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Today Is A Gift

Today I am 46. For months this number has bothered me. Closer to 50 than 40. Old. Middle-aged.

How fortunate I would be if 46  is middle-aged. How lucky I am to be another day older. These are my thoughts this morning.

Yesterday, a wonderful family that I know was robbed of their husband and dad in an accident.

From now on? No more worrying about age. I vow to be grateful for every day.

I’ll appreciate my life more and the amazing people in it.

I won’t drop Will off at the daycare in an angry rush when he took 10 minutes to put his shoes on. I will still get annoyed, but I won’t leave it that way.

Perspective. It’s about perspective. What is important and what isn’t.

Hug the people you love today. Be kind to people. Call your family and tell them you love them.

That’s what I want for my birthday.

Sara :Sara is a single mom by choice to an over the top third grader, Will. She’s chronicling their ups and downs together and what she’s learning about herself at the same time.

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