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Eight children sleep where????

Recently someone asked me where my children sleep, and being the smart ass that I am my reply was “In their bed.” The dirty look I got led me to assume that my comment wasn’t really the answer they were looking for.
Personally I thought it was sort of a rude question but since they asked and I’ve now started this topic…… well you probably want to know as well correct?
Raising and providing for eight children is hard and although my husband has a great job and is an excellent provider we most certainly do not live in an eight or ten bedroom home. (I am trying to work on this though and pray we win the lottery some day!).  The truth is, all but the girls, share a room.  There was a time when Marie and Arielle shared a bedroom but personally I feel girls need and want a bit more privacy than their male counterparts, and the age difference between the two girls is just to big for it to work out.
The way it works is like so:  Joshua and Zachary share a room and they love it. Sometimes I am convinced it is the whole aspergers thing and they just get each other. Sebastian and Ryley share a room and they hate it.  Sebastian claims Ryely is annoying and is constantly messing the room up. (Well this is true….) and Ryley claims that it is Sebastian who always makes a mess.  I believe it is a little both of each, but what do I know I am the horrible mother remember?  Then we have Thatcher and Tanner who have their own cribs but bunk out with me in the palace (aka mine & the hubbys bedroom).  I would like to put them in another room soon but not sure where I am going to put them as we have run out of bedrooms. Marie has her own room and so does Arielle.  Arielle complains that her room is the size of a closet and even though she isn’t that far off from the truth I have let her know that she is extremly lucky to have what she has.
From my end I actually think room sharing is pretty neat.  Having a sibling bunk out with you means a few less boogey men under the bed, someone to talk and laugh with and another person to share your inermost thoughts to – okay I know I am dreaming but it doesn’t hurt right?  
These days children are full of self entitlement and mine are no exception, but I think to some degree room sharing helps this (just a teeny teeny bit).  By sharing a room my children have to learn the art of compromise, sharing, taking care of not only their belongings but their siblings belongings as well, and – okay forget all that mushy crap! They fight, whine and bitch about how they hate sharing a room but interestingly enough when a sibling has fallen asleep on the couch, in another room or is away at a friends house, the brother left with a room to call his very own for one night, suddenly doesn’t want his own room anymore.  
What are your thoughts on siblings sharing a room?  How many is too many in one room?
Until next time,
Chantel, momof8crazymonkeys
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  • Growing up, I had to share a room with my sister for a few months. I was too young to really remember though. The rest of the time, I had my own room. I often wondered what it'd be like to share a room. Then I got married! LOL

  • My sister and I shared a room growing up, and we remain very close today... maybe our personalities were well suited to it - but we didn't have a choice about it.
    My two kids share a room now, though they're different sexes. We're going to ride that out for as long as we can, and then we'll have to switch some rooms around to accommodate the change. it's not a big house... and I do think they learn to share and compromise when they share a space. It's a good life skill!

  • I had to share with my sister & I hated it! Her side of the room was always a mess & it creeped into my side. We didn't have a big room so it was easy for that to happen. When we were younger it was ok....once I was a teen....not so much! My daughter still sleeps in our room in her toddler bed but the plan is to move her into her own room in the near future. She will have to share that room with her sister on the nights her sister stays with us.

  • Iremember when we were little my brother and i shared a room till we where about 6 or 7 years old . and the same story goes here .. less buggy men , someone to laugh with , and play pranks on .. we are very close even now and i wouldnt change it for the world ..
    mind you we fought alot but it just made me a stronger person ..

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