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In the Night Garden Review & Contest!!!

NG_PHOT_CHA_20.gifI recently had the chance to review the  pre-school children’s program, In the Night Garden, which follows the adventures of a number of colourful characters in the imaginary world of the Night Garden.

My 3 & ½ year old son and I immediately sat down to check it out.  I figured I had better sit down with him because:
One: I wasn’t sure what we were going to see, and,
two: as brilliant as he is, at 3 & ½ he’s just not quite into writing movie/TV reviews (yet). 

What I was immediately struck by was the imaginary play that the show fostered.  We follow our main character, Igglepiggle, in his little boat as he falls asleep and arrives in the Night Garden.  Igglepiggle then joins his friends, most often with some sort of task or problem to solve.  How are the Pontipines going to get on the Ninky-Nonk?  Where is the Pinky-Ponk going?  Oh, the Pontipine children caught Makka Pakka’s Og-pog.  Trust me, you’ll eventually get all of the language.  Probably only after your exasperated children sit you down for a lesson, though.

My son loved this show from the first minute.  The music.  The characters.  The stories.  I asked him what his favourite part was and he of course said Igglepiggle.  I was watching him watch the show and I realized he had secured himself a blanket (just like Igglepiggle’s trusty red one) and was doing all of the actions/movements that Igglepiggle was doing.  It was so cute to watch him copy the character on the screen and try to get the little dance just right.

NG_PHOT_CHA_02.gifI have to say though that my favourite part of the show is how calm and relaxing the show is.  Most weeknights, in our house, there is a constant push and pull between what I think my son should be doing and what is realistic for him to be doing.  I end up guiltily plunking my son down in front of the television, while I get my 10-month-old son (who, by the way, also does enjoy In the Night Garden for the, oh, 10 seconds he will actually slow down and watch it) in bed.  I have always felt that whatever I put on the TV, at that time, was way over stimulating for my 3 & ½ year old, at such a late hour.  But with quiet, calming music, the repetition of the storyline, and the fact that the show ends every time with the all of the characters peacefully going to sleep, well let’s just say that my guilty conscience is alleviated just a little bit.  And frankly, as a mom, anything that alleviates my guilt (even just a tiny bit) when in comes to my kids, well that’s worth its weight in gold!


And if you think that your kids may be a bit too old for the show, my cousin’s kids are 6 and 8, and they still love the show.  Something that they can enjoy for years is definitely a rarity in our society.  My only problem now is how to get my hands on a few more episodes, because I’m fairly certain that after the 400th viewing, this screener might be wearing out!!!

Catch In the Night Garden on Treehouse weeknights at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 10:30am and daily at 5:30am.

Oh ya, & what was that about a contest?!? Check out the In the Night Garden contest with over $1,000 in prizes! There are three prize packs available, each with a retail value of $365 and chock full of In the Night Garden goodies. Entering the contest couldn’t be simpler: just share why you deserve one of these amazing prize packs in the comments section below (please include your e-mail – it won’t be published – so that we can get your prize to you).

  • Lee-Ann Jeffrey

    Great review! My daughter and I watch this with my nephew when we babysit. The characters are so easy for little ones to enjoy. We like the fact that it doesn’t become so convoluted that my nephew gets bored. I wish they had this show when my daughter was the appropriate age.

  • wayne

    My daughter loves this show. I think its great for helping put her to sleep!TY.

  • catherine

    What’s not to love about a kid’s show narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi!

  • Emma Lund

    My son loves the show and these toys are really cute ! Thank you for the review!

  • michy27

    My son loves the show and watches it religiously! I think it’s a great show for kids too and would love to be able to give him this prize pack as he would be soo excited!

  • oggie

    My sons has just turned 2 and he knows all the characters, it is a delight to watch him sing and dance to this show, and teach us all the character names…. Can’t wait for a DVD to come out…

  • vee

    In the night garden has been a hit for my 11 months newphew, it airs around 7:30 and we always wacth it togther when he comes over. He seems so calm and does not mind what is going on around him. I also work at a children shoppe and many customers have asked/ requested products from “In the night garden”. Good luck with everything and I’m looking foward to the first dvd to come out! I hope that I get picked for this great prize so I can give it to my newphew on his 1st Birthday next month!!

  • Casey Miller

    Excellent show for my daugher and her cousins 🙂
    Crossing my fingers..wonderful toys!!

  • Jen S.

    The kids haven’t seen this before and I think it looks like a wonderful show – I’d love to have the prize pack for them as I’m sure they would absolutely love it!

  • marcia

    My 3 year old and 10 month old adore this show. It is the perfect addition to our bedtime routine, the quiet music and adorable characters allow our girls to hae a bit of calm down time right before bed.
    Bedtimes have been hard in our house with so many changes this year, (new baby, loss of grandfather) its nice to have a show that you can depend on to help a mother out at the end of a day.

  • Cathy Webster

    My kids love this show and I find it very relaxing!

  • obragm

    My daughter also loves this show. It’s one of the few things we let her watch.

  • natasha mercer

    My fifteen month old son Hunter loves this television series. He has watched it everyday since the first time he seen it. However sometimes he misses it, and becomes very upset. So, I then bring out the computer, (and trust me he knows what I’m doing) and I go to treehousetv.ca where we both curl up on the couch to take the tour of the night garden and then we watch the characters fall asleep. He had a igglepiggle plushie who sang and came with the little red blanket, unfortunately he lost it and we cannot find him anywhere. Everytime we go to the mall i always look for another one but there is never anything there. All the same he still loves the show, and I love the way his face lights up when he hears the opening music, its a wonderful feeling to see your child love something so much that even when their sad a simple squeak from igglepiggle or a toot from mekka pekkas horn can turn that frown upside down.

  • natasha mercer

    My fifteen month old son Hunter loves this television series. He has watched it everyday since the first time he seen it. However sometimes he misses it, and becomes very upset. So, I then bring out the computer, (and trust me he knows what I’m doing) and I go to treehousetv.ca where we both curl up on the couch to take the tour of the night garden and then we watch the characters fall asleep. He had a igglepiggle plushie who sang and came with the little red blanket, unfortunately he lost it and we cannot find him anywhere. Everytime we go to the mall i always look for another one but there is never anything there. All the same he still loves the show, and I love the way his face lights up when he hears the opening music, its a wonderful feeling to see your child love something so much that even when their sad a simple squeak from igglepiggle or a toot from mekka pekkas horn can turn that frown upside down.

  • tyke

    My niece LOVES this show and I would love to win all this stuff for her. It’s fun to watch with her and it’s fun to see my brother’s response (he’s a psychologist!)

  • Nicole Kaastra

    My son is only 7 and a half months and I don’t normally promote watching television at such a young age but I had so many things to do so I put In the Night Garden on and my son was instantly captivated!! Now I let him have it on while he plays with his toys once a day!!

  • binabug

    baby Em likes to watch this , makes my sis and I laugh all the time

  • Michelle

    My four year old loves this program and I to can’t understand why. I thought she’d be too big for it but there is something that grabs her attention and she just stops waht she’s doing and watches.

  • fokxxy

    My neice watches this. I don’t understand the appeal of the show but she loves the characters!

  • carly

    This is my daughter’s favorite show. Even when she sees a commercial for it on tv she gets excited, and dances around our living room. She’s 21 months now but has been watching it for a few months and loves it. She gets so excited when we go to a store and she sees the merchandise. (even thought there isnt much here in canada) She watches it every night before bed and knows that she gets a ‘ba-ba’ (bottle) to lay down and watch it with mommy and daddy, then off to bed.

  • allyd

    my daughter is 2 1/2 years old year and watching ‘In The Night Garden’ is a bedtime routine with us, as she knows that when she watches it right after that she says goodnight to everyone and then goes to bed

  • HK

    The characters are very calming to my 4 & 3 yr. old daughters. I find if they wake up early and watch an episode, that is the only time I can get my 4 yr. old down for a short nap before she starts the morning routine.

  • JB Sunshine

    I am actually not sure why the characters are this popular with children. My husband and I think that if we were kids we may be afraid of them.. But very calming for the kids.

  • Patricia Elliott

    My 7 year old girl loves in the night garden and pickle and upsy daisy are her favorite characters. She would adore this prize

  • Cheryl Cushman

    My son loves this show. He watches it every night before bed, except on weekends when it is not on at that time. He gets so excited when he hears the music. He runs to the TV and jumps up and down. He will watch the entire show. It is great!

  • Jeanine BB

    I have a 15month old little girl, who absolutely adores all the characters and music. I know she’s too young to watch television, but I couldn’t help it! Her whole face lights up throughout the entire show, and she even does a little dance for us. It is absolutely precious. The best thing is when we go to a toy store, she notices from a mile away Igglepiggle and cuddles it as if he was going to sleep. I cannot believe how aware she is of the show and of all the characters. My husband and I enjoy not only watching her own expressions, but we actually enjoy watching it as well.

  • tasosgirl

    Love that it entertains them. Would love to give them all of the wonderful prizes. So fun!!!

  • Dahlia

    Great review. My daughter LOVES this show, especially the character Upsy Daisy. In fact, she calls it the “Upsy Daisy” show. We watch it at 5:30PM, right after supper. Right at the beginning when the show starts, my daughter will wait with bated breath and a few internal squeals of delight. Then all of a sudden, she screams out “UPSY DAISY!!!” when she is finally visible from the hedge. So far Jasmine has two Upsy Daisy dolls, one Iggle Piggle doll and Makka Pakka. She loves them all, dances with them during the show, and carries them to bed with her. Her 2nd birthday party was last month and we made her an Upsy Daisy cake, all done freehand. She immediately recognized the character on her cake and was so happy. At first I thought the show was odd but have learned to love it as my daughter has. I love how the show is quite calm, teaches kids to go to bed quietly and calmly, and caters to their imagination.

  • satyr272

    My daughter loves In the night garden. she is only turning 1 on april 9 but she still stops what she is doing when the show comes on. this my sound weird but i have two dogs so i have a small dog bed in my living room my daughter loves to sit in it. When In The Night Garden comes on Lily gets her Upsy Daisy and gos in “her” dog bed to watch her show. some times she gos up to the TV to clap along with the show and than right back to the dog bed to watch.
    she loves In The Night Garden and i love watching her watch it, it makes me laugh. I have a lot of photos of this.
    email satyr272@yahoo.com

  • Rebecca

    My daughter fell for this show when we happened across it one night and now our little boy has joined in. It is the only thing that they both will stop for and watch with all of their attention. Very sweet.

  • Twillig

    It’s a really cute show. I love the characters!

  • nina

    my kids love the show as soon as its on there glued to the tv. Great show:)

  • Teresa

    Thanks for the review – we haven’t been watching much television lately so this program has escaped us. Perhaps we’ll take a show or two in as my daughter quite enjoys her music and dance. Now all I need is a crash course on this new language they speak ;o)



  • Linda

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves this show, especially the music (I also enjoy the music – it’s kinda soothing). I think Makka Pakka is her favourite and asks my husband to draw him all the time.

  • Dipti

    I forgot to put my email in the comment. It is diptidhingra@gmail.com. SO I am re-posting my comment. Thanks.
    My daughter is just turning 2 next week. She has been watching “In the Night Garden” since we accidentally stumbled upon it one night. She was very upset and cranky and wouldn’t stop crying. I did everything I could to help soothe her (I think she was getting her molars). So , when nothing worked, I switched on Treehouse to see what was on and there it was! In the Night Garden. She immediately calmed down and was mesmerized for the whole time it was on. Since then, she hasn’t missed a single show. She absolutely loves it. She loves all the characters but especially Uspy Daisy. When I asked her what kind of a cake she wanted for her B’day, she said “Upsy Daisy”. So I am going to try my level best to make one. She loves to talk about them before she goes to bed and often wakes up in the morning telling me about them as if she saw them in her dreams!!!

  • Dipti

    My daughter is just turning 2 next week. She has been watching “In the Night Garden” since we accidentally stumbled upon it one night. She was very upset and cranky and wouldn’t stop crying. I did everything I could to help soothe her (I think she was getting her molars). So , when nothing worked, I switched on Treehouse to see what was on and there it was! In the Night Garden. She immediately calmed down and was mesmerized for the whole time it was on. Since then, she hasn’t missed a single show. She absolutely loves it. She loves all the characters but especially Uspy Daisy. When I asked her what kind of a cake she wanted for her B’day, she said “Upsy Daisy”. So I am going to try my level best to make one. She loves to talk about them before she goes to bed and often wakes up in the morning telling me about them as if she saw them in her dreams!!!

  • Lori

    My son is in love with In the Night Garden! He is entralled with Igglepiggle. The stories are positive and entertaining. It is a great show and it is the only show we watch while our son is awake.

  • T2shoes

    We love in the Night Garden at our house. Seeing the characters of the show going to sleep makes my child feel good about going to sleep knowing that “everyone” does it!

  • Joyce McGregor

    I loved the review as I was thinking of getting my Granddaughter some books now I know we will enjoy these together

  • karen

    both my son and daughter love it. It really calms them down. they also love all the characters

  • Debra Bashford

    My son loves the show and would be thrilled to pieces to play with actual toys from the show.

  • jdowdie

    I have many friends with young children around my 19-month-old daughter’s age and they all love this show! We also watch it at 7:30 on weeknights and now my daughter says “Bye Piggle” as soon as the final “titifords” birds come out and Iggle Piggle starts to sail away in his boat! I would love to win a prize pack so that I can share the gifts with the other children I know who also really like In the Night Garden!

  • thomas rusinak

    It,s hard to find a show that my grandaughter and I both like but we hit the button on this one….great shoe!

  • Blythe12

    Thank you for the review!! My kids (6, 3 and 20 months) love the show. Especially my two youngest. From the start of the music to “go to sleep”time, both of my boys are standing in front of the tv, mesmerized. Dancing and singing, jumping and laughing. In the night garden is a great show!!

  • Tracy

    I must say that In The Night Garden is a favorite in our house. I find it is the “new” Teletubbies. I was a fan of Teletubbies when my daughter was born, and am glad to have the chance for my son to now have a show that is just as “interesting” . I love that it is on at 7:30 p.m. week nights as that is the final show before my sons bedtime, a nice calm relaxing show to send him to dream land. My son only being 14 months loves to trace his finger around he palm of his hand just like the child in the beginning of the show. All of the characters are equally neato … but in all honesty I think that my sons favorite character is Maka Paka, although they all bring a huge smile to his face. I have tried my hardest to get all of the characters that my son can play with at home, and only if only thay would play it more on Treehouse because it is such a good show for children, and I will eep hoping the do it in the loop of shows they repeat all day long. Thanks for such a great show, intersting language, and nice soothing melodies, and wonderful colours. I think this is a childrens show that all parents should share with their young ones. Thanks Tracy

  • Sherriemae

    Honestly, we meaning my 5, 3 and 4 month old have never seen the show because we do not have cable. (Yes we really do live in the dark ages of TV) Of course we watch TV, but our special time is on Friday nights when we rent family friendly DVDs, make pizza and have a picinic on the floor. I would love to win a prize pack for my family so I can introduce them to In the Night Garden and fall in love as the other bloggers families have. We would have an In the Night Garden Family Friday movie night the moment we won, even if it was a Tuesday!

  • marissa1177

    My son Daniel is 18 months old and totally in love with In the Night Garden! He dances around the house like Iggle Piggle all day long! He 1st watched the show with his Gramma and for weeks after he would do this thing with his index finger circling around his plam. I had not seen the show yet and wondered where he had picked that up from. A few weeks later we got that chance to watch the show together, once he head the music he started with the palm thing, I then noticed that the mother does it to a young sleeping child in the opening of the show. The way his face lights up when he sees Makka Pakka do his little dance just fills my heart. He will sit there and watch the show all day if he could! We can’t wait for the DVD’s to be released. When we sit back and watch this show, it really brings us together. Its great!

  • m

    Nice to watch something together

  • Jenny

    My 30-month old son is completely mesmerized by the show. The show has an amazing calming effect on my son as well as on my husband who finds the show relaxing. The show marks the beginning of my son’s bedtime routine which is then following by a bath, book, and then off to bed. Just prior to falling asleep, my son makes a circular motion with his index finger in the palm of his little hand, just like at the beginning of the show. Often times (as is the case this evening), my son places the small plastic toy characters Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy next to him in bed. During the day, my son enjoys playing with the entire set of plastic toy characters. I often catch my son making Iggle Piggle kiss Upsy Daisy, as seen in one of the show’s episodes.
    I would love to win a prize pack for my son because he loves the show so much and any In The Night Garden related toy would undoubtedly be exciting for him. I love the show because it makes my son happy and I approve of the content. I also love the theme song and given that there are no words in the theme song at the beginning of the show when IgglePiggle first sets sail in his boat, I sing along to the tune incorporating my child’s name and words that say ‘I love you’. Our loyalty to the show has proven to have many benefits in our household. Happy family makes for a happy mommy.

  • Connie McCrae

    My little guy loved the show from the first time he seen it. It actually has gotten him to say more words he is slow on talking. He will be 2 in April and doesn’t say a lot. But when the Birds sing the night song he will call out bird. He loves to dance when they sing. He gets so excited when he sees the advertisement on tv when the show is coming on or they toys.

  • KristaMo

    Of all the shows on Treehouse or TV for that matter (for kids), it is the only one that I have found that seems to have a calming effect on our house. My 9 month old daughter has been watching it for about 3 months when a friend was telling me about it. She seems to enjoy it more ever day. When the music start she starts to bop to it….
    One of my friends couldnt believe it and when we played with IgglePiggle at Toys R Us, she does the same thing.
    I really like the music aind the sounds, and the cute little characters are all very colorful and adorable. Its a great show and Ive been telling new moms that it will soon be their favorite as well.
    Thanks ITNG! 🙂

  • amm

    My daughter is so in love with this show, as am I. She dances to all the characters theme songs, and it gives me a giggle. I just wish Treehouse would have it on more often! I am trying to collect all the toys, this contest would be a great help! They have very interactive toys, as well as educational which is the best part.

  • kellib

    My son LOVES this show. When his grandma was visiting we went toy shopping and he was 6 months old. We held up the talking Iggle Piggle and he would not let go. I went home and found the show for him. He gets up so close to the television and holds into his Iggle Piggle for dear life!!!!! He is now 11 months old and well every child has a favorite blankie. His is the little red one!!!!! It is so cute. Two weeks ago I went to toys’r us with my parents and my dad went by all of the In The Night Garden toys. I heard my son across the store. He was so excited and I wish he could have it all. I hope this show stays around for a long time. Its is part of our everyday routine.

  • sherendipity

    My neice and nephew love this show. I’d be the most awesomesauce Aunt ever if I could share this prize.
    What a great review, too!

  • steinn1

    The first time my three year old (then just shy of 3) sat down to watch this show, I groaned thinking it was just another teletubbies-ish program but I have to admit, it’s great! I, too, find it is a great end of day relaxing time for him as it is on treehouse at 6:30, just before bathtime. On the days that my 3 year old doesn’t nap and needs to go to bed before his one year old brother, the little one is very happy to cuddle in his playpen and watch it while I tuck in his big brother. The characters are cute, the plot lines simple, and the content calming. Both my kids would get a kick out of having a great set of these toys as the oldest already role plays from some of the shows he watches!

  • pureevil25

    I find the characters a bit scary looking but the kids seem to love it!

  • Quinn Longmire

    I would love to have this set for my kids

  • katelan

    my friends daughter loves this show & would be very happy to win the contest…she always wants you to do the circles on her hands as it starts & loves to watch it on the computer …mecca pecca is her favorite….

  • katelan

    my friends little one lovesssssssss this show

  • Margaret

    We watch this show almost every night as part of our bedtime routine. It is very calming but still very interesting to my 3 1/2 year old. Even the toys associated with the show are simple but brightly coloured and stimulate imaginative play.

  • Anne Zarecky

    Great, fantastic, sweet , the best!

  • SFraser

    I watch this show with my grandson all the time. Personally, I like Makka Pakka the best, maybe because we have the same shape.

  • Miranda Jane

    sounds like a good read

  • Ayshea Siahamis

    My daughter and I have watched the show since she was 8 months old. She took to it right away and fell asleep right after. It has become part of our bedtime routine, we get ready for bed, have a bottle of milk and watch it together. She says bye-bye to each character when they all go to bed and then takes off up the stairs to her bed when it is all over and done.
    It is such a calming show and I think the soft musical voices of the characters and the dancing is just right for our little ones. I know my little girl starts dancing when they do and walks around saying mi-mi-mi like the Pontipines, haha.
    I know she would love the prize package to hug tight while she watches the program and with all the expenses and tight budgets we all have faced what better than a prize we can all enjoy together during play time and nite-nite time.

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca/moms_the_word/ Jen

    Yeah! Sorry for the confusion 🙂

  • BeverleyB666

    🙂 I am re-registered now:)


    I would love to have this set for my kids

  • stephanie etmanski

    My 2 youngest children Ryder -4 and Liah 20 months love the in the night garden. And to be honest I love it as well. Its the kind of show I love to put on for them just before bed…exactly calming!

  • Amie Kee

    Well done, I totally agree with your perceptive review of “In The Night Garden”. I am a mother of two children, (Evan 4.5 and Sara 17 months) and expecting our third in June. We have just recently started watching the show together after story time, and it’s just amazing how easily they both settle into bed now. I really enjoy watching the show with them both, and find it very relaxing as well. Am looking to pick up a bed-time stuffed character of their choosing as a special Easter bunny treat for them, so winning the contest would be great! Thanks, Amie.

  • Marie Stott

    It’s so helpful to read a comprehensive review such as Margot’s – really gives you a feel for the story.

  • happygardener

    I love this show.As a stay home mom of three who also babysits i am so happy to find a non violent show on television.My kids dont watch a lot of tv,as i encourage other activites but we all enjoy the soft cuddly characters on this show.The kids know everyone by heart and i can even leave and clean up the breakfast mess while they watch

  • Debbie

    I am a stay at home who also takes care of other children in my home.In the night garden is one of our new favorite shows.The kids love the soft cuddly characters and i love the simplicity of the show.It holds the kids attention long enough so i can clean the breakfast mess up.Thumbs up for me!!!

  • kristine

    Yes,I could never figure out what the attraction was either ,however if it calms them down…so be it!I am all for it!

  • mom2boysandagirl

    Both my 19 month old and 5 year old enjoy In the Night Garden, which surprised me. I didn’t think that it would be something for my oldest, but he will sit and watch as well.
    It’s great to see a show as mellow as this at 7:30 when we are winding down for the day. The prize pack would be great to give them more things to involve in their imaginary play.

  • Francine

    My daughter (now 15 months) definitely became captivated by this show at an early age. I’ve been told this is done by the same people who did Teletubbies, which would explain the “weird” factor that drives some parents crazy. We love that it comes on Treehouse at the perfect time each evening to wind down for bed. It is definitely a family affair – Mommy sings the character songs, Grami’s favourite characters are the Tomboliboos and now Daddy even knows the difference between the Ninky-Nonk and the Pinky-Ponk! LOL Outbursts of “Makka-Pakka!” and “Upsy Daisy!” (in character voice of course) are also known to happen regularly around our home – from us, not my daughter! This prize pack would be great to encourage her and add to our nighttime routine.

  • Sonya Davidson

    It’s funny how this show has a “calming effect” as you had mentioned. The timing is perfect too as we wind down the day and get ready for bed. I admit that this show helps out a great deal when you have several kids to deal with at bedtime. My 4 year old loves it and it’s become a “sign” that bedtime is approaching. He gets his sleepy buddies Puppy, Puppy and Puppy and watches the show as I tidy up the kitchen after dinner. By the time we’re done… it’s bedtime with no complaints!

  • nosey

    In our hectic world, children need to learn to use their imagination, for a fun place to go, and if we can share this time with them you are also giving a short period of time to them also. What more fun can that be? I love the story and so does my granddaughter. We had so much fun.

  • mare

    My 21 month old daughter absolutely loves In The Night Garden and I’m a fan as well. It’s calms her down and she knows bedtime is nearing. She almost always falls asleep watching this show and it’s been wonderful seeing her so engaged with the characters.

  • manda

    My 16 mth daughter loves In the night garden! I think it’s the cutest thing when she runs her finger around her palm like the begining of the show (I love that there is a different child each time). I was just on tree house tonight to see if i could find out when it will be out on dvd and found out about this contest, it would b wonderful to win it would make my little girl so happy.
    I can’t wait until april for the dvd she will just love to be able to take it to grandma/pa’s house.

  • danbroly

    Yeah my baby luvs dat show(In the Night Garden) lol…..here i was looking for the movie all over and i just found out today that there was a contest….i just typed in treehousetv.com or somethin and went to In the Night Garden lol…so hopefully i win …………………HOPEFULLY i figure the contest thingy

  • maryann

    my girls are just in love with the show ,every night befor bed they watch it.

  • http://zozo.typepad.com/ shannon k

    lol – my daughter loves this too, but i just don’t get it, it’s so bizarre!

  • JJ2001

    Great Review

  • Angela Griffin

    This is a great kids show!

  • Kim Brett

    I can’t figure it out, my son loves the show. He thinks Makka Pakka is hysterical.
    Just like teletubbies when my daughter was little, it’s mesmerizing.

  • lauralu79

    My son loves this show and always has his bedtime bottle while watching it. It’s very calming for him and he giggles at the characters. To adults, it’s a bizarre show, but to babies and toddlers it is absolutely wonderful!

  • Joanne Woodworth

    My son just loves this show, and for his birthday he asked for Upsy Daisy which I was glad to buy for him. My husband questioned me getting him a “girl” doll and I promptly sat him down to watch the show and he soon changed his mind. Great for boys and girls alike…

  • ~Shannon~

    My daughter is instantly calmed when this show starts. Love it!! Thanks!

  • Marlene V.

    This is a great show — much better than those freaky teletubbies that my other children liked. These characters are cute and lovable. I would love to win this prize pack for my niece who loves this show!!! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • Irene

    My kids loved the show.

  • mwatt

    My two youngest would love one of these prize packs, the show is perfect for their ever expanding minds.


    What a great show, it’s really addicting to watch, even for me and I’m 35. Great review.

  • sarahc

    I love this show. My babies and I watch it every night. We actually recorded a couple of the episodes to watch it during the day also. My babies beg me to play it sometimes, so I spoil them and let them watch it. It’s so Hypnotizing. The songs are great for them because they start to remember the words. It is great to watch before nap time. It gives them happy dreams. We love the show. I LOVE YOUR REVIEW ALSO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beverley

    Looks like my account is accessibe again:) Not sure what’s up with that but either way ..glad to be back:)

  • lizzaduck

    My daughter is 16 months old and already loves In The Night Garden. As soon as she hears the opening song she gets excited and watches the entire thing. We watch it as much as we can and every time she sees the Pontipines sleeping she makes the “clicking” sound they make, and when everyone goes to sleep at the end she lays down with her own “blanky” to finish watching the show! She is babbling non-stop these days and is trying hard to say the names of the charachters but definitely knows who is who. It is a great simple, calming show and is a lot of fun! We have a couple of the books and read them every day! We love the show! lizlac1@yahoo.com

  • Krista Smith-Moroziuk

    I haven’t heard about this show and the review made me want to check it out.

  • Tammy

    We don’t encourgage our 22 month old to watch TV and truthfully…. she is not all that interested anyway…. except when it tomes to two things…….. The brightly coloured TELUS ads and IN THE NIGHT GARDEN…. not to much can keep this busy little girl quite or still for long, but In the night garden does seem to have the magic touch! So….. a BIG THANK you to the show .Creators

  • jrobbies

    Such a breath of fresh air – a show Mommy and kiddies enjoy!

  • Beverley

    🙂 I meant to say 5:30 AM …not evening …lol..see..too tired to think straight lol!
    I can’t sign in to my account for some reason so my email address is Beverley_Berube@hotmail.com just in case anyone can send me a link to reset it…since that isn’t recognising me either:) Thanks!

  • Laura

    The characters are adorable. Looks like a great show. Thanks for the review.

  • Jenny

    My two kids really enjoy this show! I think this review hit it on the nail, its a great program with fun storylines and great characters for the kids, along with a wonderful calming affect! LOL! I personally am facinated with the way its filmed – not a typical kids program!! As mentioned by someone previously, I too have had a hard time finding In the Night Garden toys. I know both my kids would LOVE playing with these toys! Good luck to everyone!!

  • corkrose

    My niece – now 2 1/2 – just newly adopted too 🙂 – loves this apparantly. This would be a lovely gift to give her. I have a griend at work who had to get a PVR so his daughter could watch – any time – very popular show

  • Tammy Powers

    I love the fact that this great show is around! I have 4 children and two of them are 3 year old twins. It is great shows like this which give me a break because it is one of the very few shows my children will sit down quietly to and watch. The show has great characters and is a very “soothing” show for kids to watch. I love the fact that the show isn’t loud or obnoxious like alot of the kids shows out there. I find it to be very calming to my 3 year old twins. I totally recommend this show to other parents of young children:)

  • ali digney

    My 3 1/2 and 2 year old both love this show. It’s on at a great time for a nice calming effect right before bed time.

  • elaine miller

    my daughter loves these characters!

  • DadofTwo

    My daughter will be 3 years old this month, and this would be an awesome Birthday present. She loooooooooooooooooooooooooooves “In the Night Garden”. She watches it every night before going to bed.
    My son is almost 1 years old. He also loves watching “In the Night Garden”. It’s so cute to see him smile as he watches it.
    For my daughter’s birthday, I was going to buy her an Iggle Piggle Doll or Upsy Daisy Doll but this prize would be SO MUCH BETTER!
    The bright colours, the creative characters, the songs which are captivating, and the ability of the show to keep you mesmerized makes it a great show for babies and toddlers alike.
    Also, my babies watch this show everyday so they know the songs, and what to expect. Children at this age love REPETITION!
    We have made “In the Night Garden” part of our Bedtime Routine. The kids have a snack, watch “In the Night Garden”, then I tuck them into bed. This show winds them down and prepares them for bed.

  • Sandra Tavares

    I think this show is great! I agree with the review, this show calms my son down who is 27 months. It turns bedtime into a positive experience as my son loves this show and all the characters also go to bed.

  • Shelley

    My son absolutely LOVES this show! He has really taken to the characters and story lines. He has asked for an Igglepiggle, but I can’t find one anywhere, so I think he deserves to win one because he is an all-round great kid! And it’s true, it is great for children of all ages. I really loved the fact that it isn’t like a lot of cartoons out there that have a lot of violence.

  • lloydmb

    NOW I get it ! My two young grand children love this show, and now I can “talk the talk”. Thanks! Love the idea of something calming before bed.

  • Julie

    Both of my kids (4 1/2 and 21 months) are able to settle down to this show. My little one is especially enamoured by it! My older one gets a kick out of all of the funny names. I am happy for anything that gives me 20 mins to make dinner!

  • Rosa

    I loved your review of the show. It sounds like a show that my little nephews and nieces would like to watch when they come to visit me. I will have to keep it in mind. The prize pack would be great for birthday and Christmas gifts.

  • Beverley Berube

    I first would like to comment on your review 🙂 You nailed it! As I was reading your review to my husband he was saying all of the character names that he knew and I was shocked that he payed that close attention..lol!
    “In The Night Garden” is our favorite show on Tree House ..”4 Squares” is a close second lol..but Jack is going to be 13 months old tomorrow and my husband and I can’t believe how drawn Jack is to the show and it’s characters.
    The Narrator’s soft voice and the music mesmerise him while all of the colours keep his attention locked onto our television screen! I dread the ending because I know it is the end of quiet time lol!
    I would like to thank the creators of “In The Night Garden” for bringing this show into mine and my families world! All of you new mom’s out there know how difficult it is to get more than a few sips of hot tea here and there, but, I get to enjoy a whole cup every week night at 5:30 when my son falls more and more in love with Iggle Piggle and team 🙂
    I think I deserve one of your prize packs simply because I can’t wait to give my son more time to enjoy all of the “In The Night Garden” items you have mentioned and see how truely happy they will make him all day long 🙂 He will hug them, kiss them, dance with them and communicate with them in his own baby language that we can’t quite understand yet lol 🙂 But best of all, he will learn from them right here on our livingroom floor! How awesome would that be?!
    At this stage in his life interactive toys are very important for his development and I would love for you to give me a chance to be the best mom ever and share this gift with him:)

  • Jennifer

    My 22 month old daughter is completely captivated by In the Night Garden!! We started watching this show about a month ago when I accidently came across it one night while trying to distract her from a minor injury she had just endured (I normally don’t allow TV time right before bed). From the first second it came on it was like she was instantly hypnotized and didn’t move a muscle or make a peep until Igglepiggle set off on his boat to sleep. It has become a part of our night routine as I find it really calms and relaxes my daughter right before I put her to bed. Frankly, I have come to enjoy the show too as I find it’s given my daughter and I an extra opportunity to snuggle for half an hour!

  • Doreen

    Great show, great contest. I wonder how easy it is to win?

  • Doreen

    Great show, great contest. I wonder how easy it is to win?

  • cher

    My 18mth old loves the show….he enjoys dancing and moving to the music / sounds . It actually puts him to sleep….so, i love the show, too!

  • marlene_mcl@rogers.com

    My daughter is one and a half, and she too loves this show and Igglepiggle. I can’t believe you had all the proper spellings for the characters! After one of the first few times she watched it, she was always in awe, and it really seemed to mellow her out just before bed. My husband and I keep saying it’s like the new Teletubbies, but we haven’t done the research as to whether or not it’s the same creators. We have an old Teletubbies VHS that my sister gave us. Anyway, thanks for the write up. This show seems to have quite a following!

  • carolejm

    My two year old is just utterly fascinated by the show. My husband doesn’t like it, but I don’t mind it. I think it’s sweet that it’s so simple for him. No complex story to try and follow.

  • maksik1

    seems like a really nice story for little ones

  • Raquel

    My son loves to snuggle with his Daddy each night before bed and watch In The Night Garden. He’s three years old (well, he’s three next month!). Soon our little girl will enjoy watching too (she’s almost one!). It’s become such a special evening ritual.

  • Betty C

    My boys are both past the Treehouse stage so I am out of the loop to younger children’s shows but I appreciate the reviews of them because I just had a 3rd child and she will be into them all before I know it. Thank you!!

  • Karri

    I love the Night Garden! It reminds me of Teletubbies, which our daughter adored, and we are hoping to revisit all the characters soon…

  • Karen MEG

    My four year old loves this show, and the music is indeed quite soothing.

  • Sandi Mcg

    my granddaughter really enjoys watching this show when she comes to our place…she doesn’t get treehouse at home so it’s kind of a grandma treat!!

  • Joyce

    I had a chance to watch this with my 4 year old neice who is autisitc. She loved every minute of it and I enjoyed myself too. Thank you for having a wonderful show for all us moms and aunties to watch with the little ones.

  • Jodie Hendren

    Our son is almost 2years old now and I find that the show stimulates his imagination and encourages quiet playtime. The characters are colourful and the show is very age appropriate where as a lot of “kids” shows are just too grown up for toddlers!!

  • Peggy Xenos

    I have a 16th month old son. He absolutely loves this show and so do I. He imitates the characters and I join him in pretend play. I work all day and only get to spend a few hours with him before his bed time so he knows that when his show is on, mommy is there with him.

  • Sandra p

    My nephew loves this show. It was a great way to wind down the day.

  • kimber

    My kids know after In The Night Garden, they go to bed. I don’t have to say a word. I like it when my 2 year year old can watch it before his day nap too, it makes for a peaceful transition.

  • Leda

    Our daughter loves the show too. I like that it is calm and sweet and encourages good bedtime habits.


    My 3 1/2 year-old twin daughters find “In the Night Garden” absolutely mesmerizing. Even though they have only watched it a handful of times, they seem to be able to recognize all the characters! I have to say it is a very gentle show and seems to stimulate imaginative play in my girls which few too many other shows do.

  • carol-anne

    some people are really creative

  • Barbara Behan

    I babysat my grandson for a few days when he was six months old, and when he woke in the night we watched “In the Night Garden” until he went back to sleep (after his feeding.) I was amazed at how he would smile when certain characters came on the screen, at only six months of age he was amused by the show. I found it very calming for him, and don’t know what I would have done without it!


    Igglepiggle is simply a simple character that small children are drawn too. The colors are fairly calming and the big eyes are very attracting to the little ones.
    Margot’s review of the Hight Garden is bang on…Great job, I don’t think anyone could have said it better.

  • amanda

    my son is not old enough for the show yet,but he will be soon and i think will love it!

  • jbelle

    The first time I saw my son smile was watching this show, and he still smiles and laughs with excitment every time it comes on.
    He has a mini Igglepiggle and carries it everywhere, I can’t imagine his delight if he were to win such a prize!

  • powerboat

    This is one of the TV show that my 3 year old son likes the most. Cute charactors. Nice music. Even my 10-month-old enjoys watching it too.

  • Paula

    I have to say I disagree with most of the comments, I have watched this show numerous times (as well as my husband) and we both despise it. If the characters used English we may have a different view. It’s not a show at all for learning, and I think it could actually have a negative effect on my daughter. We want her talking in real words, not mumble-jumble! My daughter is 2.5 and this is one show we don’t allow her to watch anymore! I would say for kids under 1 it’s great, though.

  • Patricia Boyle

    I have no children but I think that the show is cute.

  • floaz

    My @ year old daughter loves this show. She cant sleep at might with out Iggle Piggle and upsy daisy in her bed. For her 2nd birthday I am going ti try to make it her theme party!

  • Tracey

    My 1 1/2 year old daughter is the biggest In The Night Garden Fan there is!! Believe me!

  • Canokie

    My 2 year old niece loves this show! My husband and I turned it on one day to see what all the fuss was about; we actually really enjoyed it. The music was extremely relaxing and the characters were cute and yet simple. Anytime we find ourselves at the toy store, we always make a point of stopping to look over the latest In The Night Garden merchandise.

  • Catherine Casper

    Sounds interesting. I’ve seen the IgglePiggle dolls in the toystore and wondered what in the world it is! Have to check it out, thanks!

  • Kymm

    The characters are a little odd looking for me but my daughter seems to like them. Although she is only 1 year and 3 weeks old she is attracted to the characters and interrested in the show.

  • carrie

    I like this show and my 23 month old loves it. I like it for the same reasons, it helps wind my son down after a hecktic day. The only problem is..it’s so mellow, it makes me tired just watching it.

  • Cazgirl

    It’s a great show because the kids love it, but the adults think it’s a little weird.

  • http://crumbsintheminivan.blogspot.com CynthiaK

    All three of my kids enjoy this show – even my six year old! As you note, it’s quite a mellow program, which is great for that slowing down time in the evenings.
    My favourites on the show are the Pontipines and the Wattingers. They remind me of characters I can’t place…

  • Jennifer

    In the Night Garden is a show that is watched not only by my 11 month old daughter each night, but by Shady our lil’ Chihuahua. Shady is absolutely capitivated by the little sounds each of the characters make, but mostly perks up when Iggle Piggle rattles his blanket. There is nothing cuter than watching Shady sitting next to my daughter both of them encaptured by the characters of the show.
    My daughter has the little plush toys of Upsy Daisy, Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka, and all three are her comfort toys, but she loves snuggling Upsy Daisy to her face before going to sleep and upon waking.
    Ella would just love this prize pack, and I am sure Shady would want her to share one of her toys. I would enjoy playing with and showing Ella all the wonderful items in this great prize.

  • faerydust

    I would love to win the prize pack for my nephew, he needs something to slow him down once in awhile. I’m sure he would love to see it!

  • amberleah

    Looks like a great show for kids, but my grandson has not yet seen it. To win the prize pack would definitly be a surprise for him and my daughter.

  • Lesley

    This show reminds me of how popular Teletubbies was, the show is weird and unfathomable for most adults but kids really connect to the simplicity of it.

  • Tracey Pye

    My son loves this show!! We use it to relax before bedtime. We also have to go to bed with Makka Pakka as he is my sons favourite character! He also clacks when the Pontipines go to bed and they caount them all. Too cute!

  • Glenda Leah Harlton

    Watch this with my granddaughter and just love the characters especially ninkynonk train~~~

  • amandamielke

    This looks interesting.. I’ll have to check it out

  • Lisa

    Both of my boys (ages 4 and 2) love this show at any time of the day. It engages them and they often come and get me so we can all watch it together. I don’t understand the attraction to the show, but I am happy when the kids are happy, so all is good.

  • gregndiane

    My son started watching this last year at 2 and loved it, he’ s not as in to it anymore, however he still likes the theme song and we hum it together. His fave are the pontypines. I have another one on the way and think it would be great to have the night garden gear for both of them.

  • Whitney

    I may not be an urban mom but I am an adoring urban auntie and my niece LOVES In the Night Garden. My 2 year old niece, Ainsley, lives out of the city so I relish the times I get to cuddle up with her and watch the show.
    I would love to win this prize pack for her, especially because my brother’s family will be moving into a new house and a new city soon. Moving can be a stressful and confusing time for a child and while my brother and sister-in-law will do their best to make her new bedroom comfortable and cozy, I think In the Night Garden will be a great help in easing Ainsley’s new-house bedtime anxiety!

  • http://www.yahoo360/delta4789 Carmel Fox

    A childs imagination will be inspired from what I read about “In The Night Garden”.

  • Jean Ternan

    My kids, 2 year old and 3 year old, just love this show! I can’t understand the attraction, but they know the names of the characters. It is great because it come on just before dinner, so gives me time to prep supper.

  • Desiree

    I think that it is great that you actually sat down to watch it with your child (and not for the sake of writing the review). I sometimes think that it is to easy to just pop a video into the machine and put our kids in front of the tv so that we can do another load of laundry, make supper and so forth. It is also great that you talked to your children after the show because it also gives you a better feedback as to why they liked the show and it opens them up so that hopefully they will continue to give their feedback for years to come.

  • retromusic

    We’ve made the opening a part of our son’s bedtime ritual (we hum the opening theme and draw circles on his palm) and he finds it quite calming. His favourite is when the Ninky Nonk climbs up the trees!

  • Mary Ann

    I agree with all of you I have never seem my son take such interest in a show before this one…he won’t budge when it’s on…my hubby even hums the ending…

  • Tammy Grady

    My 3 year old son and I both love In the Night Garden! The use of words is so cute. I’d love to win since he plays with his Ninky Nonk every day and loves his Too Much Pinky Ponk Juice book.

  • Diana Corlett

    I am a grandmother…I find the concept behind In the The Night Garden fascinating. I will be recommending it to all the parents of young children that I know.
    Would love to win the great prize package; thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Mamacita

    My daughter totally loves this show … and so do I. I try to at least get her to watch the last 10 minutes of it so that she can see everybody go to sleep and then she says good night to the tv, the stars, the sofa and everything else on her way to her room. … Only thing now is that she likes to go to bed a bit later so she takes about 10 minutes or more to say good night to everything (lol!) – wish they had the program on at 8 pm vs 7:30 pm – this will also give me more non-tv play time with my little one after a long day at work. It’s an awesome program for the little ones.

  • Kristina Gomzi

    I’ve actually never heard of the show or the characters but it does sound sweet. My son is 10 months old and doesn’t watch kiddie shows yet. I do approve of tv though, I guess I just need cable LOL Thanks for the informative article.

  • Kim

    My 16 month old loves it. She loves the characters. My 4 year old will also sit down and watch it as well.

  • sue

    Both my kids are fans of this show, my daughter (16 months) more so now than my son (2 1/2). He used to like it more when he was a bit younger but he still watches it with his little sister. Just the hearing the theme song will bring baby running from wherever she is in the house. Her favorite character is Upsy Daisy although she likes to cuddle Maka Pakka before bed.
    I would suggest this show to parents because it has a calming effect on the kids… even if it only lasts a half hour!

  • lhennigar

    We have not watched this show. My daughter is 3 1/2 I thought it seemed to ‘babyish’. But because of this review we will try it out.
    Would love to have the package of great ‘In the night garden’ stuff!

  • Danielle

    Hi Everyone,
    My daughter loves the show too! And great for winding down. She knows that once story time comes at the end its time to head upstairs. Sometimes she’s even ready sooner!

  • Jennifer Simpson

    Looks like a great show, will check it out tonight! The characters are adorable!

  • thomas rusinak

    we watch the show all the time (grandparents and granddaughter) its great!

  • Susan

    My twins have been watching this since the were 7 months old old & they love the show! They recognize the characters & will always smile & clap their hands (esp. Upsy Daisy) throughout the show. It’s really cute. Now that they are just over 1 years old, they still really enjoy the show!

  • IrishEyes77

    In The Night Garden… is my son’s absolute favourite show. When he started watching it several months ago he even cried when it was over! We had to assure him that it would be back on again the next day. He now knows exactly what days and times the show is on Treehouse (he’s only 2 1/2!) and is completely in love with the characters.

  • http://www.thesehappydays.com twinado

    Unfortunately on the west coast this show is on just as my kids are getting up from nap. Still a nice calming transition as the time b/n nap and dinner can be the most challenging.

  • jayda

    Well I am one of the parents who are ever thankful for “In the Night Garden” not only for it showing in the evening but also the morning time. My daughter use to get up very early in the morning when she was smaller and with our time here it happened to be on when she woke up. After working late at night the last thing I wanted in the morning was some busy moving show that would hype her up. It was calming and relaxing for both her and I. From that point on she fell in love with the show. It seems as thought its been ages the show has been on and as she grows she still loves it. I also find it perfect for us when Treehouse plays the show as it is either near nap time early morning or bed time. Just the time of day I need her to be relaxed. We have now welcomed a new little one into our family and I look forward to the special times continuing on with her. With all the hussle and bussle of our daily lives its nice to have a show like this that allows and reminds us all to cuddle up and relax!

  • 2cookies

    “In the Night Garden”. The tittle alone has a calming effect on both my husband and myself. With 19 month old twin boys, bedtime can be a hectic time. We put the program on one night and the boys immediately relaxed and started to watch it. It has now become part of our nightly routine. It’s whimsical show that can span many age groups. The boys love all the characters, even the birds that sing in the tree. Our favorite part, my husband and I, is when all the characters go to bed. The narrator asks, “who’s not in bed?…Igglepiggle’s not in bed..” We then repeat the lines with our boys names. They know that it’s time to go to bed. Unfortunately, the show is not on at 7:30pm on the weekends, so our routine is changed up a bit then. We highly reccomend this show and encourage others to watch it. We too wonder what will happen when they stop taping the show, however, I know the boys wont mind watching re-runs.

  • timberwolf

    Well, what can I say about In the Night Garden? At first I hated it! I said I would never let my daughter watch it… And then she caught it one night on Treehouse and how could I take her away from a show that she enjoyed so much and was so amazed by? She would stand in front of the t.v. for the entire show, which calmed her and gave me a chance to run her bath and get her milk ready before she went to bed. I am now thankful for the show and catch myself watching it and singing the songs all the time now too. I haven’t actually been able to purchase the toys yet as most of them are kind of pricey, but am sure my daughter would be thrilled to have her own little night garden adventures at home with the many toys they have available now. I look forward to The Night Garden calming and entertaining my baby boy who’s due in July too!

  • kelephant

    My daughter (now 4) still loves In The Night Garden. It’s the Treehouse show we wind down with for bedtime each night.
    At the end of the episode when IgglePiggle is not in bed, we make a fun game out of “who’s not in bed” she always says IgglePiggle and I always say “Little Princess”
    It’s a fun show with lots of imagination 🙂

  • lpappas

    My kids would absolutely love each and every item in the prize pack. They love the show, and of course my son adores Iggle Piggle and my daughter is a big fan of Upsy Daisy. In the Night Garden is very unique, and there’s nothing else quite like it in comparison. Whenever it’s on in our house, my kids are glued to it from start to finish.

  • Saidera

    This looks like a great show. I have never seen it before but will be checking out out!

  • Sweetpea

    These characters are adorable. There is never any fear in letting children watch this show. There is no profanity – just innocence.

  • Sabeen Jahangir

    My kids love to watch this show. Its the favourite show of my 2 year old daughter.

  • susan

    This show looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to have my neices come over for a sleepover and then watch it with them!

  • Kate McGowan

    Hi 12 month old son Duncan loves In the Night Garden. We wanted something soothing for him to cuddle up and enjoy, but he was too restless for a long book, so now he gets a short book and In the Night Garden. He sits on my knee and is enthralled by it. He says lots of ‘Ga Ga Ga’ (which he calls my Mum, who is British – I think the narrator’s accent reminds him of her!
    We’d love a prize pack to keep him company until Ga Ga can get back to Toronto from the UK!

  • Debbie W.

    I babysit on occasion, and find the girls are absolutely captivated by the characters.
    I have to admit, I find myself sitting down and watching the show myself.

  • Lorie S

    My DAUGHTER really loves this show. Her favorite character has to be Upsy Daisy! It is awesome for getting her imagination going and we both enjoy singing and dancing along. ITS our special girl bonding time before bed!!
    I would be thrilled to win this for my daughter!

  • Catherine

    The characters are adorable.

  • sheila

    My niece’s little one is amazed by this show. Why?

  • Amanda

    My friends were talking about this show, saying their babies loved it. I didn’t want to get caught up in another kid “fad” and had never really watched it. A girl who pulls her skirt over her head when she’s embarrassed? Weird names and characters? I really had no interest. Until the other day, at a store my 11 month old saw the toy of Igglepiggle and wouldn’t let go. I decided to try and let her watch it, partly to see what the fuss was about and for a few minutes rest. She must have enjoyed it as she stayed in the living room the whole time, while normally she’s all over the place. I have to say it was reminiscent of my son’s Teletubbies days, and to see the reviewer’s older son also liked it, makes me feel better for joining in.

  • Julie Farmer

    My Grandson absolutely loves this!!

  • Trisha

    When my 18 month old son started to tap on the TV screen at about 7:20 one evening, we couldn’t figure out what he was trying to get us to do. So we continued with our evening routine and had a bath, got pajamas on and returned to the living room for a bit of TV and a bottle. Well! What was on the television, but The Night Garden! This is what he was trying to get us to turn the TV to. He sits in front of this program until its over, doesn’t make a peep, finishes his bottle and off to bed.
    We think this program is wonderful…it is a calming, interesting and fun little program for my little one. We even have all the miniatures to play with!

  • cheryl

    This show could inspire any child’s imagination. The characters are so entertaining and intriguing. Thanks to the creators of this show. Your review was very thorough.

  • Sandra Schultz

    Even though I find this show kind of annoying due to the fact that they have their own language. My kids, 2 years and 5 years will actually watch some of it. I also like that it’s on at night – to kind of wind down the day. Good review – I agree with almost all of it.

  • louisehoniball

    My 11 month old daughter is completely intrigued with In the Night Garden… as soon as she hears the theme song at the beginning of the show she stops what she is doing and watches as Igglepiggle is floating on his boat to the Night Garden. We bought her the figurine set with the main characters and she recognizes them from the show, although she calls each one Makka Pakka. She will try to say the other characters names but always resorts to calling everyone Makka Pakka (as it’s the only one she can pronounce). Every week night we watch the show without missing it and my husband and I sing along, making funny faces and sounds with the show. My daughter would utterly love this prize pack to play with all of her favorite characters all day long.

  • Idas

    my 2 year old is lukewarm about it. We discovered “The Jungle Room” which shows 4 and 5 year olds in a pre-school environment and she finds it really interesting and relevant already.

  • cheryl

    This show could inspire any child’s imagination. The characters are so intriguing. Thanks to the creators of this show. Your review was very thorough.

  • turbosir

    My son loves this show. its very British and he just sits there with his jaw open. He would love this prize pack

  • Sara

    My daughter is a huge fan of this show and we have incorporated it into our nightly routine. She watches it quietly (I’m amazed at how long she’ll sit quietly in my lap to watch the show) and then we do our bath/bedtime routine. It’s a nice end to a hectic day and she gets quite excited when she sees any of the characters in the toy aisle at a store. Needless to say, I would love to win the prize pack as I know my daughter would adore all it included!

  • lisa hg yelds

    I haven,t seen the show but from the looks of it, my future Grandchildren would LOVE! This would be a great collectors item for children This is a definate must see for all little ones and many copies to put away for future Grand kids!

  • nej26

    I can’t say how much my daughter loves this show…She is like hypnotised!!! I then use this time to do some clean up.Love love this show!! Her favourites are Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy..You should see her dance too!!

  • emmawiller

    Holy crap, that prize pack would blow my kids’ minds.
    I have a 3 year old and a 16 month old. The 3 year old doesn’t like it anymore but really used to. The 16 month old LOVES In the Night Garden. Goes to sleep with an Iggle Piggle doll every night. Freaks out even when a preview commercial on treehouse comes on.
    I particularly like it because our family is 75% British (only the 16 month old doesn’t have a British passport – yet) and I like to expose my kids to BBC children’s shows. Also it’s whimsical but less annoying than the Teletubbies!!

  • Kristina

    Sounds like a fun show. Unfortunately we don’t get Treehouse. One of my son’s friends has Igglepiggle and my son gets a kick out of it!

  • Mikki

    Sounds like this is a great kids show. I like the idea that its calmer then most the stuff on TV that always seems to get all the kids I know all wound up and out of control.

  • Erica Kirkland

    My two-year-old daugther Sophie LOVES this show. I PVR it for her just in case she misses an episode, but she’s normally up by 4:30 a.m. – in plenty of time to catch the 5:30 a.m. episode. She especially loves all the songs most of the characters have and gets up to dance at each one. When we first started watching the program she would actually cry when it was over. Now I’ve gotten her to just wave bye-bye to Iggle Piggle and say, “Bye guys, see you soon!”

  • Angela Walker

    These characters are soooooo cute. Very adorable show : )
    Great review!!!!!

  • Holly Brandsma

    My son just turned two and absolutley loves this show. It is a life saver for me too, especially when I am trying to get dinner on the table. We really wish In the Night Garden was available on DVD too. It is only available in the U.K. We would love to travel on our road trips with this in the DVD player. Our little guy loves to draw a circle on our hands too when he watches the little one drift off. Very adorable.

  • shelly stetsko

    I have heard of the movie but my sons have not yet seen it. To win the prize pack would definitly be a surprise for them.
    Have a great day 🙂

  • http://hotmail.com Michelle Bradley

    I am going to be a grandmother for the first time and this prize package would be just the thing to help calm me and my new grandbaby when i get a chance to babysit.

  • kim

    My Grandson loves this show, watches it in the evening just before he goes to bed as it seems to really calm him down

  • truhud

    This is another one of those shows I wish I didn’t have to watch. Since my son loves to watch the show while sitting with me – I will make an acception. Please don’t tell.

  • yellatac

    My 7 month old loves the show he will sit watching the whole thing and then falls asleep without a problem

  • jwalker8

    I have a very sleepless child that would only go to sleep by clicking my fingernails and sucking on his soother and without being able to fall back asleep on his own, he needed me all night, every night. I went and purchased one of the small Iggle Piggle’s with the little blanket attached and when I brought it home I told him it was his new magic sleep friend. I never expected it to work, but as I had told him – it was magic! He cuddles that to fall asleep and we’ve since gotten rid of his soothers too.

  • Jo-Anne

    My kids and I have fallen in love with this show and its magic. We had been seeing picture of the characters everywhere but hadn’t found them. Imagine our joy when we found the show on Treehouse! I have since gone back to work and it has been wonderful to come home, have dinner and spend this quiet with them travelling to the garden. My youngest (18months) grabs my hand when the music comes on drags me in front of the tv and plops down into my lap. My eldest (5 years) waits for Upsy Daisy to come and dances with her and discusses what has occured on the show. She feels that I look like Upsy because we both have the same boingy hair unless my hair has been twisted into bumps and then I look like a Twombly-Boo. We all say good night to the babies on the show and my youngest always points to Igglepiggle and says “da-un, da-un” (that one, that one) to him.
    I like the fact that it is quiet, gentle and smart. The adventures are exciting and things little children always dream of doing. Plus anything that gives Derek Jacobi (the narrator) is a wonderful thing.
    Yes, I would love to have these for my kids because it has made the world amazing. My son looks out of the window now and has acknowleged stars in the sky by saying “da-un” so I now that he has put 2 and 2 together. Isn’t that a pip!

  • Angela

    My pre-school boys love watching In the Night Garden. Having the character toys to play with would help them build upon the fun, imaginative stories developed in the show. Wonderful!

  • tracyo

    My 2 year old loves In the Night Garden. He somehow manages to wake himself up just in time to watch it with daddy in the early morning before work.

  • VWpjsG

    My daughter received a pair of pj’s with Upsy Daisy on them and I did not know who that was until now. I think that she would love the show but we do not get Treehouse.

  • flower_child_23

    my 3 1/2 year old daughter loves this show.It is not one of the shows that i enjoy watching with her, but i do anyways.
    My daughter is such a smart and good girl and i think she deserves this prize.
    She already knows her alphabet, writes her own full name,doing some adding and subtraction.

  • girlie girl

    My little one is also a fan and would be absolutely thrilled to receive this! It’s a great wind down, before bed program.

  • Shonna Bechtel

    My 3.5 year old loves the show. I didn’t think he would. It doesn’t have the same pazzazz as say – Backyardigans. But Iggle Piggle is a definite hit. I have caught my 6 year old watching as well – although he would say it’s for pre-schoolers. In The Night Garden toys would definitely be a hit in this house.

  • Heather

    My 19 month old daughter absolutely loves this show…the little squeaks and chirps from the characters are right up her alley as she doesn’t talk yet either! LOL! We bought her an igglepiggle doll for christmas and would love to get the whole set for her to play with and share with the other kids at her daycare. I think this show is great…teaches lessons, counting and other toddler related skills. Plus the soothing and relaxed atmosphere is helpful when getting her to wind down for bedtime…our TV is always on Treehouse at 7:30 every night…

  • aidn1

    My daughter and son watch this show every night before they go to bed. My daughter loves saying the names of the characters: Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, etc. My son can’t talk yet, but I get lots of smiles from him as he watches In the Night Garden. They would be thrilled to receive one of these great prizes. The songs from the show are like nursery ryhmes, so I guess it helps prepare them for bed. It’s very repetitive to watch it daily (for me), but toddlers and babies love repitition so it’s great for them!

  • http://the-mommydiaries.blogspot.com Ally

    My daughter loves this show. She rocks to the songs and she’s already got her favorite characters. It seems to calm her down and it’s easier to get her to nap after watching the show.

  • Josie

    I’ve caught this show with my 2 year old on a number of occasions. It’s a bit different but definitely calming. I like the way each show has it’s predictable layout and the nice calm ending. What’s up with the strange noises that the pinky-ponk and ninky-nonk make? Overall I’d say it’s a good show that I allow my son to watch if he’s not in the process of getting ready for bed.

  • Joy

    This show and their characters are what every adult needs to de-stress, and now we have the excuse that we watch it for and with our kids! Would love to have these toys around during the day to remind me to take a step back and breath and calm down!

  • Tammy Hynes

    I had not yet heard of this movie so enjoyed reading this review to learn about it. I love the character names like “Igglepiggle” and that Margot felt it really encourages imaginative play in children. And when I read that the show ends every time with the all of the characters peacefully going to sleep…I thought I’ve got to get this for my little one, maybe it will get her to drift off to sleep for her naps more easily too if she sees the characters doing just that! I’m really looking forward to checking this movie out, thanks to this great review!

  • elaine miller

    My 4 1/2 yr old (autistic) daughter loves the show , puts us both to sleep!

  • Julie

    Both my daughters like dancing around with all the characters. they especially like the train (and i admit, i wouldn’t mind taking a spin on it myself sometimes!) they like it but i find all the baby-talking a bit much.

  • Jane

    Both my children watch “In the Night Garden” and we have been fans since the show came on air. My 16 month old “dances” to all the characters songs. We have one book and she brings it to me to read to her many times a day.
    We watch the show, just before bedtime and it is a great way for us all to come together and relax before story time. It gives my husband and I a brief rest and the kids time to calm down and sets the mood for the rest of the night.
    I have to admit I am quite fond of the show myself and my favorite character is Makka Pakka, my daughter loves Upsey Daisy.
    I waited until she was older to really begin decorating her room, so I could get an idea of what she liked. I would love to make her room an “In the NIght Garden” themed room and a package of goodies would certainly help get me started.
    Since I am also pregnant with my third child now, it wuold also help offset the cost of decorating two rooms at once!!!

  • viappia

    My daughter is definitely a fan of the show and she’s even started asking to go to bed. She loves TV characters that come to life (so to speak) as a stuffed toy she can hold. She would love these characters to play with and they will all be able to go to sleep together.

  • Jen L.

    My son loves this show too. We both would be thrilled with the contest prize — what great stuff!

  • http://www.tinawerner.blogspot.com tina werner

    Looks like a great show for kids… too bad we don’t get tree house, i’m sure my girls would love it. The characters are really sweet!

  • Maureen O’Donnell

    I agree with you about how calming this show is. My son (18 months) took to it right away. Up until now he really didn’t watch much tv but at night it’s great for him to watch and when it’s over he’s relaxed and ready for bed!

  • kerrirogers30

    My children love the show but I can’t understand why, I do like that it gets the child ready for bed it has a calming effect on both of my children.

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