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How Sexy Can a Vacuum Cleaner Be?

dyson_dc43_animal__98693_zoom.jpgVacuum cleaning…hardly a springboard for sexy thoughts for most people. However, when I brought home a new Dyson vacuum cleaner last week and my husband got so excited that he stayed up late, putting it together and testing it out on our various floor coverings, I realized again how sexy his mastery of certain domestic chores truly is.

In our household over our almost sixteen years of marriage, we’ve fallen into a comfortable partnership where we’ve divided and conquered all the little things that need to work to make our household run smoothly. He wakes up early and makes the coffee. He makes a packed lunch for each of us, while I pack lunches for the three kids. I handle all field trip forms, agenda signings and test quizzing, while he cleans up the kitchen behind our mess. I iron his shirt…he takes stuff to the dry cleaners. I grocery shop; he gardens. Every now and then I’ll roll my eyes dramatically and say, “I just can’t face another trip to No Frills,” and he takes the grocery list and faces the crowds, while I stay behind and clean the bathrooms. For the most part, it all just works for us, and I expect most relationships have similar stories.
But vacuuming had fallen into a sort of “no mans land”. Our every-other-week cleaning lady manged to regularly pull the old vacuum cleaner out and got rid of dust from our hardwood, area rugs and broadloom. We both assumed she was changing bags, but honestly I can’t remember the last time we bought any, and I can’t remember when either one of us used the vacuum between her visits.
So Bill’s excitement over this new Dyson Ball technology vacuum cleaner was surprising. Turns out the company’s done a great job with their marketing, and Bill lectured me on the 6 years, 497 engineers and 2496 prototypes needed to develop the new Dyson ball vacuum. He was eager to put the promised greater maneuverability to the test, and started nipping into corners, darting around sofas and stretching the instant telescopic hose up the stairs.
The motors, electronics, ducting and airways are all contained within the ball, making canister vacuums that are easier to pull, and uprights that are easier to push. (Inventor James Dyson maintains that “you’re either a pusher or a puller.” Interesting fact that most Canadians are pullers, but in Quebec the majority use an upright, making them pullers…vive la difference!)
Then, lo, the exclamation…”Jen, come up here and see this!” Such excitement as he showed me a half-full canister of left-behind dust, hair and dirt that he’d suctioned from our living space (the plastic’s clear, so you can see all the nasty stuff). Back to the marketing, and he explained to me that Dyson has been continually refining vacuum cyclone technology since inventing it more than 20 years ago. Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology captures more microscopic dust than any other cyclone. 
I was quick to employ the trigger-bin emptying system; with the press of a button, the dust and dirt is emptied directly into the waste bin, so your vacuums ready to start all over again. The filter can be hand washed and air dried, so there’s no need to worry about replacing bags or filters. 
I know our house is cleaner than it’s been in the past, and that’s a healthy change. Dyson is the only vacuum cleaner certified by the Asthma and Allergy Society of Canada. I know the vacuum is fun and easy to use because Bill’s continued to “test drive” it over the past week. Dyson ball vacuum cleaners are available at dyson.com and major Canadian retailers. The DC43 model that we tested retails for $699.99 and comes with a five year parts and labour guarantee.
I can’t promise it’s all enough to get my vacuuming regularly, but it sure does make me happy to see my husband pick up one of the unassigned household chores so eagerly…and Dyson has made a true convert of him!
Dyson was wonderful enough to give me a vacuum for review purposes, but when I told them how much I loved the product, they offered one for an UrbanMoms member, too. 
So tell me, what household chore do you think just “sucks”? (that’s vacuum humour, folks). Enter your comment below for a chance to win. One entrant will be chosen randomly to win the fantastic Dyson DC43.
Contest closes on Monday, June 18 at 9:00 am. 
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