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Brush with Spidey – New Contest!

We have a really great dental clinic for our kids. There is a patriarchal older dentist who beams at everyone as they arrive or as they meander to their assigned chair. He moves from child to child, cracking wise or winking, putting the often nervous patients at ease.

The younger dentist bounces from closed door offices, where he fills cavities, to the post hygienist check up with the same jump in his step. I have never walked out of there feeling just a wee bit happier because of their consistent zip-a-dee-do-dah spirit.

The cynical edge to me thinks: Of course they are happy, the clinic is jammed with at least eight wee patients every 20 minutes, four days a week. Each dentist goes home at night and sits on a giant pile of money, secretly eating Jelly Tots and slurping Dr. Pepper.

I try to be on our boys about brushing and flossing twice a day, but, like all other good intentions, it sometimes go by the wayside. If they fall asleep in front of a movie, it is unlikely I will wake them up to brush their respective teeth. Admittedly, my oral hygiene habits are not as diligent as Steph’s, who is one of the rare people who have never had a filling. So she is all over the kids about maintaining a regular brushing and flossing schedule.

Me?  I received two root canals and had three teeth yanked from my skull, not necessarily from lack of care (er, my teeth are soft?), but I definitely should have brushed and flossed more growing up.

All I remember from my dentist growing up is that he had a tremendous
amount of nose hair (welcome to the nasal jungle) and called me “Jase”
which I found both too familiar and a tad feminine. Oh and the
disgustingly and ironically too sweet orange fluoride mold that my teeth
soaked in for way too long.

So far, Hud has two fillings, but last week’s check up came up relatively clean (a tiny potential cavity on a child molar) and Tasman is on the right track with a flawless dental record. We are also lucky because both kids seem to be blessed with teeth that will not require braces.

My toothbrush growing up was pretty standard fare, nothing compared to the elaborate dental tools available today that inspire good oral hygiene for kids of all ages. Check out the fluoride and fluoride-free products from Orajel that that combines crafting with the daily ritual of brushing one’s teeth.

Orajel - Anticavity Flouride Toothpaste.bmp

And, guess what, its CONTEST TIME!

To coincide with the recent Spiderman 4 movie opening, our friends at Arm & Hammer are giving away this Spiderman Kids Prize Pack that includes a SPIDERMAN 4 SPINBRUSH and the sticker fun toothpaste gel mentioned above. There is also MANY other goodies to help make oral hygiene fun and keep your child’s dental record spotless as their well brushed teeth.  Total value of this prize pack is $150 Canadian.

Prize Pack.JPG

TO ENTER, please comment below and tell us what SUPERHERO POWER you wish you had! 

Happy Brushing!
Contest closes on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at noon. One winner will be selected at random.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations.

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  • pk5050

    I wish I had the power to make everyone happy.

  • sheilabroadway

    If I could pick one super power I would be invisible. I would love to go into peoples houses and snoop and see how they decorate.. weird and boring huh?

  • gillybean6670

    I would love to be invincible with an iron clad immune system!

  • jmeme

    I wish I could be invisible.

  • AK

    The super power I wish I had was to be able to go in fast speed so I can get my stuff down around my house and then have time to read and lay on the beach good luck

  • Irene Eichler

    I wish i could read minds

  • Alexis

    I wish I had many arms and hands to help everyone instead of being pulled in different directions… life would be more easier and things would be done faster. I would have more time to enjoy my family 🙂

  • lennypuz

    i wish i could fly, be invisible or to read minds!

  • leah

    I wish I could fly — think of the money I’d save on gas!

  • Puddin57

    hmmmm so many options, but if I could choose just one “power” it would have to be invisibility – would come in handy when you need a moment to yourself

  • Sarah Ahmad

    I wish I had the power to become invisible whenever I wanted to, there is a lot of fun I could have! lol!

  • hlarnould

    I wish I could make myself invisible so when I am super tired, it would be super hard for my family to find me.

  • hcablue

    I’d love to be able to fly!! 🙂

  • Betty

    I would love to have the speed that the superheros have, it would get me thru my housework so fast, so that I could spend more time doing the things I enjoy

  • islandgal

    I wish that I could breathe underwater…it would be amazing to explore a whole new world.

  • megnate

    I wish that I could read minds 😀

  • Bree

    I wish I had the power of speed! Imagine how fast I could do the dishes or get to the grocery store!

  • 93Gilbert

    I wish to have the power of invisibility.

  • Kiki

    I know, kinda borning and pedestrian, but I’ve always wanted to have the power to understand all languages… was always facinated by Douglas Adams idea of a Babblefish that goes in your ear!

  • janice

    I wish I could fly.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  • Jessica G.

    I wish I had the super hero powers to freeze or pause time. My kids are growing up really fast and wish I could pause time, just to enjoy them a little more.

  • Susan Chaves

    When I was a kid I always wanted to be invisible. Actually, I still wouldn’t mind that!

  • Myra

    i wish i had like 8 hands and 3 sets of eyes so i can do more then one thing at a time! 😛 or i wish to have super speed so i can get everything done fast! that would be so awesome!

  • emma

    quick hands, or mulitple hands, always trying to catch my toddler from falling or steping on something and you always need an extra hand with those dirty diapers!

  • juice15

    Would love to be able to read minds! Can’t think of a better way to foil whatever trouble our girls are conjuring in their heads!
    Only stipulation… I can turn this power on – only as needed… I think that could get messy knowing what other people are thinking!

  • JJ

    I would like the Super Power of invisibility. It would be great to see what the kids are up to at school and in play groups. Or maybe it wouldn’t?

  • lori

    I would totally love to fly ( at super speed ) I would visit my friends, track my family and take them to their events. I would take mini vacations. It would be awesome.

  • melkitty

    I would love to have the power of super speed. Being the mom of an 18 month old little boy I feel like there is just never enough time. The super speed would come in handy when he’s asleep so I could actually get my cleaning done.

  • eabeier

    I have had dreams since I was a little girl that I could fly like Supergirl, and breather underwater like Aquaman. I recently saw the Spiderman movie and now I want to zipline so that I can swing like a spider too!

  • shaunahepner

    I wish I had the power to get my 6 & 3 yr old boys to clean their rooms!

  • lpappas

    It would be cool to be Ms. Marvel – having a combination of great strength, intelligence, beauty, and the ability to fly!

  • sueplay

    I wish I could fly. No long drives to work anymore.

  • drjess

    I would like the Superhero power of reading minds so I would know what my family wants. It is hard to always know what little children really want or need.

  • heaven97865

    I wish i could have super speed for i could get all my housecleaning done fast and keep up with my kids.

  • DL

    The ability to leap out of bed in the morning in a single bound would be a really great super power

  • Luet02

    I wish that I could fly!

  • bcgirll

    I would like to have super strength

  • ehelfand

    I used to think I wanted to fly, but since I’m afraid of heights, I think I’ll change my mind to super strength!

  • Orange23

    I’d like super strength.

  • erkrueger

    Super sensitive hearing.

  • kellyg

    ah, to be invisible

  • Marlene V

    I would love the superhero power of super speed. That why I can accomplish more everyday!

  • janetm

    I would like the Superhero power of adding extra hours to the day. That way I could get everything completed for my family and still get enough sleep to make it through another day.

  • raven

    I would like to be able to fly

  • pmr

    Super speed so I can clean my house in minutes

  • Eva U

    Hmm SuperHero Power I wish I had – XRAY vision. Internal Body Vision. Combat flu/cold bugs before they start. Eliminate sickness and sleepness nights. Could sure use it today *yawn*.
    eva urban

  • floppyears

    “Love” is the superpower hero for my family and friends.

  • Eileen

    Elastagirl – the ability to get things done all-the-while keeping my boys in check by catching them before they get into too much trouble!

  • Ashley O

    Flying would be pretty cool too !

  • tinker

    X-ray vision

  • dolcevita

    I wish I could fly

  • AgnesM

    I wish I had super sight!

  • slp

    Force field around anything I want. Protect my family and friends from the bad guys


    I wanna fly!

  • Adriana

    I wish I had the power to become invisible.

  • deb

    I would love to fly!

  • kenaimom

    To grow extra arms or clone myself at will so I can get more done, or be at more than one place at the same time!

  • loribaz

    Invisible is the sure way to go, there is so much one could discover and do with the ability to go forth unseen!

  • catamorgan

    I would love to be invisible. Be the fly on the wall in my children’s classroom

  • Carla

    I wish I had the super power of MUTING…. sometimes it would be so nice to hit your pretend mute button and enjoy and some peace and quiet…. LOL

  • amym

    Invincibility would be nice..

  • Kathryn Bogala Calgary Alberta

    Defintely all the rage after seeing that latest spiderman movie! My son would love it!

  • Hope Ryckman

    to feel no pain, and to recover quickly from any wounds to stay healthy and
    have invincibility & super strength! so that i can help apprehend criminals, and help every day people from car accidents, falling, whatever might befall them
    that would be bad, being mugged, etc etc!

  • fossie

    I would love to leap up and down tall buildings.

  • Lainey

    I’d love to be able to fly. Can you imagine how great it would be to avoid traffic when you have to get somewhere in a hurry? Perfect!

  • http://www.enterit.ca stephen price

    Would love to be able to fly

  • shon szezendor

    i would love to have the super power of reading peoples minds.

  • Debra B

    would love to have the power of super speed

  • jerms

    I wish I had eyes in the back of my head. This would allow be to see my kids putting their vegetables in their pockets as I walk away. I could also see my older son give my little one a little bump when my back is turned.

  • Unita Esau

    Superhero strength for me!I could lift, tug and carry anything i wanted!

  • Stephanie

    To fly!

  • mistycarole

    I wish I would have the power of speed.

  • Linda Bergeron

    i wish i could fly

  • Guppy

    Id love to be able to read minds/thoughts! Imagine the crimes you could solve if you could hear what people have (or havent done).

  • Linda A

    I would love to be able to fly.

  • Dianne Leib

    Mind Reading

  • spynaert

    I wish I had the power to alter time

  • judcon

    It would be great to be able to fly

  • p23ag

    Flying is the one superpower I am truly sure I was meant to have.

  • zorange

    I wish I could fly

  • Brenda

    I’d love to be invisible or be able to fly

  • cheri452

    I wished I had the power of speed, just to keep up with everyone else!

  • darlene boyle

    spiderman is my fave

  • Sherri

    I would love to be able to be invisible!

  • Nate3333

    I would like to fly

  • jsmom

    I wish I could run really fast. Maybe then I could keep up with my son.

  • Clippo

    Oooo, my son is the BIGGEST Spidey fan (as a matter of fact, I’m just uploading a video of his cute toddler self singing the theme song, how timely!).
    I wish I had the power to alleviate anyone’s heartache… especially that of my kids.

  • Kelly

    I wish I was Elasta-girl from The Incredibles!! Then I could get a grip on my 2 active boys!! 🙂

  • saskmom

    I wish I were invisible.

  • nicole

    mindreading, so i’d know where my 4 year old hides my keys lol

  • Chantel

    Sonic! Not that he is really a super hero but I would love to have his speed to help shuffle all my kiddies around. Plus he is Blue – I love that color!

  • Tyler

    My comment was the smart one. I wasn’t logged in.

  • Tyler O

    I would just love to be super human smart so I could do good for the world.

  • http://emilyisland.blogspot.com Emily B

    I wish I had super speed, too. Imagine how nice it would be to have the house clean in under 5 minutes!!

  • Jenna Cameron

    Super speed! Maybe then I would be able to get everything done!

  • silverneon2000

    To be invisible. See what goes on around when your not there.

  • moonbaby78

    The super Power that I wished I had would be able stretch out all my limbs so i can do many things at once.

  • flower

    To fly!

  • marlibu

    I would definitely love to have the power of “random acts of kindness”. I wish i had the power to help out others just by volunteering time or helping with getting donations :). Just would like to make the world a happy place

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