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A Winner from Santa…and Maybe for You!


There are very few gifts that Santa can bring that will satisfy all three of my kids. Quite often poor Santa is left scrambling to find something for the tween boy who is sports crazy, something else for my 10 year old son who likes the coolest gear and games, and another something for my 6 year old daughter, who likes dolls, stuffed animals and books. 

Last year, Santa scored a home run when he brought all three of them an Xbox 360 console with Kinect. We’d had a very old gaming system for about five years, so just coming into the 21st century with the Xbox was exciting enough, but have you seen Kinect? Kinect is fun on a whole new level. It’s controller-free gaming, which uses amazing camera sensors to allow your body to play the game, race the race, or battle the dark side. There is no remote required 
The boys were excited to finally have a console so that they could play all of the games they’d tried out at friends’ houses. Very quickly my oldest was playing NCAA Football, where he could not only play games, but follow the path of a young quarterback starting out at university and eventually getting drafted to the NHL. 
Both boys were making up “dream teams” in NHL11 consisting not only of their favourite NHL players, but also the teammates from their own hockey teams. 
My daughter loved her Kinectimals. It helped that it came with its own little stuffed animal version of the friendly cheetah pal that she could play with in the Kinect game. Pretty soon she was “virtually” petting its stomach, tossing a ball for it to retrieve and feeding her new pet. 
What surprised me, though, was how much the entire family enjoyed the Kinect Sports game. We are not a “gamer” family, but pretty soon we were spending evenings together with our Xbox and Kinect, horseback riding, downhill skiing and figure skating in the basement. Kinect provides an amazingly even playing ground, and my 6 year old daughter delighted in being able to kick the soccer ball by her older brothers in net. 
Playdates have become a breeze; even with more than 2 friends, it’s almost as entertaining watching your pals playing Kinect as it is playing yourself!
This year Santa’s got a very easy time shopping for the kids…my daughter’s asking for Disneyland Adventures, the newest game from Kinect, and my boys are asking for NFL12 for Xbox and Kinect Sports, Season 2.

This year Xbox and UrbanMoms would like to bring your family together over the holiday season the old fashion way…playing games!!  You could be the winner of one of two Xbox 360 with Kinect including the games Disneyland Adventures and Kinect Sports Season 2.  To enter to win simply comment and tell us what was your families favourite game to play when you were growing up.



This post was sponsored by XBOX.  All content is true based on Jen’s personal experience.

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