cropped her blonde locks into an edgy new ‘do.

As is the norm, Miley promptly posted several pics to her Twitter account (one of which I’ve included)

“I never felt more me in my whole life”. she wrote at the time.

For an entire day, she was one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter. The discussion on celeb blogs and even at my workplace has been about what everyone thinks about this new look. The “reviews” have been mostly negative, with some even comparing her to Malfoy from The Harry Potter films, while others like Ellen DeGeneres are showing their support.

Such lively debate is hardly surprising of course. We have been fascinated by good celeb hair for decades. Think back to Farrah Fawcett and now to Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper. But while we may try to emulate what we consider to be great celeb hair, we also love to diss the bad.

Unconfirmed rumour is that Miley cut it for charity.

Some cut it for movie roles. Demi Moore shaved her head in G.I. Jane. Anne Hathaway did it in the upcoming Les Miserables. And Charlize Theron recently did it as filming began for Mad Max: Fury Road.

Others just cut it. We all remember Britney circa 2007 don’t we?

So how do you feel about Miley’s new look?

On the one hand, isn’t doing fun stuff with your hair part of what being nineteen is all about? After all, when else can you get away with an edgy or experimental look? I remember having a wicked perm at that age.  Luckily, this was in the pre-Twitter era, otherwise those photos would haunt me still.

Or, do you fall into same camp as one of my friends who made the following remark when I sent her Miley’s photo: “Guess bad hair runs in the family!”


  • Heather!

    I love it. I wish *I* could pull that off! And yes…she’s 19. This is exactly the age when she SHOULD be experimenting with her hair…before she’s as old as I am and can’t really get away with it anymore. 😉

  • Sonya

    I went through a crazy hair period around the same age. almost completely shaved one side of my hair and gradually cascading to long on the other. She’s posted the pic herself on twitter as you say. She’s a pretty confident girl. Good for her.

  • Kath

    I’m with Sara, I really like it. But you know what the important thing is here? Miley likes it. Period.

  • Hanson

    I get being young and carefree (God knows I was at 19), but as a former child-star in hopes of building a longterm career in entertainment, I think she is much more marketable as a long-haired brunette. I give it 6 months until she has her old look back.

  • Sara

    I love her hair cut. I really do. It’s freeing – and she’s 19 – she should do it! I chopped all my hair off at 30. They also dyed it platinum….i bawled like a baby and they changed the colour back. I doubt that I’ll ever do it again, but I’m happy I did.

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