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Introducing Our Top 5 Entries for BENADRYL® Canada’s Most Prepared Mom Contest

To the UrbanMoms community,

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The UrbanMoms Team
After receiving so many entries, the makers of BENADRYL® and UrbanMoms
are that much closer to finding BENADRYL® Canada’s Most Prepared Mom!

stories have shown us just how prepared you need to be for the
unexpected whether you are traveling far and wide or just hanging out at

A panel of judges reviewed all eligible entries based on
the following criteria:  20% creativity, 40% planning and 40% problem
solving.  After careful deliberation and much discussion the judges have
selected five contest finalists.  And now we need your help!

better to judge the five finalists for BENADRYL® Canada’s Most Prepared
Mom than our own UrbanMoms community?  We have selected the top five
entries that we think have what it takes when it comes to dealing with
the unexpected and we need your expert opinion.

Read all 5
entries below and then vote for the one you think has proven herself to
be BENADRYL® Canada’s Most Prepared Mom.  You must be an UrbanMoms.ca
member to be eligible to vote.  Limit of one (1) vote per UrbanMoms.ca
member per day.  The voting period will open on July 23, at 11:00 am.
EDT and end on July 27, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

I have four boys and I am prepared
for anything.  A bandage in every bag doesn’t cut it–no pun intended.
For trips, my top three survival tools are TWEEZERS, BALLOONS and TAPE.
My boys always rub their splinter prone hands along wooden fences or
grab sticks to make light sabers. And, as the years go by it is
comforting to know I have tweezers for ‘surprises’ I didn’t notice in
the mirror!
While waiting endless hours in an
airport–I learned the balloon was the best toy I could pack.  We find a
corner in the Terminal to play catch and soccer.  When it is time to
board, we just sit on the balloon until it pops.  After 13 years, we
still keep balloons handy.  Each summer you can spot us at rest stops
along the I-75 playing balloon soccer.  Naturally the boys also like to
slowly release the air to make balloon farting noises. Boys….
from the obvious uses of holding things together, tape takes third
place. Roll up a small ball and play table hockey. Ever drop a small toy
on the airplane floor? It is next to impossible to pick it up without
throwing your back into a full spasm.  But, drop your scotch tape ball
and no worries — just make another one!  I have grabbed a few precious
minutes of quiet by giving my toddler a bit of tape to stick to the
table, to wrap and ‘mummify’ toys, and my husband’s personal favourite,
— wrap tape loosely around their fingers and watch them try to unstick
Three tools and I’m ready to be Canada’s Most Prepared Mom!
have been on many a boat trip with my husband and 3 children and 3
small dogs where I have been instructed that only the ‘bare essentials’
can come aboard.  The boat is only 24 feet and there is no room for
extras.  The children were allowed only one small backpack each and
minimal toys.  I had one large bin for food and one for dishes and pots
and pans.  Each meal was carefully planned because the ice in the cooler
would be melted within the first 2 days.  Fresh water would have to be
carefully rationed so we would not run out.  With a boating list fine
tuned from previous trips I called out the items as  the children
gathered them up in a pile.  I was always amazed at how little we
actually needed once we were out on the water sailing in the Gulf
Islands.  We would anchor out and climb into our small dingy and row
ashore.  Our daughters had endless fun swimming, building sandcastles
and floating on logs they rolled down the beach into the water.  I
always made sure I packed a first aide kit with bandaids and pain
relievers as well as Benadryl for allergies.  I also made sure I took
along extra food in case we ended up needing to stay out longer.  There
was one trip where we had engine trouble and my daughters and I sailed
the boat while my husband hung over the back boat repairing the outboard
engine.  Another trip we forgot the bag of toys and we had to improvise
by finding a stick on the beach and each time we went somewhere we
marked on it the stick and decorated it.  My daughter still has the
stick and we called it a ‘memory’ stick.  My husband would read to our
daughters as they were tucked into their beds each night they would fall
asleep to the sound of the water lapping against the sides of the boat.
I still like to make a list before every trip I take and bring only
the bare essentials.
is my middle name. After some thought I realize that there are three
main reasons for this. One: my personality, two: money(or lack thereof)
and three: my low blood sugar. This was clearly manifest when we took
the kids to Ottawa for the first time a few years ago. I have always
been a bit of an anxious person and a natural survival skill is to plan
ahead that way you know what to expect. So as soon as I found out we
were going I headed straight to the library and got the Frommer’s guide
and planned every single thing we would do including some neat out of
the way things the kids would like such as slot car racing. A tight
budget means eating in as much as possible and since the car ride was
six hours  I planned as many snacks and meals I could to avoid eating
out on the road. We rented a chalet with a kitchen and that was great as
well. Having low blood sugar means when I get hungry I need to eat NOW
— not the next stop. So I have acquired some great preparation skills
because of this. A snack is never far away when you’re with me. I
thought I may outgrow this habit once my kids got older but I think all
along it was me who needed the looking after. Anyway to keep the kids
busy and happy I planned ahead and made “Bingo” cards with things you
would see while travelling on the road. I had presents wrapped and when a
row was completed they had a new small toy to play with. We still talk
about this trip and I like to think I had a small part to play in its’
success. I don’t think I’ll kick my preparation habit just yet.
I have always been a planner.  Embarking on something outside my daily routine without a plan, well, it just doesn’t happen.
was blessed with a baby girl two years ago and that took my need to be
prepared to a whole other level.  Babies need so much!  You can’t leave
the house without a diaper bag full of gear that has been carefully
checked off your survival list. However, I didn’t just have a baby.  I
have a little one who is rather demanding and has health issues.  So,
being prepared is not just a luxury it is essential.
the house with a toddler (my baby is now two) can be a challenge at the
best of times but leaving something behind, in our case, can be
disastrous.  Do I have her inhalers?  Will her prescription run out
before we get back from where ever we are going?  Do I have her
antihistamines? Sunscreen?   Is everything packed safely and somewhere
where it will not get misplaced.  My daughter’s health depends on me
being dependable.  Never mind all the other non health related but still
essential to keep a toddler happy paraphernalia that we have to drag
along everywhere we go.
As a mom of two beautiful children aged one and three,
There is no situation that I could not foresee.
My ‘mommy bag’ is my survival kit that holds every tool,
Any problem, I can solve without losing my cool.
‘Mommy I’m hungry or thirsty!’ for this I am prepared,
I always have a snack or a drink, so a crisis is spared!
I’ve heard it all from: ‘My nose is running’ or ‘I have a boo boo!’
‘Mommy, my hands are dirty’ or the famous: ‘I have to go poo poo!’
I’m always ready with tissues, bandaids, wipes, and even a toilet seat cover,
There is no circumstance from which I cannot recover.
It’s not just preparedness that I would say is the trick,
Sometimes it’s about being creative, and thinking quick,
For example, that snack of crackers in that cute container,
Can double over as noise making toy – a baby entertainer!
The tissue and bandaid can work together to create a new sock,
With the tools in my bag, and my creativity, there’s rarely a shock.
I welcome the challenge of any predicament or tough situation;
I bet I will encounter at least one if we win this family vacation! 

On August 7, 2012  the winner of the contest will be announced.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations.

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