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Giving Old Tires New Life

Looking for cool ways to go green? So are we! That’s why Ontario Tire Stewardship is hosting the Green My Tires blog series on UrbanMoms. Throughout the series you will find information on innovative green products, the how-to’s on getting even greener and the ins and outs of recycling your tires. Learn while following this new green trend!

What’s your carpet underlay made from? How about your roof shingles? Your home’s welcome mat? Or even your mouse pad? Did you know that now, in Ontario, any of the above could be made from recycled tires? 

We all know the 3 R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle, but this is a great example of recycling and reusing in action. Since 2009, Ontario Tire Stewardship Program has been “giving old tires new life”. During that time, over 125,000 tonnes of tires have been recycled and given new life as green products.

As a consumer, it’s as simple as dropping off up to 4 used tires (for free!) to any of the designated collectors (including car dealerships, tire retailers, municipalities and waste management companies). They’ll make sure your old tires make it to the processors who can turn them into not only the crumb rubber that makes up our roads, playground surfaces and sports fields, but also Tire-Derived Products (TDPs) that we can all use, including mouse pads, skating pads for change rooms and welcome mats for your front door. TDPs are known to last longer, and are good for the environment!

Take a tour of the Rubber House and Rubber City to see how recycled tire products have an amazingly positive impact on all of our lives. When you see the variety of products used from old tires, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for those rubber friends, and you won’t be kicking the tires for long! Share the tour with your kids to give them a very real sense of how recycling can work in our community.
Check out some of the amazing products made from recycled tires:

Environmentally friendly and decorative too!  Car and doormats made from recycled tire rubber are not only eco-friendly but offer enhanced durability and long life. www.multyhome.com

Love to garden?  This mulch is made from 100% recycled tires and won’t degrade like wood mulch. It’s non-toxic, non-leaching and will last for at least 10 years. Landscape mulch maintains soil temperature and keeps your garden from drying. It comes in brown, black, red, green and blue. www.heffcogroup.com

Eco-Flex-Rubber bricks.jpgPlanning a backyard reno?  Keep it green!
These individual recycled rubber pavers offer a cost effective alternative to concrete or asphalt. Even when wet, they provide a comfortable, elegant and durable non-slip surface. Installation is stress-free because the bricks are easy to handle, assemble quickly and can be cut with most household tools. www.eco-flex.com

Does your ride need proper maintenance or a bit of a pick-me up? You’re carrying precious cargo in your vehicle, so safety comes first! Our friends from Ontario Tire Stewardship want to help you get started by giving away a great Vehicle Accessories Prize Pack.  For prizing details click here.

On board? Leave a comment below with your most innovative “re-use” tip, for a chance to win!

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